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15 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

When I published “How to make a Halloween Paper Pumpkin” 3 days before Halloween I got many mommies buzzing me requesting to post seasonal crafts EARLY so that they can make them on time for their parties.  Well, Christmas is in December and it is only the beginning of November now. I hope this entry is not too early though :D I’ve compiled 15 of our most popular Christmas crafts to share with our readers […]


Craft lessons during the holidays

I am very fortunate as I have a great Whatsapp group that consists of Ethan’s classmates’ moms. One of the mom initiated it and slowly but surely we help to add other mothers we got to know along the way. They have been very supportive throughout Ethan’s Primary One journey. We checked with each other if we were unsure regarding their homework or anything school related. Before the school holidays, I suggested that the kids […]


Samsung KidsTime App: Recap and Conclusions

I’ve written a couple of blog posts on Samsung KidsTime. You may refer to them by clicking here and here. Today I’m going to recap some of the app’s main features and conclude my findings and observations. Before that, I also want to review some of the games and activities on Samsung KidsTime. There are several categories such as: I can SOLVE. The games under this category focus on Math. Ethan’s favourite is the one […]


Footprint Christmas Tree Art For Kids

When Ethan was 3 years old, we did a footprint Christmas tree art together. Christmas is only a month away and now we have Ayden to join us for art and craft. This time, we use Ayden’s cute little footprint instead. Ayden together with Ethan painting Ayden’s cute little foot.  Ayden can’t paint his foot lah. He can’t even feed himself so Ethan had to do it all by himself. It is so weird that […]


Samsung KidsTime – The Educational Apps for Kids

It has been about a week now that we’ve been using Samsung KidsTime app on our Tab 4. In case you are wondering what Samsung KidsTime is, it is a new application for android devices which helps in managing and improving your child’s development. Samsung KidsTime offers more than 80 applications and their contents are tailored specifically for children aged 3 to 7 years, allowing your children to learn new things using a tablet in […]


Samsung KidsTime Apps for Kids

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that we went for a video shoot last Saturday? Well, I can finally reveal what that shoot was for :D Can you see that I was showing Ethan something on the tablet? We were actually exploring a new app by Samsung called Samsung KidsTime. Samsung KidsTime is a new application that helps in managing and improving child development. Ethan and I were introduced to Samsung KidsTime on the […]


Baby Sign Language

I bring Ayden along with me all the time for my blogging events and most of my blogger friends are amazed at how well we communicate. Well, Ayden can’t really speak yet. All he can say now are just THERE, MILK and BREAD but what he can do is communicate with us via baby sign language. I read about baby sign language before Ayden was born. I learned that babies understand though they can’t really […]


2015 School Holidays Chart

The 2015 school holidays chart is out. In 2015, there will no longer be replacement classes on Saturdays. They will be held before the year end long holidays instead.


Your Child Is Your Mirror

Not too long ago Ethan came home from school telling us that a classmate of his was sent to the Discipline Teacher for a misconduct in class. I asked him what did that classmate of his do and he told me that he shoved another classmate against the wall, strangled him, put his fingers in that boy’s mouth and tried to tear it open for taking his eraser. The attacker basically had an outburst; shouting and getting violent over […]


How to get your kids to do their revision?

It’s the exam week this and next week. Today is an off day though to accommodate the UPSR exam. Since last weekend we have been struggling to get Ethan to do his revision. Remember in my post here I mentioned I had not a productive weekend? That was because we deliberately stayed home so Ethan can do his revision but guess what? He did not. He chose to play instead. My blood boiled telling him […]


Matrix Global Schools, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban

“Matrix Global Schools is built on a newly-developed, 20-acre lakeside campus, with over 600,000 square feet of built-up space, providing the highest quality of affordable private schooling, from preschool, through to Cambridge iGCSE. Both schools offer a full range of exciting, state-of-the-art facilities, with a team of professional, well-trained and experienced teachers, using internationally recognized methods, and low teacher-pupil ratios. Along with the D’Tempat Country Club, The Matrix Global School campus lies at the hub […]


Paper Plate Shark Craft For Kids

I was browsing the net and came across a paper plate shark craft by Cindy and her son Trevor from My Creative Life. It looks good so I made that our project last week. Besides the paper plate, we used different materials for other parts though.  Ayden can’t paint yet so I just let him sit on his high chair watching the elder brother at work.  Ayden got restless on the high chair so I […]


Paper Plate Penguin

Still in the mood of making simple animal crafts. Today’s extremely easy to do craft is made of paper plate. I love using paper plates for crafting as they are more durable compared to art block. It’s also nicer to paint on paper plates.  All we need is just ONE piece of paper plate. Fold as shown above. Paint the folded areas black. Glue them so they stick onto the plate.  Add eyes, beak and […]


