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FREE Playspace for children: PlayTime Kids @ 1 Utama

FREE PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS IN 1 UTAMA SHOPPING MALL Several malls in the Klang Valley have implemented FREE play space for children. 1 Utama Shopping Mall is one of them. Situated on the Ground Floor, it is in the same wing as FlowRider KL and AirRider KL. It is non-air conditioned though with several fans fixed to the walls so do bring a change of clothes as kids can get pretty sweaty after a good […]


1Utama School Holiday Activity – Let’s Jungle Up

This school holidays, 1 Utama has (in their own words) a super cool indoor jungle filled with exciting water games and adrenaline-pumping fun-tivities! We were there last weekend and the crowd was massive.  It is stated the activity is only open for children aged 5 till 12 years old with One Card Members gets to play for free.  We proceeded to register the boys only to be told One Card entitles only ONE kid so […]


D’Laksa – Famous Penang Assam Laksa in 1 Utama

You know 1 Utama is my second home right? I’m here like practically every weekend. For the past months, I have been sniffing delicious laksa aroma each time I do my grocery shopping at AEON. Two weeks ago I finally decided to let my nose lead me to the source of the aromatic laksa broth. I was floating with my eyes closed and my nose as the GPS and when I opened my eyes I […]


Christmas Decorations: 1 Utama

We were at 1 Utama last weekend to check out their Christmas decor.  I don’t get it at first. All I see are giant poinsettia flowers.  And then this huge albino spider appeared in front of me, scaring the heck out of me *almost dropped my camera*  I was thinking, “What does spiders got to do with Christmas?!” I bet they are going to keep those spiders after Christmas and spray paint them black come […]


Christmas Decor 2015: 1 Utama

1 Utama’s Christmas decor this year definitely fares better than their shockingly horrible 2D attempt last year. You may want to check out last year’s decor here -> 1 Utama’s 2014 Christmas decor Themed Evergreen Christmas Garden, the LG Oval Concourse is transformed into urm.. a garden? Well I dont see that many plants to make this an evergreen garden but they do have a glasshouse. Actually the Secret Garden on their rooftop is much […]


Raya Decoration – 1 Utama

This is 1 Utama’s Raya decor. Nice. I like it. They even use real grass though a lot has already dried up and turned brown. It reminds me of their decor several years ago with paddy field filled with water and all. The paddy field was beautifully done but we needed to move around it with caution as the kids might fall into it and there is no way we can push a stroller around. […]


Secret Garden @ 1 Utama Upper Roof

It is no secret that there is a secret garden in 1 Utama. Located on their upper roof, it is only open to public on weekends and public holidays. I’ve blogged about this Secret Garden in 1 U back in 2010. It is actually my secret hiding place when I needed some peace and tranquility but I’ve not been back there since the arrival of Ayden.  Today, we brought Ayden to check out the Secret […]


CNY mall decoration: 1 Utama

Have you seen 1 Utama’s Chinese New Year decor this  year? I took a peek down and saw these… God of Prosperity and friends? I am only familiar with Cai Shen (财神) but not his friends but it’s okay because this decor is so much better than their shocking cardboard Christmas decor last year. I was even afraid to take a look at their CNY decor initially for fear that it might be worse than […]


Christmas Decor: 1 Utama Shopping Centre

My jaw dropped to the ground when I saw One Utama’s Christmas decor this year. Themed “A Rustic Woodland Christmas – Love & Joy” I was just speechless. Maybe I can share some pictures and you tell me what you see. Board animals. More animals from boards. And then I saw their Christmas tree and I just can’t take it any more. I left. I think it is better to check out other mall’s decor. Let’s […]


1 Utama Water Piazza

It’s no secret our family frequents 1 Utama all the time. Several days ago, a friend of mine asked me what we actually do there since we are there like so often. He asked, “how much shopping can you do-lah?” Well, to answer him, shopping is not the only thing we do in 1 Utama. There are a whole lot of activities for the entire family that we just can never get bored of this […]


FUN Snow Sleds @ 1 Utama

We were in 1 Utama today and stumbled upon a FROZEN area much to our surprise. It’s not Christmas yet but it’s snowing in 1 Utama! “Let It Go… Let It Go!” Haha.. Yep! I heard children singing that famous soundtrack from Frozen! What surprised us was the snow sledding activity. It looks like so much FUN and Ethan pestered me to go check if he can try it and sure enough, he CAN! Not only […]


One Utama’s Chinese New Year decor 2014

I’ve always sang praises for One Utama’s festive decors. I’ve complimented them so much until certain parties thought that I’m working with their PR or something. I tell you, I have nothing with them ok? They don’t even invite me for their launches or anything eventhough I’ve supported them for so long *cries silently in a corner* This year as usual, I went mall hopping for the best Chinese New Year decor and 1U was […]


One Utama’s Christmas Decor

What’s wrong with me? This is my second home yet I have not blogged about their Christmas decor. I’m sorry. Sometimes we take for granted things that are close to us >_< So it’s all about rocking horses and hot air balloons this year.  Up, up and away!  Though I love their decor, I don’t seem to get the FEEL of Christmas …  Flying rocking horse. Rocking horses took over reindeers! I wonder what those […]


SS2 Goreng Pisang, 1 Utama

Was in 1U last weekend when I spotted this long queue. Long queue means there’s something good, right? Since I was so free that time, I joined the queue too. Not knowing what I was queuing for initially but then I found out that it was THE much hyped SS2 Goreng Pisang that has been the talk of the town especially in Facebook. After queuing for about 5 minutes, it was finally my turn to […]


