Fuss free baby porridge recipes

Ayden is 7 1/2 months now and is having the time of his life enjoying solid food. I started him on solid quite late at 6 1/2 months. He had mainly fruit purees for 2 weeks before I ‘upgraded’ him to porridge. I use all the ingredients that he has eaten in the past 2 weeks (except meat and anchovies) so that I know he won’t have any allergy reaction to them.

Boiling porridge for Ayden is an extremely simple job as I’ve invested in the cutest rice cooker 6 years ago for Ethan and it is still good to use now. All I need is a couple of minutes in the morning to toss all ingredients in the cooker and go back to sleep and an hour later the porridge is ready to be eaten!

Today I’ll be sharing Ayden’s porridge menu for 5 days.

Day 1 menu is pork rib porridge with sweet potato, carrot and broccoli. The pork will provide the much needed iron in his diet.
fuss free baby porridge_ingredients

Pork Rib porridge with sweet potato, carrot and broccoli.

fuss free baby porridge_recipe.jpg.crdownload

I wake up an hour or two earlier every morning and added 2 tablespoons of rice (washed) and water and the rest of the porridge ingredients.

fuss free baby porridge

I set it to boil for 1 or 2 hours depending on how early I wake up. For example today, I woke up at 7am so I know I have two hours before Ayden wakes up. Therefore I set it to cook for 2 hours and get back to my bed and sleep until 9am.

fuss free baby porridge_recipe_1.jpg.crdownload.jpg.crdownload

When I wake up at 9am, the porridge is nicely done.

fuss free baby porridge_recipe_2.jpg.crdownload.jpg.crdownload

I scooped out the vegetables and mashed them using the back of the ladle.

fuss free baby porridge_recipe_3.jpg.crdownload

Add the mashed vege back into the porridge. This is good to last until dinner.

fuss free baby porridge_recipe_4.jpg.crdownload.jpg.crdownload

Ayden’s yummy pork rib porridge with sweet potato, carrot and broccoli.

Day 2

fuss free baby porridge_ingredients_2

Pork rib porridge with beetroot and broccoli.

I use carrot on alternate days as I don’t wish for Ayden to be yellow. Same cooking method as above.

fuss free baby porridge_ingredients_6

The result is simply beautiful and equally delicious.

Day 3 menu

fuss free baby porridge_ingredients_4

Anchovies porridge with sweet potato, carrot, broccoli and sweet corn.

Because corn won’t mash I had to blend this mix.

fuss free baby porridge_recipe_5.jpg.crdownload

The result is this ultra smooth runny porridge.

Day 4

fuss free baby porridge_ingredients_5

On Day 4 I omitted the carrot. Result is the same smooth, runny porridge as above.

Day 5

fuss free baby porridge_ingredients_3

Porridge with anchovies, carrot, broccoli and sweet potato. Boil and mash vege.

For anchovies based porridge, I make sure to remove their tiny bones and wash them thoroughly before cooking. I discard the anchovies before serving. As for the pork porridge, I use the back of the ladle to mash them into fine strips. Ayden loves it. I alternate broccoli with spinach on weekly basis. No salt or seasoning is added into Ayden’s porridge.


I am glad Ayden’s transition into solid food is a smooth one.

P/S: Click for A Colour A Day Porridge made from all-natural ingredients.


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  • //

    So fast, he is approaching 8 months old!!

    Aden is not keen to porridge, so we just give him rice, hehe~


    Merryn Reply:

    Ethan did not like porridge too. Maybe bcoz back then i blend everything. Ayden’s porridge are much more delicious :D


  • //

    i thought those slivers are dried scallop :P


    Merryn Reply:

    Ahh.. Scallops. I used to add that for Ethan 6 years ago. Maybe when Ayden is a bit older…


  • //

    healthy porridge for the baby.


    Merryn Reply:

    I’m not a fan of those commercialised baby food. Anyway preparing own porridge is so easy and yes i believe much healthier ^_^


  • //

    and before I know it..its Aug and he will be 1yo.. haiz…aunty not getting any younger dy :P


    Merryn Reply:

    Oh yes! Time flies and soon I’ll be planning his first bday party dy :)


  • //

    i cook my porridge this way too :O. but i cut the veggies into cubes!


    Merryn Reply:

    Cutting them into cubes takes up too much time. Mashing them is so much easier. Lol. Lazy mom la me…


  • //

    Oooh I remember my porridge cooker when I was a toddler. I would climb up the kitchen counter to watch my porridge cook :D it had a clear cover you see


  • //

    hehe, i like this post, so cute lah.. everything in tiny little portion.. and Ayden is so happy having different kinds of porridge, cooked from scratch and “upon order” everyday.. :)


  • //

    My kids doesn’t like porridge ….:(


  • //

    When I cook porridge, I just throw whatever I can find in the fridge in…preferably with protein and veg for a complete balanced meal – no need to cook anything else. Wah…baby can eat jagung kah. You blend? Not gigi to chew, not easily digested…will all come out later. Hehehehehehe!!!!


  • //

    Yum yum. Baby porridge is the easiest to cook with rice cooker.


  • //

    nom nom, baby food! when i was younger i was always curious to try baby food in jars. and cerelac! haha. i’ve heard it’s pretty un-tasty though. your porridge looks like a better option for baby!


  • //

    Hi. Do u feed him the pork ribs as well, or just for flavour?


    Merryn Reply:

    Hello Elaine,

    Initially I just use it for flavour. As he gets better in swallowing solids, I started chopping the meat (after cook) and added it back into the porridge for him to eat. He loves it :)


    Elaine Reply:

    Ic. Thank you for yr reply. Am trying beetroot porridge for the 1st time today. She is 7months 3 weeks old.


  • //

    Hi Elaine,

    Did you add in any seasoning like soya sauce or salt or ikan bilis powder?
    Cos all was raw ingredients you use.

    My baby refuses to open her mouth again… sigh
    Am hoping she will eat again…



  • //

    Hi, May I know what pork ribs are you using? soft bone?


    Merryn Reply:

    Hi Estella,

    Any pork ribs will do. Just remove the bone once it is cooked.


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