The LARGEST Bloggers’ Gathering with GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair

Remember I blogged about Gatsby not too long ago? If you don’t, please read it here. I’m being polite there. I’m TELLING you to read it again. Why? Because that is one of my most precious entry ever. I love it so much I’m declaring that post AWESOME :D

Anyway, that entry made me RM50 ‘richer’ and also gave me the opportunity to attend the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair- The Largest Bloggers Gathering @ Berjaya Times Square.

I, together with 500 plus other bloggers made it into The Malaysian Book of Records for “The LARGEST Bloggers’ Gathering” organised by Gatsby and Nuffnang @ Berjaya Times Square on the 17 April 2010! Woo hoo!

The first friendly face I met at the event. Who else if not Nicholas Chay :) Nic, I have to ‘blur~kan’ the surrounding of the pic as my baju too sexy there! :P
da submerryn, *fourfeetnine*, Timothy Tiah and Josephine

Just so you know, it’s official! da submerryn is taller than *fourfeetnine*! I’m taller by at least… 1mm! :P Timothy even exclaimed, “Hey, you are taller than her!” :P

I have a question here. Who ever came out with that red tee for us bloggers? So NOT sexy… *shake head*

da submerryn and Niki Cute.. err.. I mean Niki Cheong! Gosh, he’s so cute! I just can’t say enough of that! :P

Just so you know, I don’t admire him just for his cuteness. I admire him for his writing skills and everything else that comes with it. Read his column in The Star, you’ll get what I meant :D

Some of the games I tried my hands on. Actually I tried everything there except the changing tyres part… *sweat*!
Darling the superman. One hand carrying Ethan, the other hand trying everything else there :)
Look at Ethan. Just refused to let go of Daddy!
Finally he got to try his hands on something. Future Tiger Woods? Golfing terms I mean…
Oh, I’m so glad I bumped into Josephine. I got to try the Gladiator fight! Of coz, I lose…
I even tried abseiling? Is that what we call that? (Pic up there)
Latest (added on 19/4/2010) iamthewitch commented that the above is NOT called abseiling and I googled and found out that abseiling is the controlled descent DOWN a rope. What I was doing there was going UP the wall and yes, witch is right. It is called…. Wall climbing! As simple as that! So very the bodoh~lah me :P Thank you Witch :)
And woo~hoo! I officiated the bull! lol.. I was the first to ride on that bull! Look at da submerryn, she’s doing it all wrong! Look at her feet on the bull’s horns and both hands on the rope! One hand only~lah girl! And next time, PLEASE, feet off the bull’s horns :P
Darling did the abseiling too… He was so happy to reach the top! :)
The items we redeemed with the points that we won :D
Here’s a very short video of ME doing the rodeo ride!

And here’s a video of Darling doing IT! :P Darling had never looked so macho! lol..

Well done Nuffnang for another event nicely organised :)

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    so fun you get to.. living outside KL is a disadvantage =P

  • //

    Wow..that looked real fun. Glad to see that you have recover from your cough.Happy Weekend :D

  • //

    @smallkucing – Was not well but still persevered.. for the sake of that event! :D@kenwooi – Any plans to move to KL? :)

  • //

    Hey! It was such a awesome event! N no choice gotta blog fast coz needa rush to study for finals. =P Take care!

  • //

    wow sounds fun hope we have the same event here in Phil so that i can meet some bloggers too in person

  • //

    yup same experience on my side.. unforgettable.. wish that kenwooi can join us.. Kenwooi you should take a flight back to join us.anyway.. nice event coordinate by nice people attended by nice blogger.. so what else can we say? I was NICE!!!

  • //

    looks really fun!!! have tried the rodeo b4, looks fun ;)

  • //

    Wah, so many fun games…..have a nice weekend!

  • //

    aiya i slept early so damn early, huhu dint chop! huhuhu! yerr dint bring me go owh.. :( omg Ethan become Tiger Wood! haha! The riding part so much fun but i dnt think i dare to ride it. Lol! :P

  • //

    so fun..wish I could be there…

  • //

    well done to nuffnang, good job by gatsby and everyone who attended the event. so much fun……. anyway congrats u are RM50 richer…..Largest Bloggers’ Gathering in MalaysiaBanyaknya Games Kat Gatsby Fair

  • //

    War…you surely enjoy yourself huh! Too bad I don't have time to go there. :/

  • //

    I believe it's the most interesting blogger gathering I have seen so far!

