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Ok. Today’s entry is a replicate of my Dayre entry. I’ve been thinking, I update my Dayre sometimes but nobody reads it there. It’s like a ghost town there in my page. So I’m going to post it here in my blog instead where at least I have one or two readers -.- But the best part about Dayre is their stickers. The stickers you see here are ‘stolen’ from Dayre. Do check it out here if you are keen. 

Here goes…

Tested the oven yesterday and it was working well. My oven had not been working well for some time now but it was okay yesterday.

surfing the internet

Quickly browsed the internet for some quick and simple cookie recipe.


Happily went shopping for cookie ingredients today. Being rather ambitious, I bought quite a lot of stuffs!

mykuali in cold storage

Saw this famous Penang White Curry noodles on sale in Cold Storage. Promo price at RM7.99?! Where got cheap like that? In my mom’s kampung we can get it at RM6.90 nia..

I ate this before. A friend gave me a pack of 4. I ate one, gave my mom one and my sister another one. One more keep at home in the first aid kit in case of emergency.

My mom tried. She said not nice. Very jelak. Aiyo very hard to please that Nyonya. My sister tried she said OK ooooo. Sedap jugak. And then my mom had to outdo me. She gave me Mamee Chef! She asked, “Pernah makan this one?” I said NO wor. She said “eat la. This one nicer. Not so jelak. The noodles texture oso better. Daddy oso lagi suka this”. The way she promotes this, people will think she owns Mamee or something!

Mamee Chef

My mom gave me these two. Ok la, that’s prove that she doesnt own Mamee after all. If she does, she would have given me at least a carton, kan? >_<

Mamee Chef_2

I cooked it and yeah wor, I prefer this to that White Curry Noodles. I love the springy texture and this is not so jelak la. But still I am fair, I keep both this and the white curry noodles in my first aid kit. In case of emergencies, I can have BOTH!

ANYWAY… *why am I talking about instant noodles when I actually wanted to write about cookies!* Coming back to my cookies… I went home and happily laid some of the stuffs I bought on the table to take picture for blogging should the cookies turn out so well I’ll be more famous than Famous Amos!

chocolate chip cookies ingredients

This is part of the first recipe that I planned to bake. I told you I was rather ambitious and actually wanted to bake two recipes!!! 

So after taking this picture, I started measuring the ingredients. Oh yeah, before that, I switched on the oven to preheat it. Then while I shiok shiok measure ingredients, the entire house blacked out. My oven tripped the power AGAIN!


What the heck should I do with all the ingredients now?!!

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    OMG ! errmm…..i think you better change a new oven. haha….. Ok….the good side, no wastage la…those ingredient can still keep for future use. Quick, get a new oven and start your project.

    • //

      I dont know when the oven will get repaired. By then my ingredients all expired liao :(

  • //

    now, doll up ayden, pick up ethan and off to your 2nd home .. come back with an oven to continue with the baking..

    • //

      I wish! Sobs sobs. My oven built in wan. If I get a new one, this built in oven will be a white elephant in the kitchen then? :(

      • //

        gua ada 1 technician that can fix the oven if you need the contact.. he has been fixing mine.. hehehe..

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    “My mom tried. She said not nice. Very jelak.” I agree with her 100% – she’s got good taste. Really cannot understand what all that hype is about. Will give those Mamee ones a try one of these days.

    Ahhhhh!!!! At least, you actually know how to make cookies. Mine would probably be one hell of a disaster.

    • //

      Sobs. I actually love baking cookies. Used to bake for CNY those days. I miss my oven :(

      Now I want to try the Sibu Kampua. Saw the FB page u shared this morning. Will try to contact them for further details ie pricing and stock availability.. Thankx for sharing Arthur.

  • //

    What?! You keep instant noodles in the first aid kit? LOL! Yeah, Mamee Chef is nice! Much nicer than Penang White curry noodles. But of course, I have yet to try the Penang white curry noodles lah :D

    • //

      In case of emergency wat. You’ll never know one day you fall and scrape your knee. Cant drive out so cook noodles for dinner la :P

      Eh how you know Mamee Chef is better if you havent try the Penang White Noodles?

  • //

    Dayre? Apa itu? :D

    • //

      It’s something like blogging but on fon. Mobile blogging to be exact. Tak laku la me over there..

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    No wonder the pictures are so familiar, all from Dayre! ;))

    • //

      Hehe.. Cute stickers kan?

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    Use it to make your instant noodles more delicious ?

    • //


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    hahaha What an unlucky day ! hahahaha… so did you manage to bake the cookie the following day ?

    • //

      No ler. Havent get ppl to check on the oven :(

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    Chamz…next time mix all the ingredients and steam it. I don’t know how it will turn out to be but at least edible kan. **pat pat mami**

  • //

    I’m on Dayre too but have zero post cos I only “stalk” people there hehe. MyKuali and Mamee Chef…both oso I have stock in my pantry here. I’m not that left out after all heh! :p

    Your cookie ingredients can still be used to make pancakes…or maybe by now your oven is repaired already so you can have a Take 2?

  • //

    Always plan to start do baking but until now have yet take the fist move :P Must choose a good date, haha!

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    mamee chef is the best!! i used to be #TeamMaggi but i have to say that this chef series mamee’s come out with is really a HOMERUN! :D i love the spicy mushroom chicken. tomyam’s alright.. i don’t add the oil packet in, never tried the curry coz i’m just not entirely a curry fan, i guess. lol.

    nobody ever reads my dayre, too. i mostly have it just to stalk xiaxue who seems to now only have time for “mobile blogging” not regular blogging. pbffft.

  • //

    My Kuali Penang White Curry is ok for me. It is true a bit jelak if eat many times. Next time, I must try Mamee Chef Curry mee.

    After measuring the ingredient, keep inside refrigerator, after the power resumes, then only bake la!

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