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Birthday Greeting From Nuffnang <3

“A birthday CARD! NOT an e-card! Fuh” I received a birthday card from Nuffnang yesterday. I don’t know about you but the last I received anything from snail mail was aeon ago so it is NICE to finally receiving something physical! Of course it is also nice to know that Nuffnang took the extra effort to make their bloggers feel extra special <3 But somebody made a bit of a fuss demanding for his own […]


Ain’t No Weather Bringing Me Down

It was a wet weekend wasn’t it? Luckily we still managed to slot in two swimming sessions right after the rain or it would have been a very boring long weekend. On Friday just as we were about to enter the car to go swimming, it started to drizzle and then rain. I quickly grabbed my brand NEW ‘money can’t buy’ umbrella that I got from Nuffnang. I’ve never used it so I did not […]


Baskin Robbins Flavor Election Finale

We attended the Baskin Robbins Flavor Election finale yesterday evening at The Square, Publika. We were given color coded t-shirts in accordance to the flavor that we have voted earlier. I voted for hence we got the PINK tee.  Ethan’s pink tee. Good to make a princess dress :P Darling and I in pink too.  And then we started eating and eating because Malaysians being Malaysians, it was free flow (of Baskin Robbins for […]


Everyday’s a field trip with Nuffnang

I started blogging late 2008. It took me about a year to find my way in the blogging community. Nuffnang helped path my way. Ethan has never been to kindergarten until his present age of 5 but he has experienced more than any kindergarten can give through the numerous Nuffnang activities we attended.  2010 From the tender age of 2 years plus, Ethan started tagging along with me to events. The hands on experience gained […]


Awana Genting Eco Sport Treasure Hunt

Thanx to Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang, we were up in Awana Genting Long House over the weekend. One of the activities arranged for us bloggers during the Tribal Halloween event is Eco Sport Treasure Hunt.  Bloggers gathering in front of the Long House.  Bloggers being divided into 4 groups. I did not join any of these 4 groups but run together as their photographer instead.  Each group has to think of a name and […]


Tribal Halloween by Resorts World Genting

Longhouse, Awana Genting

The fun people of Resorts World Genting put together a great Halloween Tribal 2D/1N event in the Longhouse, Awana Genting yesterday. Thanx to Nuffnang, my family and I got to participate in this. We did not take the provided bus but drove up to Awana Genting ourselves instead. Upon meeting up with the rest of the bloggers, we had a power lunch at Rajawali, Awana Genting before heading to the Longhouse where the bloggers will […]


Muay Thai Workshop

Darling, Ethan and I went for Muay Thai workshop at Dragon Muay Thai Club today courtesy of Nuffnang. Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Ethan was very excited the moment he found out we will be attending this workshop that he told his teachers about it! Dragon Muaythai Club 4th floor, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, Wisma City Tower 50200 KL Situated along Jalan Alor, I was […]


Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 : Blogging 101

The day is finally here. 11 hours of Nuffnang Blogopolis Malaysia 2012. Let’s recap through quotes from the speakers. The topic discussed are: Idea Sourcing & Content Generation On the question “How do you write a headline that works” Chee Wah (editor of TimeOutKL answers “It has to be something for the reader, address a need and make a promise” Ken Wooi, Chee Wah and KY Opportunities Gained Through Blogging On writing sponsored posts, “If you are not selective, […]


Genting Chin Swee Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, we went up to Chin Swee Temple in Genting Highland, Pahang. It’s so beautiful here as we have cool breeze day in, day out! We fell in love with the breathtaking view of Chin Swee Temple. We super love the cool weather too! Okay, the thing is, before going for this excursion, we were worried that all we’ll be having is bread and water. Can’t blame me as Chin Swee […]


Rock Out Twice As Hard With Twins

Hi, my name is Ethan. I’m sure most of you are already familiar with me. After all, my mommy always feature me in her blog. What you don’t know is, I have a twin. Her name is Eden. She’s extremely shy. She’d rather remain anonymous and not appear in our mommy’s blog. She’s the total opposite of me. I like to partay while she rather stay at home *cough boring!* I like going out. Mingling […]


Ethan’s first charity outing with underprivileged kids

Several days ago, I found out that Genting is organising a Charity Movie Screening event for underprivileged children to enjoy a fun day out at the resorts along with Genting’s social media fans! Immediately I volunteered (through Nuffnang) myself and Ethan for that. It’s the school holidays so I thought it will be a good idea for Ethan and I to give back to society. We were required to buy gifts for the children. One gift per person so […]


London, the Summer Musical

With THREE successful musicals under their belt, Sunway Lagoon proudly presents their fourth musical production, London, The Summer Musical which pays tribute to London, the city hosting the Summer Olympics 2012. Ethan, Darling and I have been to ALL three previous musicals; the latest Aladdin, being their BEST in my humble opinion. Aladdin the Musical (November 2011) Magical Musicals (June 2011) Peter Pan the Musical (November 2010) London, the Summer Musical tells the the story of three female stewardesses who […]


Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

I Like To Move It Move It I Like To Move It Move It I Like To Move It Move It Ya Like To (MOVE IT!) Who can forget that song right? It has been playing in my head ever since I know Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted is coming to the cinema near us very SOON! I remember fondly the main characters of Madagascar: Alakay “Alex” the lion and the main protagonist of the films; he is voiced […]


Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang and THE video :D

Nuffnang turned 5 at 2am on the 27th February 2012. I signed up with Nuffnang in 2008 so basically I’ve been with Nuffnang for 4 wonderful years already. FOUR solid years and many more years to come :D I was so looking forward to attending the Nuffnang’s Birthday Bash but fell sick instead on that very day :'( Anyway, was watching this video today and YEAY, we ARE in it! Dapat jugak to be included […]


Nuffnang, why you no love me anymore?

