Earning with Nuffnang – It’s all about the traffic

Nuffnang gave me a three digit joy for the second time now :) If you are a blogger and has yet to jump into the bandwagon, what are you waiting for?Before you decide to be a Nuffnang blogger, here is the ONE thing that you should keep in mind:
* Be an exclusive Nuffnang blogger ie a blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her blog.
That means you should join as a Glitterati member instead of Non-Exclusive Nuffnangers.Still don’t get it? It simply means, if you want to put up a Nuffnang ad, you should NOT be putting up other ads such as Adverlet$ and more. Only then, your chances of getting ads placed in your blog(s) increases and so does the earning opportunity.

Not only that, you’ll earn more per click compared to non-exclusive Nuffnangers.

I find that earning through Nuffnang is so much easier compared to AdSense. Unlike AdSense that depends highly on unique clicks to earn, Nuffnang is all about the traffic. No doubt the clicks helped but traffic, traffic and traffic is the MAIN way to earn! But then again, AdSense is paying in US Dollars, baby!

So do your best to increase the traffic to your blog. Here are some simple tips and tricks on how you can increase the traffic to your blog:

* Post comments on other blogs (preferably blogs with high traffic yield)
This will help you to get noticed by other bloggers out there.

* Come out with either highly intelligent comment or some really stupid comment
This will built curiosity amongst bloggers to find out who that smart blogger or blardy stupid jackass is :D

* Keep your template as simple but unique as possible
Remember, not all blog readers are IT savvy. The more complicated your blog is, chances are, ordinary people out there might find it difficult to navigate and will just lose interest to visit again

* Ping your blog
Let the world know what you’ve just posted. Chances are, there will be people out there who ARE interested in what you wrote.

* Have interesting title to your post
Before you let the world know what you’ve just posted, you might want to think of some catchy title to catch their attention. Remember, there are countless blogs these days. You have to be unique to get attention. SCREAM for attention! SEEK it! Don’t be ashamed :D

* Publish your post on regular intervals
Your readers will appreciate the discipline you have in publishing your post and will roughly know when you will be publishing making it easier for them to follow and read your blog

* Post on weekdays
Because there are more readers

* Post on weekends
Because there are fewer new posts available hence bringing in more readers :D

* Write about one thing at a time
Your readers will find it confusing to read about too many things at one go. Keep it simple.

* Include pictures
Often, your readers will just speed read. The pictures will help them to digest information easier.

I’m not going to touch on Technorati tags, Feedburner or RSS as I deemed it too advance for simple bloggers out there (such as yours truly here :D)

If you want to know more about how to earn with Nuffnang, click here for more details.

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    Congrats – big time!

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    nice tips =)keep it up!kenwooi.com

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    Wow…that's great to receive some cash before CNY..hehehe!!

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    Congrats again! So earning lots from both Nuffnang and Adsense eh? And now going to the next level- become a guru on how to earn money with blogs! Haha!Where the heck is Ethan in all of this? I want Ethan back!!!!

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    congrats. It sure nice to receive the cheque. Can see your smilling face …..

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    Whoa not bad leh, 3-figure. Thanks for the great tips. I've never thought about earning $ through blogging… too lazy to manage this kinda stuff. There, 1 stupid comment here *blek*

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    your earning grow so fast there…congrats..mine still hanging in 2 digits.Thanks for the tips, need to learn from you now and take off my google adsense, it doesn't making good money…i join 2-3 years de, only got that pity USD12. Think can remove de and only go for Nuffnang.

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    Thanks for the sharing. It was indeed informative.

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    I am waiting for my second check too. Muahahaha :D Yeah! It is all about the traffic right? ;p

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    Wah OKB(ornag kaya baru) in the house. Won from Frisco, chq from Adsense and now chq from Nuffnang. Ahem…what's next. Better go and buy 1 piece of lottery ticket. Lady Luck seems to be looking out for you this month :)

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    merryn.. wwooosheh.. not bad.. way to go!! SIFU… may i ask.. cos i m not familiar with nuffnang, believe me. does the exclusive nuffnang thing pay with per visit or per click? does my foodbuzz thingy affect the glitterati watever?hope u will teach this mentee .. :)

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    congrats to you. err..your first tip about going to ppl's blog and leave comments. i see some bloggers are already doing it. They would visit the other blogs just for the sake of gaining traffic and leave real short comment(in order to save time). like no heart at all :(

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    mommychums – Yeah… I oso dun really fancy those one liner comments.. no heart. Must make friend too lah kan? Care and share…

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    maybe u can teach me cos i dont have any.

