KidZania Kuala Lumpur : Where KIDS grow UP!

Get ready for a better world at KidZania – an indoor educational and entertainment theme park based on the concept of fostering independence and autonomy in kids aged 4 to 14.

The first KidZania in Malaysia (there are 8 other KidZanias around the world), is constructed on 7,400sq m (80,000sq ft) over two levels in Curve NX in Mutiara Damansara.

Ethan, Darling and I finally packed our suitcase and flew our way here today.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur
Curve NX
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Admission: RM55 (child) RM35 (adult)

To enter, Ethan went through an airline check-in counter by AirAsia, get his boarding pass and a cheque for 50 kidzos to start him off. Refer to my previous post here.

Once in the city, he has to go to the bank (CIMB) to cash his cheque. He can either use the cash or deposit it in an account at the bank. If he opens an account, he will get an ATM card, which can be used at the ATM machines within the city.

In KidZania, jobs are aplenty. You’ll never go jobless!

First thing first. You can either opt to drop off your kid(s) and go enjoy your ME time or you can enter the facility as well at RM35 per adult.

I was told that it is safe to drop Ethan off as he is given an ID bracelet. He will be scanned each time he enters or leave an establishment. I will know where he is at any time based on this tracking system. BUT there’s a loop hole. Ethan is scanned when he ENTERS or LEAVES an establishment. What happens during the time between one establishment to the next goes unsupervised. Hence, in my opinion, I won’t leave him there alone unless he is older, say, 21 years old? Muahahahaha… I know, I know… you’ll do the same! :P

Anyway adults for kids below 8 years old need to remain inside KidZania throughout the duration of the visit.

The first establishment Ethan visited was AirAsia where he pilot the plane. This took roughly 20 minutes from briefing to take off until landing. He was paid 15 Kidzos for a completed flight.

Next he chose to be a mechanic.

This was really fun for him as they let him try starting a stalled car. Since it won’t start, the Zupervisor guided Ethan to check the engine oil, coolant lubricant and more. They even get to pour oil, tighten tyres and at the end of the session, try starting the car again to which a LOUD broom, broom sound signaling that they’ve successfully repaired the car! :D

Then came the fun part. He chose to be a Fire Fighter.  He first went through a very educational talk about fire and safety when the alarm suddenly rang. They hurried into the waiting Fire Truck and off to the burning hotel where they fight fire with real hose and water! Kids who were playing police helped to control the crowd while kids paramedics were on scene to treat ‘injured’ victim. It was all organised so real that it looked like a real disaster scene!

Watch this video for full fire-fighting scene.

Cool eh? The coordination between the police kids and the fire-fighting team is so well done!

It was all so real from the siren to the blaze to the waterhose and also glasses shattering from the hotel fire!

Little firemen on the fire truck in a smoky street after putting out fire heading back to the fire station. MY HERO! :D

After battling with fire, the ‘injured’ firemen were taken to the Emergency Room to be treated by little medical attendants and nurses. My hero is there to get his ‘burn’ treated ^_^

Look at the plaster on his arm. Like so real liddat! Haha..

The next job, Ethan chose to be contractor. My little Phua Chu Kang :D Here he gets to lay bricks to build a wall. Since he loves playing with building blocks, he loves this a lot!

We visited the hospital next where Ethan tried his hands as Surgical Technologist in the Endoscopy Room. Here he got to insert the tube into the patient and they get to view the insides of the patient. Very gross I would say. Look at the Indian boy in the picture who is more engrossed in the patient’s feet! LoL!

Being a dentist is a MUST. It is very educational as the kids learn about hygiene and taking care of their teeth.

Ethan learnt the proper way of brushing his teeth and tongue. He also learnt about cavities and how important it is to get his teeth checked. He gets to check the patient’s teeth. Do a marking on the sheet to label the rotten teeth and extract it! Extremely cool!

I tell you a kid is a kid. It is cute when you let them CHOOSE what they want to be instead of TELLING them what to be. Here at KidZania Darling and I let Ethan decide for himself what he wants to be and you can see from the choice of his ‘jobs’, it is not the high flying, glamorous jobs that he often chose. Instead, he chose jobs that connects to him.

He was very determine to try cleaning windows. We walked pass through this place countless times but the queue was always long so I told him to come back and he MAKES SURE we really do. Each time after finishing any other job, he’ll make me go back to this place to see if any vacancy is open for him. He’s so desperate to clean windows! Actually, what interest him was the fact that he gets to climb on that thing to clean windows on Level Two! :D

See, he cleans windows so PERFECTLY that he got interviewed after that :P

Another must go is Marry Brown to try making your own burger. Here, instead of being paid for your work done, you have to pay them 15 Kidzos to enter. You’ll be guided to make your very own chicken burger and eat it too!

Everything here at KidZania is so real! From the AirAsia cockpit to the operation theatre in KPJ Hospital to the fire in the hotel, everything is real.

