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Never Gonna Give You Up

Darling bought me this pair of Crocs three years ago. It has serve me well. I go for my almost daily evening brisk walk in them. Until a couple of days ago the shoelace hole snaps :( See the arrows? It gave way to the constant tugging of the shoelaces. Both the left and right shoes gave way at the same time. I was left with no choice but to tie my shoelace one row […]


Gridiron Sports Cafe & Lounge, Bangsar

Located in the swanky neighborhood of Bangsar Baru, Gridiron encompasses the trifecta of creature comforts; game watching, groovy tunes and upscale pub grub and beer. Gridiron Sports Cafe and Bar No 11-15, Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur The ambiance boasts the lounge’s 360 degree angle of sports viewing in a lounge that has been engineered as the living room you so richly deserve. With 33 screens broadcasting the complete sports package, every sports […]


Show U Cafe & Bar EASY123 Giveaway Winner Announcement

If you are among those 20 who commented on my Show U Cafe & Bar post, you are entitled an entry for a draw to win EASY123 Health Drink (worth RM49.90 each) giveaway. We had so much fun having the draw that you HAVE to watch the video to find out if you are one of the lucky FIVE winners! The result is out! Sorry for the delay as we faced difficulty uploading the video […]


Drum vs Piano

Late last year, Ethan requested for drum lessons. I don’t know where he got the idea from but I guess it must be after we watched Justin Bieber playing the drum when he was like what… 4? Talking about Justin Bieber, have you listen to his latest single, Boyfriend? I haven’t but my niece is nuts about him. Can’t blame her though, after all, her name is Hazel. She was BORN a NUT! :P Ok, […]


To PEE or NOT to pee!

We ladies face a lifetime dilemma of using the public toilet. Unlike guys who can just urinate at the urinal and leave, we ladies have so much to battle before even able to ease ourselves. QUEUE Ladies seriously take more time in the loo. From the moment we stepped into the cubicle, you’ll be amazed at how much WORK we do before we can even pee! Forget about doing big business in the public toilet, […]


Sponge Painting : Marine World

You know how sometimes the simplest of stuffs is BEST in life? While we are so caught up with technology and all, seldom do the kids get to go back to basic and do what WE did when we were younger. The kids in the Studio did sponge painting last week. I gave them sponges and get them to sponge blue paint all over the paper. Let dry. Then, using cute underwater creatures template, they […]


Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar : Not just another health bar

*Read until the end of this post to find out how you can win yourself a box of Phytonutrients Essence worth RM49.90* When was the last time you frequented Sunway Pyramid? For us, it was last night. Before that, it was two weeks ago. I tell you one thing. Two weeks ago, when we were in Sunway Pyramid, we did not notice this place called Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar. It is situated very close to […]


What’s In The Panties?

Not too long ago, I was invited to attend a LINGERIE Spring 2012 party. If you are an avid follower of my blog you’ll know how I super LOVE lingerie! I can never have enough of them! So there I was at that super sexy party with my even sexier BUSTIER TOP HANDBAG bought all the way from Brussels, Belgium. We were given a door gift immediately upon arrival. To my delight, I found a […]


Pepper Lunch Express

The other day after having a hearty meal in KL, we went to 1 Utama to get something. An hour later Ethan is hungry again. We went to Food Republic. Since Darling and I are still not hungry, we ordered only ONE meal for Ethan alone. I love the chicken rice there but today we felt like trying out something new. I ordered the Salmon Pepper Rice from Pepper Lunch Express.  I requested for them […]


Angry Birds Bed Sheets at 50% off

We were in my second home (guess where?) yesterday when we came across this: OMG Angry Bird bed sheets selling at 50% off! Ethan immediately ran towards it and started choosing. He even asked the promoter how much it is after discount! >_< Original price is RM99 after discount is RM49.50 for a Super Single set. Not bad right? We wanted to get the comforter set sekali but they’ve run out on the design that […]


Nyonya Chap Chye Recipe (Vegetarian Dish)

Unlike Loh Hon Chai (refer to my entry here)  where red bean curd is used, the Nyonya Chap Chye calls for the use of Taucu (minced bean paste) instead. This is an extremely simple dish to prepare and  the hint of sweetness goes well with kids. Ingredients: oil garlic, chopped 1 tablespoon minced taucu onion, sliced white cabbage carrot dried mushrooms, soaked and sliced dried lily buds (kin chiam), soaked; cut off the hard tips […]


Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 – Night Glow

Eversince our very FIRST time going to the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta when they first landed in Malaysia back in 2009 (read about it here), we have been hooked and been going back every year since. This is our fourth year and though I have my doubts that we are going to make it this year, Darling is determined to bring Ethan and not miss our annual trip there. We arrived Putrajaya shortly before […]


