Whatchuwant Pimp MY ride – Perdana V6

When Darling and I started dating a decade and a half ago, we both just started working. His first big splurge was on this Perdana V6. 

We did not have a house or anything back then but he decided that what he really needed (or wanted) was a CAR and bought this without having test driven it or anything! What can I say, we were young and not very wise then -.-

That’s not the end of the ‘unwise’ story. Upon collecting the car, Darling did this:

He sand-blasted my NAME on the screen of his brand new V6! 

Muahahahhaha! It’s like tattooing my name on his skin but since he is against skin art, he did it on his car! Aww.. I was touched-lah obviously. It’s like telling me he won’t be driving other girls in this, ya know? This car is MINE! All MINE! Mihihihi..


Our baby V6 has been with us for 12 years till today. We used it as our wedding car. No, we did not rent a Merz or any luxury car for our wedding but opt to use our very own baby instead.

Our beloved V6 in its prime.

Before the wedding, Darling changed the rear lamp as the original rear lamp is damn ugly.

This is way much prettier.

He also changed the rim as the original rim is also hideous!

That’s all that he did. Everything else is ORIGINAL. Not because we like it that way, it’s more like because we can’t afford to get it pimped kao kao :(

If we have the budget, we’ll definitely change to 17 inch alloy rim with 215/45r17 size Bridgestone tyres. Or better still, we want to have Spinner Wheels! Spinner wheels are rare in Malaysia and it would be nice to have those wheels still spinning eventhough our car is in stationary. People will definitely STARE at our V6 at every traffic light stops *smugface.jpg*

But now we saw a light at the end of the tunnel! I meant, I see HOPE!

Thanx to Xpax Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride campaign we can actually get our ride PIMPED by professionals for FREE! You can get your car pimped into this HELLO KITTY car I mentioned in my previous post :P 


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If Darling can sand-blast my name on his brand new V6, I want to PIMP that V6 for him in return!


Our baby is not a baby anymore. It has definitely aged since the first day we got it. The paint has gone rusty and bits and pieces of it had fallen off. We had to glue this piece of paint back the other day or live with a big rust patch there on the body. Our V6 is in dire need of a fresh new coat of paint. We are thinking of painting it Pearl White to match my current Myvi at home which is also in Pearl White :D


The bumper looks like ME already. Moon critters splashes all over it! It’s bad enough that Darling and I don’t have perfect skin and walk around having moon critters all over our face; having our car looking like US in that sense is so NOT COOL!

We need new bumper spoiler and this time, we want to have fog light attached to it! We go up Genting like every other week, we seriously NEED that fog light!


I’ll change our side skirting into something more sporty as shown above.


And the rear bumper spoiler will be something like that but if possible we’ll add a couple of reflectors too!


Our current V6 is bald on the trunk. I want to add a spoiler for a sporty touch.

That is what I have in mind, not those super high ones that you can put your head through it.. 


For the headlights we want to change to the super awesome LED headlights like this:

I drool just looking at those lights!

I want to have LED tail lights too. Something that has many lines like this:

Rawr! Stripy hunk!

That’s not the end of my LED journey. I want to have them in my side mirrors as well!

Gaya max!


Can you see how sad we are? We are still using the original steering wheel! Look at how BE-BIG it is! It’s humongous! If we grow any fatter that steering wheel will sure come in the way! >_<

I want to change the steering wheel to something like this:

The multifunction steering wheel will help me concentrate on the traffic – with attention focused on the road and hands on the wheel. I’m lousy behind the driver’s seat so I need all the help I can get to make driving easier!

I want to be able to control the car audio from the steering.


Talking about AUDIO, I want a whole new audio system. The one we are having now sounds like blasting a concert in a MILO tin!

I want a Multi Media car audio equipped with reverse camera, touch screen GPS and DVD player. Boom boom boom #likeaboss the right way!


Gear box. Can you tell me what Perdana V6 is famous for? If you are a car enthusiast you’ll know that Perdana V6 is notorious for their gear box problem.

I definitely want to get the gear box changed. Give it a new life. Change it into a MANUAL or 6-speed Auto transmission, I won’t mind! As long as it’s not THAT gear box! THAT gear box I’m having, can masak soup dy! Sup Gear Box, siapa nak minum? :P


Our old pedal koyak dy. We need a new sport pedal.

I need the sport pedals to reduce weight and increase foot traction. It is also to satisfy my aesthetic craving ^_^ The blue dots certainly go well with the intended Pearl White body paint!