1Utama’s Hari Raya Decoration

I was in 1Utama today to check out the completed Hari Raya decoration. I was not prepared to be amazed as I saw the initial stage when they were building it and it did not look too impressive then. But surprise, surprise! I was impressed! Themed “Pillars of Celebration” I think it is a wise and practical idea to have the ‘stage’ on the roof while the shoppers shop below. I saw dancers practising up […]


1 Utama’s Chinese New Year decor

This year, we’ve been preoccupied with AngPow lantern making sessions that we don’t have much time to mall hop to check out their beautiful decor.  We finally stepped foot in 1 Utama today to check out their ‘Golden Street’.  The entire Centre Court has been converted into a China Town (actually the streets of Hong Kong) Can you believe that this is actually in a mall?  Look at those peanut tins..  Complete with traffic light […]


Christmas Decoration: One Utama’s Pastryland

It’s all about getting FAT and SUGAR HIGH in 1 Utama this Christmas! Fresh from the oven, we are dwarfed by the gigantic pastries and sorts. I didn’t get last year’s Underwater theme. I just don’t see the connection then. I don’t get this year’s extremely unhealthy theme neither. But for what is worth, they do look cute lah.  Snowman yes, very Christmasy indeed.  But gigantic biscuits?  Raindrops falling on my head…  Now we know […]


Giant Lantern @ 1Utama

Mooncake festival is just around the corner. Have you done your mooncake purchases already? I’ve not bought any mooncake this year. They are rather overpriced these days, aren’t they? Mooncakes to me are just like any other cakes, to be eaten for the fun of it. So since it doesn’t matter WHEN I get it, I usually wait until the last 2 days before the actual mooncake day when shopping malls starts to throw prices. […]


Smurfs Roadshow

Last Friday we went jalan-jalan at 1U after Ethan’s class. As soon as we entered the mall we saw some activities going and immediately Ethan ran towards it. The emcee was calling for kids to go up stage for dunno what lah and this Ethan dunno head dunno tail terus run up! -.- Other kids all got siblings with them but Ethan solo jer kat sana but nevermind-lah, janji dia berani. They danced, played games […]


Hari Raya Mall decoration : 1 Utama

It’s that time of the year again to hop into malls in the Klang Valley to check out their Aidilfitri decoration. My first stop as usual is my second home, One Utama :D This was One Utama’s decor last year.  Let’s take a look at their decor this year :) Themed ‘The Rich Heritage”, they have once again proved to have one of the nicer decor around town. Aerial view Side view Lovely pillars and […]


Pepper Lunch Express

The other day after having a hearty meal in KL, we went to 1 Utama to get something. An hour later Ethan is hungry again. We went to Food Republic. Since Darling and I are still not hungry, we ordered only ONE meal for Ethan alone. I love the chicken rice there but today we felt like trying out something new. I ordered the Salmon Pepper Rice from Pepper Lunch Express.  I requested for them […]


CNY decor : The DRAGON @ One Utama

Remember I was sceptical about 1 Utama’s Chinese New Year decoration when I saw them re-using their Christmas 2011 decor? If you don’t, read about it here.  Well, I was WRONG for the end result is amazing, better than their Christmas decor I must say! Check out their Christmas decor here. This is the stage seen from a level above.. What caught my eyes is the DRAGON.. Only the DRAGON… Amazing DRAGON that saves the […]


Christmas at 1 Utama 2011

Splashing over the big blue is 1Utama’s Christmas theme this year. They kicked of their Christmas celebration with a spectacular launch by YB Elizabeth Wong on the 1 December 2011. I’m not too sure how the ocean has got anything to do with Christmas but it is a beautiful Winter Waterland indeed :D Shells, shells everywhere! Marine life takes centre-stage Lovely Love the lavishly strewn jewels on those shells! The submerryn’s feeling so AT HOME! :P […]


Spooktacular Fun, Halloween @ 1 Utama

Halloween is just around the corner. Last year we had a blast celebrating Halloween in Singapore Night Safari. Never did we know that THAT would be the last of Singapore’s Night Safari Halloween Horrors ever for this year, everything came to an abrupt end when Wildlife Reserves Singapore decided to cancel its popular “Halloween Horrors” event at the Night Safari. Some 1,000 tickets were sold online for the month-long event, due to make its return […]


Mid Autumn Deco in 1 Utama

I was in 1 Utama today (yeah.. AGAIN!) and saw these cute little ‘umbrellas/mushrooms’. Cute and colourful ‘umbrellas’ Ethan exclaimed, “SO CUTE!” to which I totally agreed! I see cute and colourful umbrellas all over! Ethan started ‘photographing’ the decor immediately :D Cute bunnies in bowls with chopsticks I have to say this is the cutest Mid Autumn decor I’ve ever seen! Adorable cheeky looking bunnies in bowls with chopsticks ready to be eaten? :P […]


2011 Hari Raya Aidifitri’s Mall Decorations

Despite being a bit busy lately, I still managed to drop by FOUR malls to check out their Raya decor. I really hope to be able to drop by Pavilion one of these days to check out their “Secret of Hari Raya” celebration featuring GLAM 60s musicals. Here are the decorations that I’ve seen with 1Utama being my favourite. 2011 Raya decor – 1 Utama BATIK and bamboo are the main elements of 1 Utama […]


The Secret Garden, 1 Utama

If you don’t already know, there’s a Secret Garden in my second home. Yes, I’m talking about THE Secret Garden in 1 Utama. Open on weekends only, I never got the chance to pay it a visit as Darling always brushes off the idea fearing that it might be too hot up there. *He knows me is Candle Princess :P*   Today, Darling dropped me and Ethan in 1Utama before heading off to somewhere.. The […]

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