Rice Cooker Cakes: Moist Chocolate Cake

A friend said I am baking with a vengeance. Heh. It’s just that I am so excited to experiment with so many recipes out there to see which works and which doesn’t. This is my second attempt baking Moist Chocolate Cake. My first attempt failed miserably so I did not blog about it. It came out looking like a piece of belacan. It was so dense there wasn’t any space to breath in there. I got so disheartened that I stayed away from baking any more chocolate cake after that but thanks to a fellow mummy who shared with me this recipe on Facebook, I have successfully baked a delicious and super Moist Chocolate Cake today. Best of all is this cake requires NO MIXER! 
simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 12

Super easy and delicious Moist Chocolate Cake baked using my rice cooker.

180g Salted Butter
180g Brown Sugar
100ml Full Cream Milk (I used Fresh Milk instead)
2 Eggs (lightly beaten)
100g Self-Raising Flour
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
50g Cocoa Powder 

Moist Chocolate Cake recipe Rice Cooker Bake

Mix flour, cocoa powder and baking soda.

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe

The instruction given was to double boil sugar and milk but I do not have a double boiler so I just boiled sugar and milk on low flame. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 1

Stir until sugar melted. Remove from flame. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 2

Add in butter. Please cut your butter into smaller pieces so that it will melt easier and not dump a huge chunk like what I did >_<

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 3

Stir until melted.

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 4

Stir in beaten egg. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 5

Add flour mixture. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 6

Fold well. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 7

Pour batter into greased rice cooker pot. The instruction also says to powder the pot with corn flour for easy removal of cake later but I did not do that as I do not have corn flour at home. Nevertheless, I managed to remove my cake effortlessly. I’ll show you how later. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 8

The cake is done after approximately 50 minutes.

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 9

To remove the cake, place the steaming basket into the pot. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 10

Remove the pot from the rice cooker and lay it upside down on a plate. 

simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe 11

Remove the pot and the cake will slide out onto the steaming basket. Remove the steaming basket. 

Rice cooker Bake Moist Chocolate Cake

Let cool before you cut. The cake is so moist and delicious, it is definitely a success!

Look at my 21 months old baker enjoying his masterpiece.

easy moist chocolate cake recipe

Now you see it…

easy moist chocolate cake recipe 1

Now you don’t! Om nom nom nom… 

We also used this recipe and baked this cake for the Daddy’s birthday.

Rich and moist chocolate cake that is sure to satisfy the chocolate monster in you.

For more super simple rice cooker cakes recipes, click here.

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  • //

    Drool! Drool! Gotta try this one of these days – school holidays coming, my girl will be home for two weeks.

    • //

      Arthur. One more week! Bake this before Melissa goes back to school :P

  • //

    Yummy. Nicely baked. Hmm. Now I feel like baking one. Hehe.

    • //

      It’s the school holidays now. Bake something with the kids :)

  • //

    Merryn, next time you can try melting direct in rice cooker, turn to keep warm first, then as you add ingredients, try cook, if it allows. Then 1 less pot to wash… Haha. Lazy me.

    • //

      Then I’ll have to stir in the egg and fold the flour in the rice cooker pot too which I am avoiding as to not scratch the non stick pot. I do not even wash my rice in the pot. I wash rice in a bowl and transfer to the pot to cook :)

  • //

    Ayden indeed a good helper eh :)

    • //

      Yes he is and getting better each day too ^_^

  • //

    I don’t think is the recipe problem lah, I think it is because of Ayden’s help XD

    • //

      Chis. The first failure is really recipe problem lah. I tried twice weh.

      This second recipe though is a keeper. Super success. You try lah :D

  • //

    Wow….it looks so moist like brownies. I want to top with vanilla ice cream leh. Yummm

    • //

      Aiyo ice cream summore! So sinful… kenot kenot! *close eyes, ears and mouth*

  • //

    Looks really good. Can I do this cake without cake mixer as I don’t have one at this moment? Tia

    • //

      Hi Malar,

      You don’t need to use an electric mixer for this cake. For the egg, just whisk lightly using a fork.

  • //

    Yummsss! Your really bake a lot these days.

    • //

      Yeah coz the baking mojo is here :)

  • //

    Im drooling too…I love chocolate moist cake!! Slurp!

    • //

      Print this out. Get your wifey to bake you one this weekend ^_^

  • //

    Ayden is full of concentration when he was baking this cake. Well done Ayden, your choc cake looks very rich and moist. Sure is very tasty! How many pieces are you allowed to eat in a day, Ayden?

    • //

      Urm.. haha. Now now. I don’t know how many slices has he eaten but it’s a good snack to eat before playground time :P

  • //

    May i know what you grease the pot with? and i do not have a steaming basket.. can i just turn the pot upside down on a plate? will it slide down just like that?

