Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar : Not just another health bar

*Read until the end of this post to find out how you can win yourself a box of Phytonutrients Essence worth RM49.90*

When was the last time you frequented Sunway Pyramid? For us, it was last night. Before that, it was two weeks ago. I tell you one thing. Two weeks ago, when we were in Sunway Pyramid, we did not notice this place called Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar. It is situated very close to Subway yet I did not notice it. Show U, why you no SHOW ME your place?!

And then yesterday we noticed it. Why? Because they were giving out free tester drinks :P

See? Typical Malaysians we are ^_^

We tried the Kiwi Tango and fell in love with it. Just like bees to honey, we proceeded to dine there. What sorcery is this? *making that meme face* Hehe…

Lots of green with white furnishing, it reminds me of Full House and The Gardens :D

Since we are supposed to meet up some friends in Sunway, we might as well gather here. There are TEN of us so you will see lots of food around!

We started off with the famed Fruitilicious Salad (RM8.90)

Salad with Lou Sang influence, we tossed to prosperity that night :D Up, up and away…. into our stomach. I super love this as it is very FRUITY! Strawberry, kiwi.. you name it, they’ve got it. Sweet and sour, it is very appetizing!

Take a closer look at the salad and you’ll notice powdery substance on it. I wondered what it was and HAD to ask as I don’t usually eat anything when I’m doubtful of what they are.

We were told that those powdery substance are Phytonutrients Essence and I almost fell of my seat! I was like.. “WHAT? PYTHON essence?!!”

I think that was the most malu-fying moment as they had to bring THIS box to show me that NO, it is NOT Python juice! It is fruit essence to detox, restore and rejuvenate our system! 

Why I was attracted to this place is because as I was standing there looking at the menu while sipping the FREE Kiwi Tango, I noticed they are a fan of MARINE! It was MARINE this, MARINE that.. OMG, how could I NOT love someone who loves ME so much?! hehehe.. #shioksendiri

I had to try the Marine Trio Salad (RM9.90) as it looks so good. We were rather surprised when we see that this is RM9.90 only. That means it is only RM3.30 for each bowl of that yummylicious MARINE!

That HUGE chunk of salmon (or mussels and prawn) with thick layers of tuna and wasabe dip, this is really something I’d recommend to all seafood lovers out there.

If you are not into FRUIT salad, you might want to try their Caperlicious Salad (RM6.90). This is all vege – cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots… with that delicious wasabe dip.

But I’ll stick to the Fruitilicious Salad as I super duper love that!

For our drinks, let’s look at what we have. Let’s see if my memory don’t fail me :P

My friends had those three above while Darling, Ethan and I shared the grape and peach Spring-a-licious (RM9.90) and lemon and longan Summer Rio (RM9.90).

I took a fancy for the Summer Rio instantly as it is sour. I love sour stuffs. Darling on the other hand, preferred the Kiwi Tango that we tested earlier and regretted not ordering that -.- Thank goodness Ethan enjoys the Spring-a-licious that is rather mild for my liking but totally full of goodies. You do know that grape do wonders to our system right?

I feel so healthy already!

Oh yeah, remember I said that this Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar is situated SO close to Subway? You know how much a Subway fan I am right? I wondered if it is worth dining here instead of Subway so we decided to try their sandwich.

Perfect Ten Sandwich (RM9.90)

Dining with friends, we politely requested for the sandwich to be cut into quarters so we can share. Sharing is Caring ;D

So that was my portion of the sandwich and fruitilicious salad.

Look at that! Layers after layers of erm… let me see what I can spot: Chicken meat, cheese, perfectly done egg slice, greens…

Took a really BIG bite and *nom nom nom* it was amazing! There’s something about it that is very intriguing. It felt so homely. So comforting. I had no choice but to butcher the sandwich to find out what. We took off layers after layers and found ONE thing that looks like fried onions! Whoa!!!!! You know how popiah tastes so good with them? That is what it did to this sandwich!

Perfect TEN indeed! Thumbs up for this!

Now comes the pasta part with more of MARINEs in it <3

Marine Pumpkin (RM14.90)

Pumpkin lovers will love this. I don’t really like pumpkin but I find the pumpkin sauce kind of GOOD! With generous chunks of salmon, prawns and mussels at RM14.90 only. I’m so starting to love this place.

One of the girlfriend ordered this Carbo Fungi (RM7.90). Lots of mushroom and pine nuts this rich pasta is one of their best sellers we were told.

But I ordered this Marine Carbo (RM13.90) and I am happy I did! Those huge chunks of salmon. One look at it and I was afraid that the salmon might be overcooked but I was proven wrong. Cut it in half and I saw pink flesh staring at me. Goodness overload! Ethan loves mushrooms so this goes well with him too while Darling’s the prawn lover.

This Marine Carbo definitely is OUR choice! Stamp of approval here. This and that Perfect TEN sandwich will definitely get our repeat orders in future!

