Ayden’s 1st Birthday Celebration in Malacca

Safari theme birthday cake

Ayden finally turned ONE on the 31 August 2014. We had two celebrations to celebrate my little boy’s first birthday. One in my hometown Melaka and another in Darling’s hometown, Seremban. This post shall touch on the celebration in Malacca only. The one in Seremban will be posted in another post.  I quite enjoyed the preparation for the party part in Malacca as I had fun with my dad and nieces decorating my parents’ house. Ayden loves […]


Curvz Café, Silka Cheras

ethan at silka cheras

There is this place in Cheras formerly known as Phoenix Plaza but is now Cheras Sentral Mall. We drive pass this place at least once a month on our back to Darling’s hometown. We don’t usually stop and shop there but several weeks ago we did because we wanted to get Pandas from Silka Cheras for Ayden and Ethan. The pandas are going for RM99++ with complimentary International Hi-Tea at Curvz Cafe, Silka Cheras for 2 […]


Paper Plate Shark Craft For Kids

paper plate shark craft for kids 4

I was browsing the net and came across a paper plate shark craft by Cindy and her son Trevor from My Creative Life. It looks good so I made that our project last week. Besides the paper plate, we used different materials for other parts though.  Ayden can’t paint yet so I just let him sit on his high chair watching the elder brother at work.  Ayden got restless on the high chair so I […]


Self-feeding baby

Baby led weaning

I read that most babies are able to begin self-feeding at seven to eight months. I know if you send your baby to a babysitter, for sure your baby will be able to self-feed by their seventh month as babies are often more independent there.  Ayden is turning ONE in a week’s time but I have yet to start him on baby led weaning. Baby Led Weaning means letting your child feed themselves from the very […]


Merdeka and Malaysia Day International Hi-Tea @ Curvz Café

Panda-mania time at Silka Cheras

Ayden is a Merdeka baby. Born on 31 August 2013 I think I’ve mentioned it countless times here in my blog. It has always been our ritual to dine in a hotel on Merdeka day way before Ayden was born. I think Darling and I have been doing this for many, many years now. It is always ‘go see fireworks on Merdeka Eve, waking up late and going for hi-tea on Merdeka Day at a […]


Music Mobile

music mobile

When I was pregnant with Ethan long long time ago, I bought this musical mobile at a baby fair. It was selling very cheap then. I super love it because it is cute and the horses doubles as rattles as well. And then Ethan grew up and I kept this mobile and his baby cot away.   I kept the music mobile in a safe place, so safe that I forgotten where it was. When […]


Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Debbie Teoh @ PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur

Chef Debbie Teoh

“Chef Debbie Teoh, a true bred Nyonya, whose father is a Baba from Malacca & mother a Nyonya from Penang. With more than 17 years experience in the food industry, Debbie is also a Nyonya food Consultant for Tourism Malaysia…” Tonight, I am extremely privileged to be able to sample Debbie’s cooking at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur. Best of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Debbie Teoh Chef Debbie Teoh returns to Chatz Brasserie PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur with […]


“Go-Go Crazy” Japanese Buffet @ Kofuku, Seri Pacific Hotel

Japanese buffet at Kofuku Japanese Restaurant at Seri Pacific Hotel sushi sashimi

Set on the fourth level of Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Kofuku which means “Double Happiness” is having this “Go-Go Crazy” Japanese Buffet Dinner. Together with some friends, we went to check it out last week. Pic source from Chasing Food Dreams . I saw her sharing this on her FB while we were still eating and can’t help but to share it here too as I super love this pic. We had a great time indulging in […]


Paper Plate Penguin

Paper plate penguin 2

Still in the mood of making simple animal crafts. Today’s extremely easy to do craft is made of paper plate. I love using paper plates for crafting as they are more durable compared to art block. It’s also nicer to paint on paper plates.  All we need is just ONE piece of paper plate. Fold as shown above. Paint the folded areas black. Glue them so they stick onto the plate.  Add eyes, beak and […]


Mismatched Socks

mismatched socks

Our weekend came and gone in a blink of an eye. Crazy weekend indeed for us. So crazy and busy that we were hardly home. Out first thing in the morning and came home late after midnight.  In the midst of all the rushing and getting the kids ready, someone has obviously gone blind.  Noticed this while we were having dinner. I googled and guess what? Mismatched socks are in fashion right now! LoL! Never worry about […]


Paper Plate Cow

paper plate cow 3

Ethan made this cute paper plate cow back in 2011 but it got stolen during one of our craft events in Tropicana City Mall some time ago. Who on Earth would steal a child’s cow craft buffles me.  Paper Plate Cow Ethan at 4 years old back in 2011. Ethan and his cow before someone stole it. So cute this boy last time.  Why I’m sharing this again today is because we made another cow […]


Apple Red Dates Tea

apple red dates tong sui

This is one of the very first tongsui I learned to boil several years ago. I love the refreshing naturally sweet taste of the apples and red dates combined. They are not joking when they say ‘An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away’ as apples is believed to attribute to healthy heart. The antioxidant compounds found in apples, help prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and inhibit inflammation. Also, the soluble fiber in apples can lower bad […]


DIY Tissue Box Whale

tissue box foam whale

Darling, Ethan and I have been brainstorming for a theme for Ayden’s first birthday. Ethan even suggested to have it ala Independence Day as Ayden’s birthday falls on the 31 August but I disagree. It’s not like Ayden understands a thing about our Independence Day. It is HIS birthday and we should do something that is familiar to him. He loves looking at pictures of animals and each time we go shopping, he will play […]


In a Nutshell

Korea food fair

Let me share with you our weekend in a nutshell. Urm, no we did not spend our weekend in the shell of a nut if that’s what you are thinking! In a nutshell is an idiom. It means ‘in a few words’ ie “Let me share with you our weekend in a few words”. But me explaining the meaning of that idiom has already taken up so much words! Bleh…  Anyway, we went to our […]


Diamond City @ Semenyih: Interior Design Ideas for Mansion

Diamond City Semenyih Mansion living room aerial view

You know I ran out of things to write when I post pictures of interior designs. But okay what, I’m still sharing a part of my interest. I love interior designing though my house doesn’t look anything like a work of an interior designer *sad, no money what to do* Today, let’s take a look at the design work in the Mansion unit at Diamond City, Semenyih.  Mansion Show Unit Living Room Aerial view of […]


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