Old man’s skin needs a facelift. Botox won’t do these lines any good. I want to have the entire upholstery changed into sporty leather seat.

Super cool!


Last but not least, I want our baby to get a set of brand new Sport Suspension Kit. This suspension kit provides better control when going into corners and greater stability at high speeds

Those are some of the details I have already visualized in my mind should Nuffnang and Xpax select my V6 to be pimped! I do hope my baby will be chosen as he has been with us for a loyal 12 years now. I want to restore his glory; making it whole again, looking BETTER than EVER! 

Please let us be the CHOSEN one as we won’t be able to do this on our own. We need PROFESSIONAL help and only Xpax Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride can provide us all that! 

Thank you! 

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  • //

    wow mum didnt know u also gile in kitty one. hahaha

    • //

      Son, I oso dunno until I saw this car! Muahahahaha…

  • //

    WOW Exhaust pipe also hello kittyy! ;D wow wow so many hello kittiessss

  • //

    This is really pimp until kau kau…but then again…it will become like…a christmas tree. :p

  • //

    I suka hello kitty too :) But too much kitty makes me dizzy @@

  • //

    Hello Auntie, I didn’t tot U like that Hello Kitty.. oh, sorry.. U r my sis, for sure U love Hello Kitty.. :p.. Hey, I want they pimp my ride too.. But it’s only kancil wan.. they still wanna do her?? I mean my car.. T_T.. :p

    • //

      Kancil or rusa as long as it’s YOUR ride, they can PIMP it! :P

  • //

    Oh my goodness!!! Tell me, that’s not YOUR car. Aiyor…never expect you to be so Ah Lian lah… Surely you can do better than that!

    • //

      Arthur, of coz that’s not MY car lah otherwise I wont be wishing for my ride to get pimped :P I wanna pimp my car and turn it into a SUBMERRYN! ^_^

  • //

    No eyelashes? I saw a car with eyelashes somemore! I wonder the gender of the driver though :P

    • //

      Choi Yen,

      If I can pimp my ride, I’ll put eyelashes! I oso saw it in the net last time. NICE! Haha..

  • //

    Aiyo, can’t accept the Hello Kitty Car… Full of Hello Kitty.. Betahan!!

  • //

    Hahaha..didn’t know you’re willing to do that to your car. I never expected it. Hope you’ll get pick then.

    • //

      Hahaha Carolyn.. maybe not so extreme lah..

  • //

    Love the kitty exhaust that’s one brilliant idea. Should try to glue rubber ribbon & misai onto the tyre lagi geng.

    • //

      Wah! Now THAT’s an IDEA! Hmm…

  • //

    lol if pimp my ride outcome result is hello kitty, it is so “sat moong” hahaha

    • //

      LMAO! Come ON!!! Don’t lah act so macho liddat.. i know deep down inside KKF very suka Hello Kitty wan.. ^_^

  • //

    I like Hello Kitty too but I think that is a little too complicated.

  • //

    Oh you like Hello Kitty, later can go Hello Kitty Theme Park, Nusajaya when the theme park launch. I dare not to pimp my car like this leh, cause indirectly telling public that this is a WOMAN car, dangerous!

    Oh that day I saw a Myvi push lashes for her front car light. A big black eyes lashes curling out on top of the car light, LOL really funny.

  • //

    Aiiyooo….this car is sooo super cute! No wonder you fall in love with the car.

  • //

    almost wanted to buy meself a hello kitty set too last year but was too expensive, almost 1k wtf O_o

    • //


      1K for what? The speakers, stickers or the exhaust? I dunno where they got the exhaust man..

  • //

    hello kitty! but u can start by putting ‘eye-lashes’ on your headlights first! XD

  • //

    OMG! I wonder how does the ‘Hello-Kitty-Driver’ concentrates on the road with all the ‘Hello-Kitty-Blings’ in the car!

  • //

    Hello Kitty’s car…i love it.

  • //

    This Hello Kitty car is good for display..I believe it will be vandalised if it is parked in the public area..really admire how pretty this Hello Kitty car is..

  • //

    Hello Kitty overdosed! Faint~~

    If my daughter sees this, habis la my car; she’ll pesters me to get it decorated with Hello Kitty too!

  • //

    OMG…..although I collect Hello Kitty toy but really not into HKitty car stuff else the hubs will not allow me to drive my car out..LOL!!

  • //

    :O so many distractions! So the honk of the kitty cat car becomes “miao”? LOL

  • //

    good luck to you dear..

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