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Hands on learning experience

Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner but I have yet to buy any mooncakes. This year, the number of people making their own mooncakes shoot sky high due to the exorbitant prices of commercial mooncakes. Ethan got the chance to try making mooncakes when we were invited to sample Resort World Genting’s mooncakes collection. Read all about it here. I’ve tried shaping mooncake too last year in West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel […]


Halloween Horror Spirits!

Darling and I, we love to spook ourselves silly. Can you imagine back in 2010, we specifically purchased tickets to Singapore’s Night Safari Halloween Horrors? Every year, on Halloween day, Singapore’s Night Safari will be turned into a HAUNTED ground and we actually paid to ENTER! It’s already eerie to be in the zoo at night and with these ‘monsters’ lurking about it is even worse! Read the full entry here. We saw wandering spirits […]


Hotel Transylvania

I don’t usually blog about movies after watching them. It’s because I suck at writing movie reviews. BUT today, I can’t help it BUT to share Sony’s awesome animated comedy Hotel Transylvania! With Adam Sandler as Dracula and Selena Gomez as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, just kidding :P Selena Gomez as Dracula’s daughter Mavis. This story revolves around Dracula, Mavis and this lavish hotel for monsters to relax without fear of humans ‘haunting’ them. Yeah, in […]


How to remove sticky residues off wall?

I set this room up when Ethan was little. It is filled with cute, colorful and educational wall stickers and posters. That was 5 years ago. Several days ago, Ethan said he has outgrown cute and colorful stuffs. Suddenly I felt my boy has grown so much! He asked if we could reinvent this room. I was stunned for a moment, unsure what to answer him.  After thinking for some time, I agreed. Ethan is […]


Muay Thai Workshop

Darling, Ethan and I went for Muay Thai workshop at Dragon Muay Thai Club today courtesy of Nuffnang. Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Ethan was very excited the moment he found out we will be attending this workshop that he told his teachers about it! Dragon Muaythai Club 4th floor, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, Wisma City Tower 50200 KL Situated along Jalan Alor, I was […]


Beautiful Nyonyas

Haha.. Guess who are the beautiful Nyonyas? Bluek ^_^ We had a Nyonya night out at The Tranquerah last night :D The Tranquerah, The Strand is the place I always frequent when I’m missing my mommy’s food for this is the place that I find serves authentic Malacca cuisine almost similar to my Mom’s. Read more about it here. Aunty Florence and I in our kebaya Nyonya. I can’t believe I actually got Aunt Florence to […]


Tonight, we sleep in the guest room

We were all in the master bedroom today after lunch with Darling showering Ethan to freshen him up before his piano lesson. Yeah, Darling showered Ethan while I was lying on the bed getting people to watch my YouTube video >_<  YES, Darling was at HOME at lunch time! Ain’t I lucky or what? We are lucky to have Darling coming home for lunch EVERY day! Must be my cooking is THAT good or our […]


Giant Lantern @ 1Utama

Mooncake festival is just around the corner. Have you done your mooncake purchases already? I’ve not bought any mooncake this year. They are rather overpriced these days, aren’t they? Mooncakes to me are just like any other cakes, to be eaten for the fun of it. So since it doesn’t matter WHEN I get it, I usually wait until the last 2 days before the actual mooncake day when shopping malls starts to throw prices. […]


Whatchuwant Pimp MY ride – Perdana V6

When Darling and I started dating a decade and a half ago, we both just started working. His first big splurge was on this Perdana V6.  We did not have a house or anything back then but he decided that what he really needed (or wanted) was a CAR and bought this without having test driven it or anything! What can I say, we were young and not very wise then -.- That’s not the […]


Hello Kitty Car

We went to The Star Motor Carnival in Bukit Jalil today and were lucky as we arrived just in time to catch the car drifting demonstration. Smell of rubber burning and screeching sound made our blood pump. Darling and Ethan experienced adrenaline rush just watching the demo!  I saw so many gorgeous cars on display and this particular car caught my attention: Hello Kitty Car Super cute Hello Kitty car. Check out the cute rim! […]


On Ground Frenzy

It was a loooong weekend and we were at a place that I’ve not stepped into for ages! Back in my college days I used to frequent this place but now, not anymore. Anyway, we were here today as Darling needed to meet up with one of his client. Yeah I KNOW! Talk about NOT working over the long weekend! >_< We were in Carrefour, Subang Jaya if you need to know. I managed to […]


Eggless Nutty Chocolate Brownie Recipe

I’m so excited to share this recipe today. For once, I really like what I’ve just made! LoL! Coming from me you’d know that it will be something super simple or I won’t do it. This eggless no-bake nutty chocolate brownie can be whipped out in just 15 minutes or less! Yummy Eggless Nutty Chocolate Brownie Ingredients: 22 Marie Biscuits 20gm cocoa powder 40gm roasted nuts (I used almond and cashew nuts) 200gm condensed milk […]


Real Power!

