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CNY mall decoration: Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid CNY mall decor

Sunway Pyramid is always one of the earliest to put up their festive decoration. It is a fluffy Chinese New Year over at Sunway Pyramid this year.  Themed “Cheery Woolly Spring”, the mall is dotted with adorable fluffy sheep. Ethan and Ayden went crazy over those super cute and colourful sheep of various sizes. Ayden mimicking the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”, his favourite bedtime story :D OK lah their decor. Kids were happy. It was like a […]


Christmas Decor : Sunway Pyramid’s Hoopful Christmas

Sunway Pyramid Hoopful Christmas Decor 4

It’s that time of the year to hop from one mall to the other to hunt for the best Christmas decor in the Klang Valley. Our first stop was Berjaya Times Square but I have yet to blog about it. 1Utama’s Christmas decor is not out yet. They are just in the beginning of putting them up. We were in Sunway Pyramid over the weekend and were very delighted to see that their Christmas decor is […]


Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

pasta zanmai lobster

Darling had to meet a client in Sunway today so we took the opportunity to tag along. He dropped us in Sunway Pyramid and after a while I got tired and hungry. I thought of having pizza but it was too far and coincidentally we were right in front of Pasta Zanmai. Since we’ve never tried dining here, I went right in with Ethan and Ayden.  Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid As soon as we […]


Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Sushi Zanmai

When it comes to choosing a place to eat, there are 2 types of people in this world. One who will go to eateries with the longest queue and join the line and the other who will enter the almost empty eatery so he/she will get served immediately. The person who joins the longest queue does so because he believes it is worth queuing because there is good food waiting for him in there; hence […]




Remember we were in Sunway Pyramid 2 weeks ago? Besides their beautiful CNY decor, they also have an archery booth. Ethan wanted to give it a try so Darling paid RM10 for 12 arrows. Ethan’s first time being Robin Hood :) The person in charge guiding Ethan on the proper way to handle the bow and arrow.  It was quite tough as this requires some strength.  Ethan placing the arrow on his own.  Propelling arrows […]


Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year Decor

Sunway Pyramid Horse Chinese New Year Decor_1

We were in Sunway Pyramid today and to our surprise, their Chinese New Year decor for the Horse year is already up! Okaylah, CNY is also less than a month away anyway…  Ethan and Ayden on a horse ride :P Haha. Kesian Ethan pulling a bullock cart! There are white horses too. Those horses look quite real that my eldest sister was fooled when she first saw them.  It is not Chinese New Year without […]


Christmas Angels

photo (7)

It’s Christmas eve and my little angel would like to take this opportunity to wish our precious readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! But you see, it can be pretty boring and lonely being alone this Christmas so we call on our readers and fellow blogger friends to share the Christmas Angels :) First of all there’s pretty angel Elie of Elie ‘pretending’ to look angelic and all :P I […]


Faerie Dreams Christmas at Sunway Pyramid

Ayden Angel

We were at Sunway Pyramid last weekend to check out their Faerie Dreams Christmas decor. Cute or not? LoL! He ain’t heavy, he’s my sleepy brother. The MC claimed this to be the tallest Christmas tree in the Klang Valley this year Snowy Christmas trees. Not bad… :P Peek-a-boo. I see you! Giant frame for that picture perfect moment Kids made a bee line for this swing. Wondering what was being discussed here… It was […]


Sunway Pyramid’s Chinese New Year decor

Sunway Pyramid Chinese New Year decor

Our second stop for our CNY mall decor hunt is Sunway Pyramid. They have a huge junk ship right smack in the Centre Court. A junk is an ancient Chinese sailing vessel/ship design still in use today. A junk is usually fully loaded with food and goods hence the Winds of Fortunes in Sunway Pyramid this CNY. I love the junk. It’s nicely built. I still remember their magnificently tall dragon last year and they […]


Chinese New Year decor at Sunway Pyramid : The Majestic Rising

Chinese New Year decor at Sunway Pyramid

If you are looking for a mall to go this weekend, you may want to consider Sunway Pyramid for they too have quite an amazing Dragon. If Ethan was not afraid of Pavilion’s Dragon (though I was), he is afraid of THIS Dragon! The Dragon is really something for this is the only dragon we’ve seen (so far) that is actually going vertical. Ethan is afraid as he said the Dragon can climb up real […]


Chinese New Year decor : The streets of Sunway

CNY at the streets of Sunway Pyramid

Was in Sunway yesterday for a media preview of West Lake Garden’s Chinese New Year Specials. We had GOLD yo! And this auspicious Dragon Boat Sea Cucumber! Detailed entry coming soon as now I only wanna share with you some pictures on the streets of Sunway. The street of Sunway has never failed to mesmerize me be it Christmas, CNY or any other occasions. I love it last Christmas and I’m loving the Chinese New […]


Christmas decor in Sunway 2011

Christmas decor in Sunway Pyramid

My first mall decor hunt this year landed me in Sunway Pyramid. With less than 30 days to Christmas, the mall’s buzzing with shoppers and bargain hunters. I quite like the decor in Sunway this year. If last year they have giant snow globe, this year they have the full package. Reindeer, robin, snowman.. you name it, they’ve got it! Joyful Christmas @ Sunway Pyramid This is how a hobbit like me view the Christmas […]


2011 Hari Raya Aidifitri’s Mall Decorations

Despite being a bit busy lately, I still managed to drop by FOUR malls to check out their Raya decor. I really hope to be able to drop by Pavilion one of these days to check out their “Secret of Hari Raya” celebration featuring GLAM 60s musicals. Here are the decorations that I’ve seen with 1Utama being my favourite. 2011 Raya decor – 1 Utama BATIK and bamboo are the main elements of 1 Utama […]

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