  • //

    Oh…deodorant gifts!! Envy**hehe.wow..u dared to ride the bull ya…i just freaked out seeing that.ahaha

  • //

    Wow, this Gatsby party rocks!

  • //

    Wah! Wear red t-shirt…like the demonstrators in Bangkok! LOL!!!

  • //

    Wonderful event!

  • //

    @STP – Yes lor. You shud read what Niki Cheong post in his blog n his tweet. Got police there somemore, macam Red Shirt 'event' lol..

  • //

    Glad to hear you had fun there Merryn! :)

  • //

    thanks for coming merryn! omg just realised if you keep coming to our events we'll get to see ethan growing up. haha!

  • //

    Wow…such an awesome event. You are so sporting and really brave tackling the bull. :DEthan very cute lor.

  • //

    Wah, lots of fun…

  • //

    Hi Merryn,It's good to hear that you won something and the fact that bloggers get to be in the malaysia book of records (if i'm not wrong). I think lah kan? The buffalo did not shake hard enough. Hahahah…and yes, you are taller than fourfeetnine. Hehehe congrats.

  • //

    Eh you didn't get flung off that rodeo ride ah? Haha! Wow! So many activities! And so many bloggers around! Congrats for making it into the MBOR! Aiyo! Taller by 1mm also want to mention! LOL! Abseiling is pretty tough right? : )

  • //

    wow….so fun fun!! gosh, if i were to go, i ended up not playing any.. guess not for my age, huh? got karaoke or not? that, maybe i m interested.. but then no one might stay and listen! sigh…

  • //

    @Sophia – Ok ok.. good luck in ur finals :D@bluedreamers – Come to Malaysia. We are all here ready to meet up with YOU :)@Fauzi – Wah.. u a big fan of ken wooi eh? @Kristie – :D My ride was slow slow one.. hhahahahaha

  • //

    @Pete – Definitely FUN! :)@Caroline – U sleep early again lah.. kenot chop chop dy see? hehehehe.. but nvm lah.. i no FC club oso.. :)@M-Knight – Next event.. try to be there ;)@Sharinginfoz – :D Cool eh? @Tekkaus – YEAH! too bad u were not there.. sigh..

  • //

    @Mommy Ling – the bull doesn't bite. no need to be scared :D@irenelim – Oh yes, they rock!@prince n princess – Indeed a wonderful event. Made me feel so young again :D

  • //

    @Nicholas Chay – I'm glad I went despite being told that it was not suitable for children :D WE as in me, hubs and Ethan enjoyed ourselves so much there! but i went home with a terrible headache and high fever though.. was already not feeling well in the morning :(@fresh – :P lol.. ethan is following my footsteps.. becoming a young blogger :P n it's good u'll be able to watch him grow! lol.. :D

  • //

    @MummyGwen – The bull doesn't bite n fall oso the place there soft soft one.. :D@Molly – Yes, lots of fun :)@Willie – It's nice to have an event like this for us bloggers to have fun n get to know other bloggers out there. After all, we are family :D@foongpc – You so bad one ah? U wish for me to get flung far far away ah? I got flung.. but not too far.. lol.. 1mm..lol.. :P@reanaclaire – Karaoke? haiyo! *faint*

  • //

    so much activities? looks so fun wor… u r on the route to become celebrity blogger soon!

  • //

    Largest bloggers gathering!!1111Sounds good. I wanted to go but I missed it coz of NZ. :(Glad you had fun! :)

  • //

    So many activities! So interesting :) But it must have been hot huh? Btw, that event is like wall-climbing, not abseiling, I think. :) And congrats for winning those awesome prizes! :)

  • //

    Wow, you look good :)Yes, can see all the fun you all had, great job to Nuffnang :)

  • //

    Wow…really great event. So many activities to entertain the blogger and family. haha

  • //

    shiok wor!

  • //

    I miss the opportunity. I miss RM50 as well.It is a nice day – a lot of games to play.I am jealous la!!!!!

  • //

    wa……….where my Pict merryn?? hehehehe…..nice to meet u again….Sumijelly.com

  • //

    That looks like so much fun, esp the rodeo ride.

  • //

    Very Interesting! Thank You!

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