Get Kissable Lips Instantly

You know I’m kinda a ‘full-time’ blogger right? I’m FULL most of the TIME! ok lame joke >_< Anyway, what I wanted to say is I’m in front of the PC most of the time. And then there are those many events that we needed to attend. My butt is literally glued to the chair at all times that even when I need to do my make-up before going out, I do it in front […]


Latest Apple Product?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away so they say. But this is the season to be plump plum. Darling bought these apples the other day. Yeah lor. One glance of them in the plastic and I thought they are apples. So huge what! Compare that to my iPhone and you’ll know how big is big! Had a bite of it and oh my, they are extremely juicy and sweet! Selling at RM10 for […]


French Toast with Chicken Floss filling

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I always make sure Darling and Ethan eat before they leave home for work and class. It’s a challenge to keep the meals interesting but today, I think I just hit the jackpot! Darling and Ethan had this and they love it max! What’s that? That’s french toast with chicken floss filling :) It’s really simple to prepare this. Cut 2 pieces of bread into 8 […]


Anmum Materna – Am I Taking It? :D

*48 hours sticky post. Scroll down for latest updates* It all started when my friend, a mother of a 3-month old girl posted on FB saying she’s giving away 3 boxes of Anmum Materna milk powder. I commented that she might as well continue drinking those until she finishes them all up but she replied that she is currently on Anmum Lacta as she is breast-feeding her daughter. One lady who responded to my friend’s […]


Red Bean & Black Glutinous Rice Dessert Recipe

Darling told me the other day he often drops by Kedai Kopi Khoong in Sea Park in the evenings alone for dessert. He brought me there for the very first time in 1997 and is still frequenting that place today! I don’t know what makes him kept going back there as I find their desserts so-so only -.- How? Am I that bad that he needs to ‘cari makan’ else where? :P So the other […]


Dim Sum Galore @ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel

If you know me well you’ll know I’ll never sacrifice my sleep to go for Dim Sum breakfast. Countless times my friends planned for an early dim sum but I always decline as sleep is very important to me. Already I am sleep deprived, I won’t make it worse by waking up extra early just to eat -.- Zuan Yuan, One World is having a dim sum lunch promotion from 1 March – 30 April […]


Draw Something OMG!

My last update was on the 9th March 2012. I RARELY abandoned my blog for more than 24 hours but today is already the 11th. You know why no updates? All because of this application called “Draw Something”. Aiyo! I’m so addicted to it. Draw Something is a social drawing game available free for Apple iOS and Android Devices! What is worse, if you do not have an Apple iOS or Android Devices, you can still […]


Lemon Chicken Recipe

Every since I made that resolution to cook more often so my family can have home-cooked food at least 4 days a week, I’ve been at dead-end every night thinking what to cook the next day. It’s either chicken or fish and it’s always the same old, same old. I’m afraid Darling and Ethan will get bored and not looking forward to come home for lunch anymore. The other day, I tried dishing out Lemon […]


Preserving Newspaper Cutting

You know right that I’m fehmes? *cue to massively vomit blood now* :P We appeared in the newspaper several times before and I treasure them like those are the most valuable thing in the world to me. *jakun* I framed them up and hung it where people can see it. Unfortunately I noticed that after some time, those newspaper cuttings tend to turn yellow. The other day, while printing some worksheets for Ethan, I thought of […]


Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System

*48 hours sticky post. Scroll down for latest entry* How do you get kids to like to wash their hands? Here in my Studio, the kids can get really messy while painting. I always tell them to wash their hands after painting but what they always do when they go to the washroom is they will get their hands wet, press onto the hand-wash pump and more often than not, I will hear a loud […]


Crepe Paper Twisting

The kids did a simple crepe paper twisting project the other day in the Studio. The ‘big sister’ helped the little ones to twist those crepe papers. While the little one happily trying to shape those twisted crepe papers into SOMETHING! He is trying to make an apple there. With some help, he managed to make an apple. One of the kid did a couple of snakes and their nest filled with eggs! Nice :D […]


Snowflake’s Coco Ono

My favourite Snowflake has a new edition, Coco Ono. I MUST try it! Coco Ono. Coconut Ice + Taroballs + Okinawan Sweet Potato + Sweet Potato + Baby Pearls + Gula Melaka AND my ADD-ONs Lotus Seed + Kidney Bean = RM9.40 The NEW Okinawan Sweet Potato is a nice addition to the Snowflake family. Ethan loves both varieties of the sweet potatoes. He even loves the baby pearls. I prefer normal sized pearls though. […]


KidZania Kuala Lumpur : Where KIDS grow UP!

Get ready for a better world at KidZania – an indoor educational and entertainment theme park based on the concept of fostering independence and autonomy in kids aged 4 to 14. The first KidZania in Malaysia (there are 8 other KidZanias around the world), is constructed on 7,400sq m (80,000sq ft) over two levels in Curve NX in Mutiara Damansara. Ethan, Darling and I finally packed our suitcase and flew our way here today. KidZania […]


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