One Utama’s Christmas Decor

What’s wrong with me? This is my second home yet I have not blogged about their Christmas decor. I’m sorry. Sometimes we take for granted things that are close to us >_<

rocking horse

So it’s all about rocking horses and hot air balloons this year. 
One Utama Christmas decor_4

Up, up and away! 

One Utama Christmas decor

Though I love their decor, I don’t seem to get the FEEL of Christmas … 

One Utama Christmas decor_2

Flying rocking horse.

One Utama Christmas decor_1

Rocking horses took over reindeers! I wonder what those jobless reindeers are up to now :(

One Utama Christmas decor_3

Yep! Told you rocking horses won’t do as good a job as reindeers! See! Santa’s crashed!! That’s it! No presents for us this year! 

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    i quite like the xmas deco at 1U lah, they always have something different.. like the hot air balloon and the rocking horse actually.. and no reindeer because they are helping Santa to analyze which nationality between Russia, Canada, USA, Denmark, Norway etc are the better ones~~ :p


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    Interesting…but isn’t this should be put up during Hot Air Balloon festival? :p


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    I love the Xmas decor at 1Utama best this year!!! But like you said, not much of a Xmas feel – that’s because I see no connection between hot air balloons and Xmas! But I prefer it to their underwater Xmas decor of one of the previous years : )


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    em… agreed… although the hot air balloon decor are creative but doesn’t have the Christmas feel.


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