Paper Plate Cow

Ethan made this cute paper plate cow back in 2011 but it got stolen during one of our craft events in Tropicana City Mall some time ago. Who on Earth would steal a child’s cow craft buffles me.  Paper Plate Cow Ethan at 4 years old back in 2011. Ethan and his cow before someone stole it. So cute this boy last time.  Why I’m sharing this again today is because we made another cow […]


Learning the Practical Way

Ethan is turning 7 next month. While it was generally ‘easy’ raising him, he drives me crazy at times too. I am lucky in a sense that Ethan is a bit smart. Book smart that is. Teach him anything and that boy can comprehend it quite effortlessly. But because he is ‘too smart’, he sometimes thinks that he can outsmart us, his parents.  Very often, he’ll argue about the simplest of things. Maybe it is […]


Sex Talk

July is coming and that means double celebration as both Ethan and Darling’s birthdays fall just a week apart. On the way home from school today, Ethan had a chat with his father regarding his birthday and how he wants to celebrate it this year. Talking about birthdays, that boy asked the father why wasn’t he born on 31 August just like his brother, Ayden. It would be super cool to be born a Merdeka […]


Amazing balancing butterfly craft

A friend reminded me recently that I made a really cool, magical bird back in our primary school days that got them all awed. Funny that I don’t remember about it until he mentioned it. I’ve forgotten how to do it though so I asked my sister if she remembers and sure enough, she did. We discussed further how to actually make it and today, I made it with Ethan. This is a really fun […]


Origami Whale

It’s the school holidays and that means planning some activities to keep the boys occupied. I did an impromptu origami session with Ethan a couple of days ago but he doesn’t know what we are making. LoL OK! Looks like I have to write up a lesson plan to introduce WHALEs to Ayden. Hmm… where can I find an edible whale? :D


Should Dads be allowed in Baby Changing Rooms?

Totally! Today I’m going to touch on the subject of baby changing and nursing room. By ‘baby changing’ I don’t mean you go in there to switch babies! Get a grip of yourself, no matter how cute the baby on the next changing table is, you are NOT allowed to trade babies! Now that I’ve made that clear, let me start my story. I was in a mall last weekend when a lady made a big […]


Hand and Footprint Sun

It’s the school holidays and that means having Ethan at home all day, all night, all week :D To keep him occupied, we did an artwork yesterday. We did a Hand and Footprint Sun. We used Ayden’s hand and footprint for our art. Ethan tracing Ayden’s handprint.  He then traced Ayden’s foot. Ayden admiring his footprint. I get Ethan to cut out the hand and footprints. And paste them. Finally, he drew a pair of […]


School Injury Insurance Claim

Ethan was involved in an accident in school recently. A student knocked into him at the staircase causing an injury to his head. The student (Year 5) carried Ethan into the office for initial treatment. The school’s person-in-charge then called Ethan’s father to take him for further check-up. The father brought him to our family doctor where his wound was checked and cleansed. I’m not sure if it was the doctor or the teacher who […]


Telescope Art Paper Holder

Ethan’s in Primary One now. That means bringing homework home, artwork included. I can’t stand how his art paper always ended looking like salted vege (all crumpled) at the end of the day so I made him this the other day – a telescope art paper holder. I didn’t actually make a telescope initially. Just a normal paper holder but after a chat with my Whatsapp group friends, the idea of telescope came to mind.  […]


Choosing the Right Book for Babies

When it comes to books for babies, remember this ONE rule – wipeable. I always get glossy wipe clean books for babies. The reason being they won’t easily tear or clump when soaked with baby’s saliva and at the end of the day we can easily wipe them clean and keep them away.  I have this old book of Ethan’s that is not a wipe clean book. It’s a touch and feel book so I […]


SJKC Primary One Orientation Week

Just as the year-end school holidays started a fortnight ago, Ethan had to go to his primary school for a two-week orientation. We paid for this actually, RM130 for 2 weeks (4 hours/day) inclusive of food. We asked Ethan earlier if he wants to join this orientation and excitedly he said YES so we signed him up on the day we confirmed his registration in this school. With Ayden keeping me occupied, I had not […]


Leaf art: Fox with a bushy tail

We were at the playground one evening when I recalled seeing a leaf art in one of the SJKC book recently. I quickly prompted Ethan to pick up some leaves home. Dried leaves of different shapes and sizes. Guided him to paste those leaves in place. Drew the eyes using liquid paper.  Add the eyeballs using a black marker.  Tah-dah! Can you guess what this is? A forklift! fox leaf.. Urm.. I mean a fox […]


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