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Personalized Tees for my Drummer Boys

Remember I printed some customized caps for both my drummer boys back in September last year? Well, they are very happy with their caps and are now requesting for more. They asked me if they can have personalised tees to go with their caps. Since I am pretty happy with those caps we got from Printcious , I decided to print a drummer’s tee for the boys. The whole process was very easy. I just […]


Drummer Ethan and Drummer Ayden’s LIVE performance at Sunway Giza Mall

Sunway Giza Mall celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Saturday and both the boys were invited to perform in collaboration with United Piano Sunway Giza.  Both Ethan and Ayden performed two songs each. Let me share some photos first.  The boys with their drum teacher, Teacher Mazlan.  Now let’s watch their performances videos: Ayden’s performance of the first song – HANDS CLAP Ethan’s performance of the first song – JUST GIVE ME A REASON Ayden’s performance […]


The boys’ first ice skating experience

Last week, schools were suddenly closed due to the haze. With 3 days off and nothing to do, Ethan’s friends planned an outing to go ice skating. His friends are all pro-skaters while both my boys have never skated but are keen to learn. So off to the ice skating rink they went. They took advantage of the early bird special whereby if you enter before noon, you’ll get RM5 off the ticket price. We […]


Custom made DRUMMER caps for my Drummer boys

Most of my readers know both my boys are avid drummers as I regularly share videos of their drum covers. I even created a Youtube playlist especially for all their drum covers so it will be easier to follow their updates. You can track their updates here -> Drum Covers They are slowly but surely upgrading their drum set from the basic 5-piece set to an elaborate set of their dreams. I wanted to contribute […]


Our Little Drummer Boys

Last Sunday (25/8/2019) was a very memorable day for our drummer boys as they both get to perform LIVE in a mall in the Klang Valley. Big brother Ethan is used to performing as he is the school’s drummer so I am not too worried for him. I was more concerned for little Ayden as this is only his second time performing for a crowd yet he nailed it effortlessly. The Daddy and I are […]


Drummer Ethan’s dream come true: Meeting Mad August

1st August 2019 This date will forever be embedded in Ethan’s memory as this is the day he got to meet his idols – the members of the awesome rock band Mad August in person. When I posted some pictures on my FB yesterday, a friend commented, “They are like the Malaysia version of Beyond now” and I must agree with him.  So not only Ethan got to meet them, he also had the privilege […]


The plan for Ethan’s secondary school journey

You know that feeling when you think you’ve got it all planned out and then all out of sudden it’s like as if your world has been shaken like a snow globe and everything got messed up? That’s me at the moment.  And it is regarding Ethan’s secondary school journey. You see, he’ll be sitting for his UPSR this September. Last week, he brought home a form for us to select the secondary school to […]


Ethan is 12!

Time flies. My first born turned 12 yesterday. I remember his every birthdays like it was just yesterday. 12 years with him yet I still can’t get it right at times. Parenting is hard. I never know if the decision we make is correct or not yet we still have to do it. It is a journey of trials and errors but I am glad together, we are usually able to overcome the obstacles blocking […]


Bonding with Hot Wheels

Both Ethan and Ayden are huge fans of Hot Wheels and have countless race tracks in their collection to date. The neighbourhood kids will come over to our house (with their own Hot Wheels cars) just to race on those tracks.  I like to join the boys too because I find it interesting to try overcome each obstacles. It isn’t as simple as it seems. Every different cars, tracks and obstacles require various calculation and […]


Hot Wheels® – Everything Connects

Both my boys grow up with Hot Wheels®. They always have at least one Hot Wheels® car in their pockets everywhere they go, at all times. Yet Hot Wheels® never gets old because there are SO MANY WAYS to play with these toys! Just like building blocks, I don’t mind stocking up on Hot Wheels® toys and tracks as there are endless possibilities to play with them. The tracks can be connected in so many […]


Drum Cover: FADED | Alan Walker

I’m so thankful Ethan has been under the guidance of one of the greatest drum teacher out there since he was 5 years old until today. He has grown so much under this teacher’s guidance and is now comfortable playing commercial songs.  Ethan’s school teacher requested for him to cover the song FADED by Alan Walker so here it is: Do you have any song you want to see Ethan cover? Do let us know […]


End of 2018 academic calendar

It’s the final day of 2018 academic calendar. Ethan bids farewell to some of his classmates as the school reshuffled their classes hence some of them won’t be in the same class next year.  Ethan did good, finishing in the Top 3 in his class as well as for the entire Primary 5.  He was also more active this year, competing and winning several Science and Art contests. Next year will be a tough one […]


Drum with Ethan: Uptown Funk

You’ve watched Ayden play the simplified version of Uptown Funk from his Grade 1 book. You’ve probably watched me trying to play that same song too. Yes, the keyword there is TRY as I am still unable to play it accurately today. Now let’s see how big bro Ethan does it but of course he’ll be playing the ORIGINAL and COMPLETE version of Uptown Funk. 