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    Congrats!!! Wow..3 figures..fulamak!Thanks for the tips about removing other ads. :) My Nuffnang is moving faster than adsense. My traffic is not bad but not many clicks lah…haha.You are a famous blogger now, Merryn. :D

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    Congratz! Thanks for the tips will drop by Nuffnang asap. Have a great weekend.

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    thanks for the info… hopefully gua punya 3 digit arrive soon ah.. :D

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    So nice Merryn to got a big cheque from Nuffnang. Bila want to belanja me makan? Hehe. My earning is so so slow and I already give up on it and just write my blog. No clicks most of the time. Hehe.

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    i just hv nuffnang n adsense..so far so good..

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    foong – Ethan kaki sakit, so time out mah :DmNhL – :)Mommy Ling – Oh yes, the timing is just great :)Chloe – Not stupid enough leh! lol.. lemonjude – DONT! Why take it off? Leave it there lah..

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    jfook – welcome :)Tekkaus – Congrats to u too dude :Dsmallkucing – That's one thing I don't do lor.. Hope the lady luck stays with me until CNY when I gamble kow kow! :Dclaire – go to skype… i tell u there! :D

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    lil lamb – Your blog's private leh.. how to put ads? :)Mummy Gwen – Your traffic's very good, nuffnang sure no problem :) AdSense.. slow slow mali lah .. hahaha..Mery – ThanksCheaHS@N – Have a great weekend to you too :)Cynthia – Yours will come very soon ler :)Superman – Dont give up leh! When you 'fly' you kenot give up.. nanti fall in mid air :DWenn – Great you are doing well too :D

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    CONGRATS.That is very good.Hhmmm…I will do that too soon.lol.Thanks for sharing!Have a great weekend.hugs,shakira

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    Sob! Sob! I don't make a single sen from blogging…. So sad! :(

  • //

    Shakira – You enjoy your weekend :)Stp – Why? Why?

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    Nuffnang ask to put pictures inside ur blog. I dunwan to expose myself. SIEN! Advertlets nid to expose your real identity anot? if not, i go join now. :(

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    Cleffairy – You dont need to put YOUR picture. You can just put a fairy's pic :)

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    thanks for sharing so many good tips. When I can reach my minimum PAYOUT!!!!

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    Hi Merryn, first time comment here.Knowing your name because you are a active and famous blogger. :)Oh ya, i want to ask, how to withdraw the money from Nuffnang? Need to contact nuffnang? Because i cannot find any column is for withdraw. Thanks in advance. :)

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    Annie Q – Log in to nuffnang and go to 'Earnings' and if your earnings is over RM50 you may cash it out. How? Scroll down to the very bottom page and cash it out. They'll send a check to your address. It'll take a month if you are a Gliterrati member and more if you are non-exclusive :)They'll charge RM1 for every transaction. I like to wait until it hit 3 digits before cashing out :D

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    @Merryn… Cikgu is using wordpress. WordPress dun allow advertisement That is the main reason why i migrated my blog…cuz I wanna put advertisement to eat abit for my son. Dah desperate sangat lah ni. LOL…

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    Hi Merryn, thanks for your help, i manage to find the "cash it out". Now i know why i always cannot see that "cash it out" because i did not submit my survey form. Today i done it and when i scroll down and i saw the words. Thanks again!!Ya, mine already reach 3 digits. *wink wink*Have a great weekend and i will hop by here more often.:)

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    cleffairy & stp – Rugi lah like dat! Coz cikgu's blog is sooooo happening! and interesting too ! Aiyo… cikgu.. time to get ur own domain!!!

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    Wuah. Got tips! Thank you. Thank you.

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    useful info :-p

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    congratulations, you really work on your blogs a lot!

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    great ideas.

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    Congratz to you!Again! Thank you for your tips! You forget to mention one things… don’t put a ugly photos profiles.It will scare away a lot bloggers, am I right hahahaha

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    may i ask how many unique visitor consider high traffic ?

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    I just join Nuffnang.

    Thanks for your tips :-)

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