How to prepare a toddler for his first tooth filling

We took Ayden for his first dental check-up earlier this month. It was all good but shortly after, the Daddy noticed a hole on one of Ayden’s molar. We called the dentist and he said as long as we take good care of it and brush his teeth using adult’s toothpaste, he should be fine. We were also told to monitor that tooth to see if it deteriorates any further.

A week ago, Ayden started to complain of sensitivity so we knew it is time to get filling done but were afraid that he might not be able to sit through it. We decided to prepare him before sending him to the dentist but how do you prepare a toddler for his first tooth filling procedure?

I know we are not supposed to tell Ayden too much or we’ll frighten the boy even more. Keep information to the minimum yet enough to let him know what to expect. What we did was to do a mock dentist visit every night before bedtime.

dentist visit

The dentist is always using bright light so we covered Ayden’s eyes. We told him we will cover his eyes during the dental procedure.

The daddy uses toothpick to pretend picking on Ayden’s teeth. This is to prepare him when the dentist cleans his teeth.

That was all we did. We told Ayden to keep his mouth open when the dentist is working on him and not to bite the dentist’s fingers.

The day came today. We brought Ayden to the dentist and true enough, he said he’ll need to do filling for Ayden. 

Check out the video of my little hero’s first tooth filling. You can even hear him sigh at almost the end of the video because his mouth is already tired emo29-1

Contrary to what we believe, the dentist told us that the hole on Ayden’s molar wasn’t primarily caused by caries. It was more because of friction in his case. Ayden sometimes bites his teeth in his sleep and that may be the root cause. The caries is the secondary cause of the hole and we were told to continue keeping his teeth clean.

Total bill for today is RM50.