Ethan actually believes he was flying the plane, the simulation is that good. He believes he put out the hotel fire. He told Darling, “Now I know why you are always so tired when you gets home from work. Working is TIRING!” Hehe.. FINALLY he gets it!

At the end of the session, he exchanged his Kidzos for some gifts at the gift shop. Any kidzos left can be banked into his CIMB account or just bring them home and be used for next visit.

5 hours is definitely not enough. We will definitely be back!

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    I like this place.. WHY my kids time, dont have this..

  • //

    So fun..must bring ryan go there if I got dropby KL next time.

  • //

    OMG I love this concept! So fun!
    Gonna recommend to bf’s nephew!! :D

  • //

    Almost going there today.. But changed our mind to go tomorrow only..hihi..

    5 hrs????? Omg… Haha..

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  • //

    My kids will surely LOVE this!

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    This is sooooo nice! Ya…why didn;t they have this when I was a kid…or when my girl was growing up. One-stop learning centre!

  • //

    omg that’s so cool! why wouldnt i have such a chance to experience such inventions when i was a kid :(

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  • //

    I have been waiting for this blog post since ytday, hehe.

    This is so interesting!

    Which occupation Ethan likes the most?

    • //


      Ethan loves the flight simulator the best, followed by fire fighter, then window cleaner! He really loves cleaning windows! haha..

  • //

    so much fun! interesting!

  • //

    Omg!!! I am so going to force my friends to take a trip to KidZania now. No wonder there’s so much hype amongst my friends for this. Thanks for all the tips, Merryn. Now I’ll go see if they accept 20 year old stewardesses. Hehehe…

  • //

    whoa!!! so much fun!!! why la only for kids?! T.T i also want!!!

  • //

    This is so fun right? Can try so many jobs in one day! : D

  • //

    aww! ethan is so cuteee! and Kidzania is defnitely a nice place for the children to learn something new :)

  • //

    I love this post! Now we know what type of jobs we can choose at KidZania. 5 hours is simply not enough. So much fun!! Ethan looks so cute in his fire fighter suit.

  • //

    Seem like Ethan was the youngest fireman among the kids and I love all their uniforms, so real & cute~~

  • //

    This is so interesting, fun and eventful. My girls will sure like this place too. I will keep this in my list as well on my next visit to KL, Thanks for all the details and information that you shared here.

  • //

    Thanks for sharing this in post. It look so much fun, can’t wait to let my kids have fun there.

  • //

    Do they allow parents into the cock pit, car repair area, hospital when u visited? also notice that it wasn’t as crowded as the day we went (all slots in each job were fully taken).

    • //

      Chin Nee,

      As KidZania is all about fostering independence, parents are not allowed into the cock pit, car repair area, hospital and in fact, most of the establishment. The pictures I got is thanx to ZOOMING MAXIMUM my camera. My camera worked the hardest that day. ZOOMING all the way!

  • //

    This is so fun! Can’t wait to go too :)

  • //

    Thanks for sharing Merryn. It will be in our to-go list but then maybe after it’s not so crowded? I know was wondering how you could take pictures too. Hope my girl won’t be timid and be independant without mummy.

  • //

    Love this place… We’ll be back, too!

  • //

    please give me all the types of occupations at kidzania(occupations of children)
    *send it to my email

    • //

      Hi liqianwong,

      You might want to check with KidZania for the full occupation list, thank you :)

  • //

    give me all the types of occupations in kidzania pls~
    *chlidren occupations
    **send it to my email

  • //

    my email is [email protected]

  • //

    Was it crowded when you went? When did you go? It doesn’t look too crowded from your pictures. I really want to go but wondering when the best time is. I hate crowds ;-p

    • //

      I went on Saturday morning. It was not too crowded then.. Don’t go during the school holidays-lah. Sure crowded wan..

  • //

    hey merryn, wud u mind if i use pics above for the special post for KidZania.. I gwud give u credit..:)

    • //

      Hi Tokobakso,

      Sure, no problem :)

  • //

    So impressive… must bring D a bit later…. now I finally understand what thwe rave about Kidszania is…. =)

  • //

    I don’t think they accept 20 years old haha!

  • //

    My kids went there yesterday. The day before I called the Kidzania and they said the best time to come is on weekdays you will get to play longer and not so crowded lorh.1 kid is RM55 1 adult is 35. I heard that you don’t like crowds right? Weekends and school holidays cannot play so long time and very crowded better to go on weekdays you can play longer and not crowded anyway. So I have told you all the information and now is up to u when do u want to go….Bye! :-)

  • //

    I loved the Kidzania my kids said it was fun too how about Ethan was he happy?

    • //

      Of coz Ethan was happy. It can be seen in all of the pictures above :)

  • //

    i think it is a nice place .i saw on Ytube

  • //

    We are heading there soon and would like for some advise.

    If we are there from opening to closing, how is lunch be taken care of for both kids and parents?

    Any F & B outlets or can we leave for lunch and come re enter again?

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