Ayden’s 8 months picture journey

With a blink of an eye, little Ayden is 8 months old already. It feels like just yesterday he popped out unexpectedly on Merdeka Day. Surprisingly, we are all coping pretty well with his arrival. I still have time to blog! I thought with his arrival, my blog will be gone and forgotten but no, it is still surviving *pops confetti*

Here’s a picture journey of him from newborn to the present at 8 months :)

Ayden newborn

Ayden newborn. Dunno why his face full of scratches…

Ayden 1 month

Ayden @ 1 month. Hair very the cool looking.

Ayden 2 months

Ayden @ 2 months, starting to be cheeky.

Ayden 3 months

Ayden @ 3 months. Favourite position, on his tummy.

Ayden 4 months

Ayden @ 4 months. Terbalik dy. Loves seeing the world in upside down? Haha

Ayden 5 months

Ayden @ 5 months. The cutest stage. Paling chubby, paling bulats.

Ayden 6 months

Ayden @ 6 months. Slowly losing his baby fats, growing into a big boy dy.

Ayden 7 months

Ayden @ 7 months. Suddenly so thin dy…

Ayden 8 months

Ayden @ 8 months. Blur. LoL!

Ethan is doing extremely well as the elder brother. He loves playing with Ayden and looks forward to spend time with him whenever possible. I am simply blessed to have them in my life <3

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    Hah??? So fast? Just like yesterday, just born… So cute, so lovable…. Face so alert and curious – will be very smart, this kid! Quick, quick, make some more.


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    Lol …he’s so cute. His face is like he wanted to tell you a lot of things or stories like that.


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    He still has that lustrous black hair. Cute pics of him, I like all of them. Baby pictures are always nice to see, candid.

    soon he is going to be 1yo boy. Time really flies.


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    ayden’s beeeeautiful!! :’D fave pics are at 3, 4 & 5 months!!! SHO CUTE AND ROUND AH! like fishball. i wanna nom. haha. i think i cannot have babies. i will surely be kissing and biting and pinching their cheeks the whole time to really bother feeding them or changing them or letting them sleep O:

    how lovely it must be to be a mom ((‘:

    and thanks for dropping a comment at mine. appreciate it! & yes, i have something for going through people’s archives. very kaypoh. haha. except you couldn’t find my high school blogs.. all ERROR 404. deleted liao.
    i have some backed up and saved in my hard drive but nothing loaded up in public spaces.
    very embarrassing one lah.. all mopey jiwang emo posts about boys. lol!


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    He’s growing into a handsome boy! I think he looks more like you at this stage ;)


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    Aw. He’s so cute!


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