Nuffnang, why you no love me anymore?

Rarely do I write a random post but today is the day when rarity comes in full force.

1) I held all my classes yesterday so that today I’ll be free to go shopping for clothes as I’ve got NOTHING as yet BUT because I was annoyed with Darling this morning, I scrapped the idea of shopping altogether and ended up at home the entire day. Stupidity on my part, I know. One day wasted on a peak season such as this is like wasting the entire week! >_<

2) Spent the day washing toilets instead and now all my washrooms are spick and span and so ready for CNY! But it’s a totally different story with the living and dining room that is still loving the tornado effect theme though -.-

3) Packed money into Ang Pows today. Ethan insists in helping and ended up tearing a couple or more of red packets along the way.

Pic: Ethan helping with the money slotting and angpow wrapping. Look at his tongue jutting out like that! Hehe…

4) Accidentally tearing Ang Pows is okay BUT what he did next is, “Mommy, the Ang Pow tears dy. Can I keep the money instead?”

Instead of putting the money into a new red packet, he keeps them in his piggy bank each time he tears an Ang Pow! =.=

5) For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been enjoying a surge of readership mainly due to the DIY AngPow decors tutorial. My blog stat reached its all time high and is increasing everyday closer to CNY BUT of ALL time, THIS is the time that I am allocated not even a SINGLE Buffered Campaign! Nuffnang why you no love me anymore?!


Traffic at all time high but all those unique clicks into my blog won’t be generating any income without the presence of any Buffered Campaigns. Zilch, nada, nil.. nothing! :(

6) Anyway… Ethan told me this today, “CNY  bùnéng kū. Bùnéng chuān hēisè yīfú”. His teacher in BaoBei has been teaching him regarding CNY, its origin and more. So yeah, we should not cry nor should we wear black outfits. We should only “Ha Ha Xiào” so that is what we are going to do throughout the year. Laff like we are some sort of #gilapunyaorang hoping that Nuffnang will love me again <3

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    i want that traffic! so muchh! :D


    Merryn Reply:

    You dont make me malu lah. For me its all time high for you is kacang putih so… go away! :P


  • //

    I need that traffic too… I know why Ethan tear off the angpow packet edy.. haha… By the way, Your Mandarin will becum good if u everyday repeat after ETHAN to said..


  • //

    It’s the same for me too! Feel so wasted but I saw all other blogs oso don’t have buffered campaign so I don’t think they purposely don’t assign to you.


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    U should learn driving again so when u “gaduh” with William, u can go out by urself, haha! So bad huh me, hope William don’t see this :P


  • //

    Ethan is so clever, his trick huh? to get the money inside the ang pow!~ haha~


  • //

    same ere…no buffered campaign! So, I cash out everything…ahahhahahah


    Merryn Reply:

    muahahahhaha.. oi! U cash out according to campaigns kah? my money’s still in there.. sikit sikit jadi bukit. banyak banyak baru cash out :D


  • //

    You’re using AmBank ang pao packets, I see… Poor quality control – some too much glue…so stuck and cannot put money inside…and if you poke your fingers inside, it tears. Hey!!!! I’m talking about ang pao packets…, ok? LOL!!!


    Merryn Reply:

    LoL! Must get QC to read this! :P


  • //

    Wow, I dont think I’ll ever have that much of traffic :O No worries, good thing comes to those who wait remember? (; Happy CNY in advanced btw!


  • //

    hahahaah!! so cute la Ethan! yea la cannot cry la! cannot wear black shirt oso! must listen ah! summore this year must wear more red. ;)


  • //

    My son do the same last time, tongue out when he concentrate doing something.


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    awesome traffic there! as awesome as you merryn! :)


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