We wanted to be safe and ordered this Chicken Bolognese for Ethan earlier. It is okay. But now we know how awesome the Marine Carbo is, next time, no more chicken bolognese but Marine Carbo! :D Chicken bolognese can get anywhere-lah….

After all that meal, we had to order another drink to clear our throat. We ordered the Signature Crush (RM12.90). The watermelon, orange and kiwi puree is perfect to end our meal.

Darling ordered something for Ethan. The Red Velvet and I forgot what this is called. Crunchy Road? or something similar to that. I find the cream on the Red Velvet too sweet but Ethan loves it! >_<

I absolutely love the ‘crunchy road’. Made of Belgium chocolate, marshmellow, hazel nuts and more, this also deserves the thumbs up from ME!

Happy-nyer Ethan.

At the end of our scrumptious meal, the owner of Show ‘U’ Cafe had to come and ask us a couple of questions as he finds it fascinating to see a YOUNG group (ehem) ordering and enjoying the meals so much.

He asked, “How do you find our healthy food? Do they taste good”

We were flabbergasted. I laughed at his question, asking him back, “HEALTHY food?”

He answered, “Yes. We serve healthy food here”. Apparently, this is a health bar. Everything here is meant for the health conscious right from the fruit smoothies to the main meals. Most of the dishes here are added with their customised enrichment phytonutrients essence formula to detox, restore and rejuvenate our system.

Now I recalled when I asked them what was the powder on the fruit salad and they showed me that box. That is what this place is all about. Eating healthy and restoring your health.

Wow, I am amazed! I personally think that the food served here is value to money. The taste doesn’t show a hint of them being a healthy food joint as they are so tasty!

Now, here comes the good news! We managed to talk to the owner to share that Python Phytonutrients Essense with our lovely readers and he agreed!

I have 5 boxes of that Health Drink Formula (worth RM49.90 each) to be given-away to YOU.

All you need to do is leave a comment in this post and after THREE days, Ethan will draw FIVE winners. You need to also LIKE Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar’s FanPage here as I’ll be posting the winners name there. 

Winners will need to collect the prize at Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar yourself at:

Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar
Blue Atrium 27.7A, LG2,
Sunway Pyramid

Don’t worry. No purchase is required. Just go there and collect that box of goodies. I am just too lazy busy to mail the prize to you -.-

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  • //

    Love their concept especially your PERFECT TEN!!
    Another thumbs up for their fresh vege n fruits!!

  • //

    Waaahh~~ I’ve not been to Sunway Pyramid for 3 months and they’ve opened so many new shops!! And oh my goodness, all the seafood FOOD looks soooo good (especially your seafood pasta om nom nom nom).

    Please pick me so that i got excuse to go Pyramid and pick up the items and also makan there hahahaha XD

  • //

    So many healthy foodstuff there with the Detox function :) But I just can’t stop staring at the Crunchy Road, looks so mouthwatering there!

  • //

    Wow, the pumpkin sauce looks good, wonder how it tastes like ? :P

  • //

    wow! the food looks yummy there and the price is quite reasonable too! :)

  • //

    I need a detox seriously…

  • //

    Hey, this is my kind of food! I’m a health freak ;p We were in Sunway Pyramid just 2 days ago on Tues and you know what, I actually cooked at home and tapau-ed to eat there cos I wanted to go shopping but at the same time didn’t want to dine out on a weekday. Next time I’ll just head to this Show “U” without the hassle of cooking and packing food out :)

  • //

    I love the fruit salad a lot.

  • //

    So nice!!! Wonder when the voucher expired. huhu

  • //

    Wah, healthy drink, good for me……now is my training season……lol!

  • //

    Wow. Never know that ‘Show U’ serve healthy food! Im amazed! And everything looks sooooo scrummy and the price are very very very, seriously reasonable too! I am so gonna try it next time I visit Sunway! ;)

  • //

    oh yumms. the sandwiches look simply homely (and healthy)!

  • //

    yerrr , why no jio me! u must force me eat more greens le LOL :X

    I am so tempting to try Marine Carbo! Seriously lol! :X

    Noted! Sunway Pyramid .. . . dam near lol

  • //

    mum! why didnt bring me go?! TT

    i wan! after i saw u writing “It is fruit essence to detox, restore and rejuvenate our system! ” LOL

    anyway the marine trio salad attracted me the most! =(

  • //

    Oh…i wanna try too….:)

  • //

    I wanna try too….:)

  • //

    Is it? How come (no disrespect) ….I don’t feel like the food are healthy at all. :p But I can surely say that they are yummy. :D

  • //

    if eat already and can lose weight………… surely i will go EVERYtime i m in my 2nd home.

  • //

    The carbonara sauce looks different with the normal one, isn’t it?

  • //

    Tried their sandwich and carbonara before few weeks back! I actually liked it. <3

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