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Hungry at McDonald’s

Happy New Year 2017 to all our lovely readers. I’ve not been updating the blog as frequent as I wish to as my hands are tied with both the boys at home 24/7. I hope when the school reopens tomorrow, I’ll get more time to spend on my blog as well as hopping into some of my favourite blogs out there.  Anyway, we spent the last day of 2016 at one of the boys’ favourite […]


How to Court a Girl

How to Court a Girl. Wooing a girl is an art many boys fail miserably at. Boys often appear desperate, in a rush and lacking in self-confidence. Girls like strong boys. Boys who are confident of themselves. We don’t like clingy boys. We like macho, macho man :P Rule #1 in courting a girl is NOT to let the girl know you are courting her (yet) coz girls can really jual mahal tak kena tempat. […]


Apple vs Pomelo

Time has changed. At any gatherings, show me a kid without his/her tab and I’ll show you TEN other children WITH their gadget! Same goes with Ayden and my cousins’ toddlers at our recent CNY gathering. The tab is so incorporated into our lives that it seems almost impossible to get around without it.  Don’t get me wrong though. I am not against these gadgets as kids do learn a lot from it and it is actually […]


Prison Break

Have not been updating for a while now as we are really enjoying our CNY break, catching up with family and friends. But fret not as I’ve not forgotten about you, my loyal beloved readers. Here’s something to keep you entertained for now :D Gong Xi Fa Cai. Hope everyone is enjoying precious time with your family and friends. Till we meet again, happy holidays! Now, can somebody help them? :P


Killer Eyes

People always tell me Ayden looks Korean. I guess they must have meant he looked like Koreans before having their double eyelid surgeries :P  People also said Ayden looks very similar to me. What? Where got… He has nicer eyelashes. I have almost none existing eyelash. If I get into a sand storm, I’ll go blind immediately for there will be nothing to shield my eyes. I have to resort to falsies for that ‘camel […]


DIY Pacifier Holder

Ayden doesn’t use pacifier but recently because he is teething (yes, his top two front teeth are finally making their appearance) he likes to bite on them a bit. He doesn’t use them long. Just a suckle or two, a couple of bites and that’s it. But this will repeat after an hour or whenever he feels the itch.  I got fed-up having to hand him the pacifier and take them away and give it […]


Bird Watching

How was your long weekend? Mine was not very productive. Darling was caught in a flood. He managed to drive through it without stalling the car but lost the number plate. Our poor number plate must be drifting somewhere, alone and afraid. Think Cast Away :( Did not get to do things that I planned to do due to some unforeseen circumstances but hey, at least we get to go window shopping on Saturday. I […]


Effect of Petrol Price Hike

Crazy one. Petrol price increase again. Time to bring out the bicycle. Cycle more, drive less. Kita sihat, poket pun kuat!  But don’t say drive lah. How to fly now? Fuel surcharge sky high or not? Eleh, I bising lebih-lebih macam I frequent flyer like that. See see passport oso gonna expire dy >_< But my anak kesian weh. Never fly before…  My anak kebosanan. Me too. Thank goodness the weekend is here. We have our legs […]


Fascination with Dried Leaves

Ever since Ayden started walking, he won’t want me to carry him in the playground anymore. He’ll want to explore and touch every single thing. I find it cute, exactly like Ethan. I brought Ethan to the playground every day too when he was as young as Ayden and continued until this year when he started school in the evening session so he doesn’t have time to go to the playground during weekdays anymore. Pity […]


Should Kids Be Playing with Toy Guns?

I don’t know if you remember but I was very against Ethan playing with toy guns when he was younger. My Dad was very excited to buy him toy guns but I stopped him, telling him that I dislike Ethan playing with weapons eventhough they are just toys. Obviously my dad was very disappointed, annoyed even but he respected my stand. I was even interviewed by a newspaper publication yet I vehemently stood by my […]


DIY Butter Sandwich

It’s the school holidays this week and I have two constantly hungry boys at home. While I was in the kitchen preparing snacks for tea yesterday, Ayden had an accident in his cot. He knocked his teeth against the cot and bleed a little. Today, I decided to let the boys make their own snack. Ok maybe Ethan will be the one making it while Ayden sits down and observe :D I should have let […]