Ever since we attended the Chong Wei/Lin Dan Olympic Finals LIVE screening not too long ago, Ethan is hooked to badminton. He requested for racquets and wanted to learn to play badminton but the Daddy is always too busy. I do play with him occasionally at home but the Daddy is the better player. He should be the one to coach Ethan. Today we bought him a pair of baby racquets with a plastic shuttle […]


Bernama Radio24 – The Lounge @ 8Twelve LIVE with Gerard Ratnam

We went LIVE on 93.9FM at 9.15pm tonight. It was seriously LIVE! I thought there would be like a pre-recorded session but NOoooooo, it was LIVE! The first thing I did when we arrived was to take a “I was HERE” pic and tweeted it out. Once the tweet went live my heart started palpitating and legs went wobbly. Me, Jun Sern, Shawn and Ethan Shawn and the producer, Kok Jun Sern chatted with us […]


Giveaway alert

Hello peeps! If you have a son (or daughter) who loves cars as much as mine does, you’ll definitely suffer from what I suffer – scratches on walls! Ethan has over a hundred cars at home. He plays them everywhere, on the sofa, dining table and worst of all, on the wall! Ish I’ve always hated it when he does that! He’ll scratch the wall paper sometimes..  But now I found a solution to it. […]


His very first TROPHY

Ethan came home from his Mandarin class a very happy boy today. He was smiling from ear to ear and had his hand hidden behind him that I guessed he was hiding something from me. True enough, he was hiding a trophy he got in class. Ethan and his trophy. I don’t know why he got the trophy or what it represents but one thing is for sure, he is extremely happy today. He held […]


How to prevent kids from running into a glass door

Glass doors are nice. It adds a touch of class to a particular place. I have a glass door in my Studio too. It’s nice and I love it but kids sometimes run into it as it is as good as ‘invisible’ to them. To prevent this from happening again and again, I brought this glass door sticker the other day. I don’t really remember where I got it from but if my memory doesn’t […]


Pumpkin Raisin Salad Recipe

It has been a hectic week for us with the students doing their final preparations for the UPSR next week but I still managed to slot in several home-cooked dishes for dinner. Quick and nutritious is my motto so here’s the ever so nutritious pumpkin raisin salad I whipped out in a jiffy. Pumpkin is rich in fat soluble vitamins and is also a good source of dietary fiber.  I added carrots because I try […]


A visit from RTM

I missed the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 today because it was held in KLPAC while I was having a meeting with RTM in my Studio at the other end of the world. Of all day lah kan, they had to clash! >_<  Talking about RTM, they contacted me requesting for a meet-up and knowing that I don’t drive, they are all so kind to arrange our FIRST meeting at our Studio :D I […]


Drumming dilemma

Some of you knows this story already lah. The story about Ethan getting rejected from a particular yang mahal music school *YAngMAHAl* It happened when we were shopping and since Ethan has been pestering us to let him try drumming, we brought him to that music school in the shopping mall to see what are the options. What happened after that was totally out of our expectation. The person at the reception took one glance […]


How high is Bukit Tinggi?

My sister told me she’s taking my parents up to Bukit Tinggi during the Raya holidays. Since I’ve never been to this place before, I decided to pay them a visit there during their 3D/2N stay in Colmar Tropicale. Do you know that you have to pay to ENTER Bukit Tinggi? Ridiculously priced at RM12/adult, not sure how much for kids though as they let Ethan in for free.  NICE nyer. Macam kat over da […]


Cute turtle icebox cookies

Ethan wanted to do some baking so I let him browse the net for whatever cookies he wished to bake. Of all the many cookies out there, he chose this one cute turtle icebox cookies from Diamonds for Dessert! I was horrified when he showed me as I can foresee that it will be very hard to make. So I asked this young baker, XiangCool if he can help us out and gladly he said […]


Precious Moments with Trudy & Teddy

I was shopping with Daddy today when I saw this suave looking shirt that really caught my attention.  Daddy lets me try a whole lot of other shirts and pants before finally taking this one final shot of me in Trudy & Teddy: And then we waited for the bill and made our way to the cashier… It was an enjoyable day shopping with Daddy. Definitely one of my precious moments, spending time with Daddy […]

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