    • //

      Hi Joanne,

      I greased my pot with butter. Just rub butter on the inside of the pot. It’s okay if you do not have a steaming basket. You may turn the pot upside down on a plate, it is just that the cake might get a heart attack falling from such high altitude without the basket to stop it. LoLoL! *just kidding*

  • //


    • //

      Thank you :)

  • //

    Hi Merryn,

    Do you think this will work if I steam the mixture instead like I steam rice, just without a ricecooker? Thanks!

    • //

      Hi Ruth,

      Yes it will work. But make sure to wrap your pot with foil thoroughly to avoid any water droplets from entering while steaming.

      Good luck :D

  • //

    I couldn’t help to agree more that your chocolate cake looked so moist and yummy. I am so worrying that Ayden would drip his saliva while mixing the ingredients. He looks so adorable.

    • //

      Haha shhhh.. if indeed his saliva dripped inside i wont tell :P

  • //

    U don’t have to have double boiler utensil for double boiling. Can make it ur self by putting a small pot or pan in a bigger pan filled with water n heat it on the stove. But gonna takes time to melt it all but u can avoid the burning effect. By the I envy u with ur passion of baking. Jealous to max

  • //

    Hi.. If i used measuring cup for the many cups for the butter,sugar,flour and cocoa powder.. And can i steamed the mixture in the stove ? I dont have rice cooker :( thanks.. I really want to taste it.. Yummy ! Adorable baby.. Helping her mom baking.. :)

  • //

    Hi Merryn,

    May I know which cooking mode/ function did U press On the rice cooker after all ingredients are well mixed and poured into the rice cooker pot? The ‘bake’ or ‘cake’ function? Or the ‘standard cook’ function. I’m interested to try your recipes for my lil one.

    • //

      Hi Chelsea,

      I use the Cake function. Hope your cakes will turn out superbly. Happy baking :)

  • //

    My rice cooker doesn’t have the bake function. It only has the cook button..
    Am I able to bake too?

    • //

      Hi Emily, I’m afraid it will stop baking way sooner than the one hour needed as shared by some of my readers who tried with their regular rice cooker :(

  • //

    I have followed your recipe exactly and yes, it was a success! It wasnt too sweet and is moist enough. :D
    Thank you for the great and easy recipe!

    • //

      Hi Jasmin,

      Glad you like it. We love it too and this is one of the most baked cake at home as my boys kept requesting for it again and again :)

      • //

        yes ill try to bake this christmas

  • //

    yes since i love cooking ill try to bake

  • //

    yes i want to discover this by cooking in a ricecooker

  • //

    hi. Ive used your recipe and it turned out great! hubby loves it. how can I share you the photo?

    • //

      Hello Romarra,

      Glad your cake turned out well. You can post it on FB and tag or send me a private message there. I would love to see your cake :D

  • //

    hi,i m doing it but i knw it should be on cooking mode or warm mode for 50min?as i m using traditional rice cooker

  • //

    What is a substitute of a self raising flour

  • //

    What will happens if I don’t hear or melt the sugar and milk?

    • //

      The cake wont be smooth. The sugar may be lumpy even after baking so it is advisable to melt it first.

  • //

    Hi, what can I use instead of baking soda

  • //

    Hi dear sis , ok noted and thanks. One last quest can I use Unsalted butter instead.

  • //

    The recipe turned out so perfect for me. Hubby said “Good!” And asked me for more. I improvised by adding walnut. Simple and easy and yummy recipe. Thanks !

    • //

      Hi Diane,

      Glad the cake turns out yummy. I can imagine how delicious it is by adding walnut. Maybe we will do the same the next time we bake this cake :D

  • //

    Thanks, I made this today, it turned out wonderfully. Hubby, the sweet lover, said it was way too good to have come from a rice cooker! Will have to make more this week.

    • //

      Aww.. so glad you love it. This is our favourite chocolate cake too. We’ve baked this countless times and never once did it fail us :)

  • //

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. I made this and the cake is moist and yummy! Your son is very adorable and he is such a good baker helping mummy :)

    • //

      Thank you Carmen. Glad you love the cake. This is one of our favourite recipe too :D

  • //

    What diameter is your rice cooker pot??

    • //

      Hi Kristhel,

      The inner diameter is about 7.5 inch

      • //

        instead of brown sugar can we use white sugar

        • //

          Yes you can. I prefer brown sugar though as it is not as sweet as white sugar.

  • //

    Instead of brown sugar can we use white sugar

  • //

    Hi Merryn, can I use cake flour or all purpose flour instead of self-raising flour?

  • //

    Hi, can I use all purpose flour or cake flour instead of self-raising?

    • //

      Hi Eunice,

      I’m sorry but I havent try with cake flour for this recipe hence I wont be able to answer you. Sorry again.

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