When merry went overboard..

On the second night of Chinese New Year, a drunk man caused a hell of commotion in the (my parents) neighbourhood. We were having dinner when a cousin of mine drove over to tell us there was a drunk man walking towards our place. True enough, we saw him walking; hardly able to balance himself, singing and yelling to the top of his lungs! We got a little bit scared but thought nothing of it and just let him passed us by…
Then, he went to one of my uncle’s house and began shaking, knocking and banging on the gates; all the while still yelling and howling!

Just for note, my mother’s neighbourhood consists of TEN houses (I think) that houses all her siblings. Therefore whatever happens around there, you can bet every one’s handphone beeping and buzzing to alert each and every house.

Ok, back to the drunk man. By now we were all a little bit more scared, but still cool. I even went to take my bath and all. By the time I was done bathing, Darling called out for me to take Ethan. I was like.. what? Why? What happened?

I went out to see the man sitting and ‘throwing tantrums’ near Darling’s car. He was wailing there and it was dark, we could hardly see what he was doing. By now my Dad was already holding a long stick preparing for the worst. I ran back in to dry myself (remember I just came out from shower?) when Carolynn commented, “Oh gosh, she’s taking the camera!” Alamak Carolynn, I’m not that MAD a blogger~lah! :P

Anyway, in the end Carolynn was right and I succumbed to my blogger instinct and took some shots of the people ‘kaypohing‘ over what was going on.

Oh yes, what happened to that drunk man? He stood up and walked across the busy road. When he did that, most of us ran back and closed our eyes hoping not to see any unfortunate incident. My sister even shouted freakishly. In the end, we saw someone stopping the car to get him. Must be one of his relatives…

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    hahaha i am the first commentor hahaha

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    carroyln is your relatives????I scare people drunk and walking around…. (crazy guy!)

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    Gosh so scary. He didnt bang William car did he?

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    Warr….I wish I am able to snap such thing. :p

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    wah….he really cause a commotion… what a way to start a new year ..hehehe

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    Backie back, backie back! Away from the madness of CNY celebration. *grinZ*Gosh… luskily no one was hurt! Thank God for that!

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    what an interesting CNY u have then… mine is all quiet… sitting down watching tv in my room.. cos it was burning outside.. so hot!!!

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    so he is ur relative?chinese?sad man on cny…..

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    LOL!!! Not naked, I hope! The drunk man, I mean!

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    Lucky there is someone came and get the drunk man

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    Voon – Yes Carolynn is my cousin's daughther..Kucing – Nope.. thank goodness he did not tekkaus – U wish? aiyo.. dun lah..Chris – Sad rite? Ppl drink to be merry… this guy.. sigh.. i dunno…cleffairy – YOU are back ! :DClaire – Yes, you are right. It is BURNING out there!! I dun wish to have clothes ON! lol.. :P

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    BTW, juz for everyone's info.. the drunk man is NOT normal. the story was his mom was pregnant w him, a monkey scare her and he was born with the monkey characteristics. A very sad case indeed.

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    aiyo, scary drunkard!

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    noneh – Unc Foi just told me about it too.. apparently he has 'hair' all over his body :(

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    huh.. mendebarkan sungguh.. nasib baik semua ok.. :)

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    Scary lah. Nasib baik nothing bad happened.

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    nasib william's car A OK. wah some drama there wor, kept all awake :)

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    Haha! You the hopeless blogger 100% sure to take photos especially when it's interesting event like this! : D

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    Luckily nothing happened to your hubby's car! And nothing happened to that drunken man! : )

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    Oh my, that was really a CNY never to be forgotten!

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