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Let me share with you our weekend in a nutshell. Urm, no we did not spend our weekend in the shell of a nut if that’s what you are thinking! In a nutshell is an idiom. It means ‘in a few words’ ie “Let me share with you our weekend in a few words”. But me explaining the meaning of that idiom has already taken up so much words! Bleh… 

Anyway, we went to our second home for lunch. After lunch the boys did some bird watching. I think the Daddy wished it was bird watching. In reality all they did was look at cars in traffic. 
Bird watching

Boys and cars. They can spend hours sitting there just looking at those cars but I bet Darling is checking out those chicks crossing the road!

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally had enough and we went down to check out the Korean Food Fair. Here’s something you should know about me; I can’t tell Korean from Japanese. Well, I know kimchi is Korean and sushi is Japanese but that is as far as it goes. There are seaweeds everywhere. Don’t they have that too in Japanese Food Fair? And Green Tea? And ice-cream? Talking about ice-cream… 

Korea food fair at 1U 8

Darling bought this strawberry ice-cream at RM2.90. I don’t know if they are called ice-cream or not (coz I did not look at the packaging) as they are different from our ice-cream potong. Theirs is more compact and sedap. Look at little Ayden looking on at his Dad… 

Not to worry as he did get his fair share of that ice lolly.

Korea food fair at 1U 2

First lick and it looks like he loves it…

Korea food fair at 1U 1

Pausing to digest the taste. 

Korea food fair at 1U

Yep he loves it alright! 

Ethan on the other hand had this RM4.90 waffle ice-cream:

Korea food fair at 1U 3

Fish shaped vanilla ice with strawberry syrup.

Korea food fair at 1U 7

Vanilla ice and strawberry syrup is delicious but I don’t quite like the waffle. It’s dry. 

Korea food fair at 1U 4

Darling offered Ayden to try it too but little boy is suspicious of the fish. He had a good look at it before deciding to eat it or not.

Korea food fair at 1U 5

Tried it and nope, doesn’t like it. I think coz he bit into the waffle instead of ice-cream. I told you the waffle is dry right. 

Korea food fair at 1U 6

No thank you, he doesn’t want another bite of that.

Korea food fair

We also bought this giant Pepero for Ethan at RM22.90 I think. We bought it coz we have never eaten such gigantic chocolate stick before lah. We bought it without reading the fine print on the packaging…

Giant Pepero

If only we took a minute to read it we would have known that there are 8 packs of normal sized chocolate sticks in it. Meaning there is NO GIANT Pepero chocolate sticks lah! Kena tipu!!!! >_<

Tom yam noodles

After seeing them eating, I got hungry again so went to eat this Tom Yam Prawn Noodles. So delicious but I lau sai the next day. Quite bad la my lau sai. Think Niagara Falls, think my lau sai. That bad lah my lau sai. Urgh!

But come afternoon I macam okay dy so went ahead with our original plan of getting my hair rebonded. I’ve not done that for almost a year now and my hair is such a mess. I have been putting it off as Darling fears that he might not be able to handle Ayden for that entire 4 hours but today he finally found the courage to do it. 

hair rebonding after birth

They accompanied me at the salon the first 30 minutes while Darling fed Ayden his porridge. After that they went off for dimsum and Burger King. Darling brought the boys to a playground and came back to the salon 3 hours later in one piece. Fuiyoh, he did it! He survived almost 4 hours with the boys unassisted! So proud of him. So so proud of my Darling :D

So that’s it for my weekend in a nutshell. Damn a lot of words hor? So much for a nutshell. Am just too happy coz I finally have soft, straight and silky hair again. Who wants to date me out? Now can wear nice, nice and feel so good coz can flip, flip hair and still look so nice not messy ^_^

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    That was a good weekend. :) oh I almost bought the pepero haha…thought it was giant sticks too. I’m waiting for my hubby to come back on the 20th so that I can fix my unruly hair..huhu..


    Merryn Reply:

    Great! Faith’s birthday is somewhere around the corner right?


  • //

    Where’s your second home? 1 Utama? No, none of those Korean stuff for me. I’d have the tom yam prawn noodles, please. Yum! Yum! Lau sai’s good for me, can slim down sikit.


    Merryn Reply:

    Yes Arthur. My second home is 1 Utama :D


  • //

    Sound fun and great weekend to me. It was good to be out “car watching” than staying indoor. Haze has gone??

    I want some of Ethan’s ice cream. Looks yum yum.


    Merryn Reply:

    Fortunately haze is not anywhere to be seen these couple of days. Crossing fingers the clear sky is here to stay :)


  • //

    Nice hair !. Ok , I date you out ! Coming to kl soon !!


    Merryn Reply:



  • //

    Your nutshell is like that Pepero box, there are many more nutshells in it XD
    If there is a Malaysian version of [The Return of Superman], you can consider signing your family up for it :D


    Merryn Reply:

    Hahaha, like that also you can think! LoL!


  • //

    Bananaz also love watching cars go by too


    Merryn Reply:

    Ahh… next time we meet up I’ll know what to do :)


  • //

    Sounds like a very fruitful weekend. Silky hair is of course for Ayden’s daddy to date.

    So no one lives in your 2nd home during the weekday?


    Merryn Reply:

    Haha Mun, my ‘second home’ is 1Utama! LoL! :P


  • //

    I went for my hairdo too last week :)


    Merryn Reply:

    Really? Must be the season of getting hair done. I saw quite a number of friends fixing their hair too :)


  • //

    OOhh…the Pepero is good but I bought once only which in Langkawi..haha


    Merryn Reply:

    Also small packs inside right? If you tell me in Langkawi is really Giant sticks I’m going to cry….


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