Tae Kwon Do with Ethan: 2nd Poom Black Belt

I’ll just put it up in the blog that Ethan received his 2nd Poom Black Belt in Taekwondo last weekend so that I won’t forget. This is because it takes quite some time before he can take the next grading test. I remember he took the 1st Poom Black Belt grading test about one and a half year ago. I guess it takes a longer time to climb the ladder in the black belt category.  […]


Drum with Ethan: Despacito

Both my drummer boys are on a roll. They are churning out drum covers faster than I can update my blog  Ethan’s primary school teacher requested for two songs from him – Despacito and 我们不一样 WO MEN BU YI YANG. Ethan gets help from his drum teacher to teach him. I’ve shared 我们不一样 WO MEN BU YI YANG earlier so here is Ethan playing Despacito:  Drummer Ethan @ 11Y1M If you are keen to watch Ethan’s previous […]


Drum with Ethan: 我们不一样 WO MEN BU YI YANG drum cover

After sharing a video of Little Drummer Ayden playing Uptown Funk in my previous post, it’s time to share Big Brother Ethan’s latest drum cover. Can you imagine how great a neighbour we are with these two budding drummers at home?  Ethan’s drum cover this time is a Chinese song – 我们不一样. I don’t know the meaning of this song but I like listening to it. Ethan learns to play shuffle beats on the hi hats for […]


Drum with Ethan: It’s My Life Drum Cover

A brand new day on a brand new week. Today I would like to share Ethan’s latest drum cover – It’s My Life by Bon Jovi.  According to Ethan, this song is easier to play compared to the more challenging BURN he did previously. BURN remains as his most challenging cover todate.  Ethan is still very much passionate about drumming. We are lucky he has an equally passionate and patient drum teacher to guide him […]


Ethan’s 11th Birthday Celebration with Friends

Ethan turned 11 on Saturday. For the first time ever, we allowed him to celebrate with his friends. Since he is a big boy now, I gave him the task of creating the guest list. He was given the responsibility to invite who ever he wants without me questioning it. He also had to personally invite them and get their parent’s contact number without my assistance. I only came in the very last minute to […]


Drum with Ethan: Ellie Goulding’s BURN Drum Cover

Ethan’s latest drum cover. This time he played Ellie Goulding’s BURN. It is one of his most challenging drum cover todate. I am his biggest fan. I love watching him play especially to this song ♥ Drummer Ethan @ 10y10m


Home-baked Cookies for Teachers’ Day

I used to teach before I became a stay at home mom. Back then, I received many red pens for Teacher’s Day. Too many in fact. So many until I don’t know what to do with them  And then there are mugs. And more mugs. And many more mugs. LoL! Ethan will be celebrating Teachers’ Day in school tomorrow. I told myself we will not give pens nor mugs as Teacher’s Day gift.  For the past […]


REWRITE THE STARS Piano and Drum Cover by Ethan

How many of you watched The Greatest Showman? I heard it’s good but can you believe we did not manage to catch it in the cinema?  Anyway, here is Drummer Ethan’s cover to Rewrite The Stars. It is his first time playing BOTH the piano and drum for the same song. He learns the piano piece from YouTube. As for the drums, his drum teacher guided him. It is also my first time combining two videos […]


Drum with Ethan: Fight Song

Ethan is 10 years 7 months old. He has been playing drum for 5 years now. These days, he loves playing commercial songs. He learns these songs from YouTube and at times, gets assistance from his drum teacher to help him with the more complicated beats.  This is his latest drum cover – Fight Song by Rachel Platten. This week is also his school’s first term exam so yeah, fight on Ethan! For me, what […]


Little Chefs | Roast Chicken with Plum Sauce

It’s the 5th day of Chinese New Year and we are back at home but are still very much into the Chinese New Year mood. Today, our Little Chefs tried roasting for the very first time. Since we are still in CNY atmosphere, the ingredients used for our roast are also very much CNY influenced.  The Little Chefs roasted delicious chicken drumsticks with plum sauce. Plum sauce is one of the most important ingredients […]


The Boys’ First Ride on a Real Excavator

There was a burst pipe in front of our house. The contractor who was working on it brought an excavator and a huge dump truck to our place.  Both my boys watched them in awe. They kept talking about the excavator; pointing to each part of it. The contractor heard them and asked if they would like to go on a ride on that excavator. Imagine the boys’ surprise and delight! They said YES immediately.  […]


Piano with Ethan: How Far I’ll Go

Ethan is currently without a teacher for piano. His previous teacher has her own studio now but it is far away from us. She is also teaching in a music school not very far away from us yet not very near either but we are unable to commit due to time and distance factor.  To pass his time, Ethan uses YouTube as his guide. He learned this song, “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana […]


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