Rarely do I write a random post but today is the day when rarity comes in full force. 1) I held all my classes yesterday so that today I’ll be free to go shopping for clothes as I’ve got NOTHING as yet BUT because I was annoyed with Darling this morning, I scrapped the idea of shopping altogether and ended up at home the entire day. Stupidity on my part, I know. One day wasted on […]


Friso Pool Party : The Bigger Picture

Today, I woke Ethan and Darling up early and we managed to leave the house by 8am. For the very first time since I started blogging, I left the house empty handed. I do not intend to blog about this event as it is not a blogger’s event so I left my camera at home on purpose. If that is not shocking enough, I left my iPhone at home too! Shocking? No I’m NOT sick […]


Chatime – Nuffnang/ChurpChurp Teatime session

Better late than never aye? Hehe.. Earlier this month a number of us Nuffnangers and Churpers were invited to have teatime with the Nuffies and .. *do we call them Churpies?!* at Chatime Publika, Solaris Hartamas. Carol and Ethan at Eat Food Village Timothy Tiah and Audrey Tim asked me that million dollar question that day, “Who’s taller – Audrey or me?” Of course I am taller that evening as I had my super heels on while […]


“What would Puss in Boots do?”

Darling was telling me about Happy Feet 2,  gushing on how cute it is and how we MUST bring Ethan go watch that. I was in front of the PC, nodding my head like as if I was listening to him =__= and then I saw THIS! Argh! MUST watch! I told Darling, “Shh.. shh… we watch THIS first!”  It’s going to be screened in 1Utama, my second home so Dai Dai oso must try […]


My Nuffnang Story

When I gave up my job to be a Stay At Home Mother, I almost grew cobwebs all over me. I was at home day in, day out without any interaction to the outside world. I got so jaded that I almost went crazy. Back then I did not even know what is the meaning of a BLOG or BLOGGING. My only time going online is to chat in MSN and Yahoo Messenger and mind […]


Ethan @ Nuffnang Office

We went to Nuffnang office today. It took me 90 minutes to arrive as we were caught in a traffic snarl and the rain is not making it any better. But good oso-lah as I managed to get a good half hour nap in the car before Ethan woke me up from sheer boredom! :D Ethan and Timothy Each time I see Tim I can’t believe how YOUNG he is. Here he is, a young […]


Payday – Nuffnang and ChurpChurp I Lap U!

It’s PAYDAY again and Nuffnang & ChurpChurp, I LAP U! Muacks! :D


Nuffnang : Please take a moment…. and read this

It’s that happy time again! What time you ask me? Cash-out time! Yeay! This time I was happily trying to cash-out my earnings but was stunned as I was unable to access my EARNINGS in my DASHBOARD! OMG! What happenend? I got this notice – Please take a moment… “Our system has detected that you have not yet specified your IC/NRIC number. This details is mandatory for verification purpose between you and our staff before making […]


Bora Asmara – Dinner with Fontera

Just got home from dinner at Bora Asmara with Fontera and Nuffnang bloggers. Was suppose to be there at 7pm but the freaking road blocks and jam made us arrive fashionably late at 8pm! >_< Back: Pink Stilettos, Thara, Eyriqazz, Sheila, Ceera Front: Me, Nicholas, Virus Padu and hubs Top: Breanna and Cynthia Below (Left): Me and Perempuan Jomblo (Right) : Me, Sheila and Pink Bloggers with Professor Davies, Director for Children’s Nutrition Research Centre, […]


Understanding Nuffnang to earn with Nuffnang

Why is it that each time I go for a blogger’s meet up, the first thing they ask me (after all the formalities) is, “How do you earn with Nuffnang?” I seriously think that this question is best forwarded to Nuffnang’s helpdesk as they are the right person to answer. Who am I to even attempt answering that question, right? But I do have my two cents worth though. Wanna know? Read on. Before you […]


Earning with Nuffnang – It’s all about the traffic

Nuffnang gave me a three digit joy for the second time now :) If you are a blogger and has yet to jump into the bandwagon, what are you waiting for?Before you decide to be a Nuffnang blogger, here is the ONE thing that you should keep in mind: * Be an exclusive Nuffnang blogger ie a blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her […]


I am happy. Thank you Nuffnang!

Know what that is? Yes, that’s why I am happy. With that, I need to thank all my lovely readers. For without you guys, that won’t come in the mail today. THANK YOU :)

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