How To Steal A Kiss

We were back in Malacca over the weekend to celebrate this girl’s first birthday. She’s my cousin’s daughter. She and Ayden are born only a month apart with her on the 3 August while Ayden on the 31 August 2013. Let’s look at them growing up: 3 to 4 months old 4 to 5 months And now as 11 to 12 months old babies: Oh dear, Ayden is a bit stunned there. Let me take […]


Swimming With A Float Neck Ring In A Public Pool

Hello! How are you all doing? How was your long weekend? As for us, we spent the evenings swimming away in the pool. When I was pregnant with Ayden, I swam at least once a week. I can feel Ayden kicking me each time I went for a dip. I sensed then that he loves water and true enough, this boy of mine loves swimming and splashing. His first swim was when he was 3 […]


Super Baby

We bumped into my cousin and her cute little sleeping baby last weekend. I asked if I can wake him up and the Daddy said that if he cries, I’ll have to pacify him. Haha. Knowing me, do you think I woke the baby up?  Baby Jax sleeping safe and sound but woke up eventually. NO, I did not wake him up :P BUT he did cry. I don’t know why but his crying face […]


Fairy Tale Puppy Love

We went for dinner with some friends last night at LINK, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar and the kids hit it off wonderfully. Well, it was not their first time meeting each other. They were already friends way back in 2012 but they were just young children then. Ethan and Samantha during our holiday in Johor back in 2012. Read about our stay together here. Fast forward to the present, they are big boy and girl […]


Malaysia Giant Pandas experience

So the much anticipated moment is here. We can now visit those pandas in the zoo as the Giant Panda Conservation Centre (GPCC) is finally open to the public. It will cost RM50 to view the giant pandas. The two giant pandas have been given new names by Malaysians to welcome them to their home for the next 10 years. Fu Wa, the male panda, is now called Xing Xing which means Prosperity, while female panda Feng Yi is […]


Three’s a Crowd

Ayden attended a birthday party last Saturday. While playing with these two cuties he got a little thirsty…  Needless to say, he did not get that drink after all :P


Attention Seeking Baby

Ayden is 9 months old. He is more independent now. I can leave him in his cot while I go to the bathroom or kitchen and he’ll play on his own. He isn’t like this before. Previously he was very attention seeking. He’ll wail his lungs out if I leave him in the cot and disappear from his sight. He made me run back to him immediately to check if he’s alright but after some […]


Growing Longer Legs : Genetics and Growth

For every child born, his/her height is determined primarily by genetic factors. Doubling a child’s height at age two is a close predictor to estimate the child’s height as an adult as a child normally reaches half of his or her adult height by that time. If that is the case, Ethan might not grow into a tall, dark and handsome young man. As it is now at almost 7 years old, he is already lagging behind when it […]


Origami Whale

It’s the school holidays and that means planning some activities to keep the boys occupied. I did an impromptu origami session with Ethan a couple of days ago but he doesn’t know what we are making. LoL OK! Looks like I have to write up a lesson plan to introduce WHALEs to Ayden. Hmm… where can I find an edible whale? :D


Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent

Female mosquitoes need human blood to develop fertile eggs hence their daring buffet feast on us humans thousand times bigger than them. A pierce through your skin will leave an itchy red welt and possibly even a serious illness. At only 3 weeks old, poor Ayden had his first encounter with the notorious Ms Mosquito. FOUR bite marks. FOUR! My poor baby. I learned it the hard way – always use repellents for infants less […]



Have you heard of the saying, ‘disconnect to reconnect’? Connections to the virtual world is keeping us alone and apart. We can all be seated in the same room yet, we are NOT emotionally together with each of us having our very own gadgets engrossed in our own activity online. At times, we need to disconnect from our devices and distractions and experience real moments of connection with our families. Only then, real connections are […]


Nipple Confusion: REAL vs FAKE

When it comes to titty (either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman) you just cant fool them. They know the real ones from the many ‘commercialised’ ones out there. I gave Ayden a new toy to play with yesterday and he suckled on it thinking they are my titties but he soon came to his senses…


Eating Out for Baby

Since Ayden started solid about a month ago, I never cook and bring his food out when we are out of the house. I just fed him some baby biscuits while we are eating and he is good. But last weekend I did. He is having such good appetite these days that when we eat, he’ll lick his lips hoping to be fed too. So for the very first time last Saturday, I brought his […]


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