My Breastfeeding Journey: DIY Nursing Top

I direct latch Ayden. Means I do not pump out my milk for bottle feeding. That also means I will need to nurse him whenever we go out. I used to run to the nearest nursing rooms whenever we are out shopping but that is too troublesome as sometimes the nursing rooms are all occupied. 

One fine day I braved myself to nurse in public using my shawl to cover him but I find it very ‘suffocating’. I then decided to hunt for nursing tops so I can nurse better without ‘exposing’ myself too much but to my dismay nursing tops are usually very expensive and not very pretty looking. 

And then I found a DIY guide in TBAN and decided to give it a try. It calls for the use of a plain tank top but I can’t find mine when I need it the most so I used this instead. 
nursing top_1

I’m sacrificing this top for this DIY experiment to see if it works. 

nursing top_2

Remove straps from the back of the tank top. 

nursing top_3

Loop strap and sew.

nursing top_4

Ayden watched me sewing my top like as if he knows this is for the boobs that feed him! LoL!

nursing top_6

Cut the excess strap and tah-dah! Just like that, my nursing tank top is ready! 

photo 2

Wear it over my nursing bra. 

photo 1

Hook it in as shown above and it is ready to use. 

nursing in public

With this tank top under my shirt, I can nurse anywhere without exposing any other parts of my body when I lift my shirt up. This was actually taken in KFC that day!

Now that I know this really work, I am digging my closet for more plain tank tops to be converted into nursing tops. I can wear them under beautiful blouses too! Heck I can even wear it on its own and pair it with a nice jacket!

Am really enjoying my breastfeeding journey :)

breastfed babies at 4mo

Got to go. Ayden needs his milk now! 

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    Pat on the back! Ain’t anything like mama’s milk! Simply the best!


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    Wow! Very creative.

    Ayden is so chubby. Cute.


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    I always have a nursing cover with me those days… but sometimes, wearing a bigger size blouse, it helps to cover without exposing too… hehehe..


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    great tips.


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    Good for you! I’ve seen a lot of research saying that the longer you breastfeed your children, the smarter they are! :)


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