You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive

Whoever said, “You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive” must be one heck of a genius. Now.. if only there are other geniuses out there who can tell me something else.. What the heck about men, driving, directions, getting lost and asking for directions?! For all I know, men will drive like they always know where they are heading. And when they get lost, they’ll NEVER show or tell that they […]


Earning with Nuffnang – It’s all about the traffic

Nuffnang gave me a three digit joy for the second time now :) If you are a blogger and has yet to jump into the bandwagon, what are you waiting for?Before you decide to be a Nuffnang blogger, here is the ONE thing that you should keep in mind: * Be an exclusive Nuffnang blogger ie a blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her […]


Leg pain, can’t walk?

Ethan and I came back from the playground yesterday evening. Then I swept and mopped the house while this little rascal kept on jumping on the sofa. Suddenly he shouted, “Mummy, leg pain!”. I looked at him and brushed him off as I knew he was only jumping on the sofa and did not knock his leg on anything hard. Then he came down and limped towards me. OMG! What happened? I checked his legs, […]


Google AdSense – Payment through Western Union

AdSense payments are made on a monthly schedule. If your account balance reaches USD$100.00 in any month, they’ll send your payment before the end of the following month, provided there are no holds on your account. For example, if your account balance reaches the payment threshold during November, they’ll send you a payment at the end of December. You may choose your form of payment to be either Western Union Quick Cash or Check. I […]


Till Death Do Us Part

Someone I know has recently gone through a horrendous turmoil in his marriage. What made his ‘love boat’ sail into turbulent waves and stormy seas, almost capsizing it, I’m not too sure. Eugene once said, “There’s a void in our heart that sometimes even our spouse can’t fill”. In this world where IM is just at the click of a button, it’s easy to find comfort in a chat friend to fill that void. And […]


No sound..

Ethan officially started school today. Not a kindie but more of an enrichment centre kind of thing, Vital Years to be exact. I did not start teaching there as expected but was there to see if Ethan will be alright. The moment we entered, Ethan was ushered into the classroom by Aunty Mei a.k.a da Boss. He did not cry nor did he ask for me. He was extremely SILENT! He sat there all by […]


Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out

Remember I blogged about Curious Kid Needs to Be Tough Inside? Well, that got me (and family) invited to Nuffnang Friso’s Family Day out in 1Utama today. It was held in Kizsports & Gym, 1Utama, Old Wing. What a great way to start the new year as I soon found out that many other bloggers are going to be there too. And sure enough, today, I met several of them :D CH Voon and Vanessa, […]


Run This Town

New Year’s approaching and this song kinda speak on my behalf… the highlighted part at least.. RihannaFeel it coming in the airHear the screams from everywhereI’m addicted to the the thrill (I’m Ready)It’s a dangerous love affair (C’mon)Can’t be scaring nickels downGot a problem, tell me nowOnly thing that’s on my mindIs who gon’ run this town tonightIs who gon’ run this town tonightWe gon’ run this town Jay-ZWe are, yeah, I said it, we […]


A Mery lot…

Mery was in town and Cynthia took all the trouble to arrange for a meet up. How could I not go? What happened was, I went with Darling and Ethan to meet them in Marche, the Curve. I went, I saw, I left.. aiks! Why? Because my two boys wanted noodle soup instead of what was served there. Since I came late and they had already finished dinner, I excused myself and dine elsewhere. More […]


The dinner

Darling brought me to Paya Serai, PJ Hilton for dinner on my birthday. Here’s pictures of Darling and I taken by… guess who? ETHAN! :) The seafood that we had.. My meal. I must try the oysters if I see one. And if I’m down with food poisoning the next day, nasib~lah… Tried some malay delicacies too.. Ethan’s meal.. Now this is the kill-joy. See the H2O? Apparently this buffet dinner does not include drinking […]


I met Claire!

This lady messaged me telling me she is going to 1U, sure can get parking. Of course~lah Claire, early Monday morning, where got people so free like you to go 1U (except ME! :D). I was doing laundry then, rushed to the max, bathe and prepared Ethan and ‘flew’ to 1U to see her. Claire is her usual chatty and cheerful self. I bet she was really tired; just came back from the airport to […]


Sayang, I Love U!

Oh yes, my birthday is approaching :D I’m finally turning 23! LOL… Since I was back in Malacca over the long weekend, Darling decided to get me an early birthday cake. It was the first time in our years together he got me a cake with the message. “Sayang, I Love You”. Usually it would just be “Happy Birthday” :D The joke of the day was, Darling told me he got me a Bamboo Almond […]


Vital Years

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I worked in Vital Years until the day I gave birth to him and quit to be a full time mother. Few days ago, I got a call from the Centre’s boss inquiring if I am able to get back to work. I went there with Ethan to see what arrangement she can work out for me :) Ethan totally blend in with the kids. He had no qualms […]


Curious Kids Needs to be Tough Inside

– GOS, lcFOS and Friendly bacteria – Bifidobacterium lactis to help increase intestinal bifidobacteria and help maintain good intestinal environment. Friso Gold 4 also contains DHA, AA and SA, essential nutrients that aid a growing child’s overall development. Ethan needs his Friso Gold 4 because he is learning.. everyday. Exploring his surroundings and he just wants to be anything that fancies him currently.. When I asked him, this is what he has to say… When […]


Have You Ever?

First of all, I wanna shout “I HAVE A NEW HEADER PICs!” All thankx to Mummy Gwen :) Thank you, thank YOU and THANK you Yoke Lin. It meant so much to me :D See! I told you guys I found great friends through blogging ;) ********************************************************************** Now back to my post today. Not my usual post… Today, all I have are questions… Have you ever been in love – a love so great it […]


No Ghost Crossing?

21 December 2009. Monday. Darling drove us around KL last weekend to enjoy the scenic view of Christmas decor all around town when I spotted this sign. Since I don’t drive (seriously I DON’T!) I thought I might have been outdated when it comes to road signs. I asked Darling if he knows what that meant and he casually answered, “No Ghost Crossing!” Yikes! Now, can anybody enlighten me what this is suppose to mean? […]


Caring Is Sharing

20 December 2009. Sunday. When I started blogging roughly a year ago, I never anticipated to meet great people along the way. I never thought I’ll form a special bond with these individuals and become good friends. And then it happens.. From merely just bloggers commenting in each other’s post, we started to chat. We make it a point to at least chat and keep each other updated at least every other day if we […]


A Chipmunks Christmas @ Mines Shopping Centre

19 December 2009. Saturday. After reading about how my ‘DIL‘ fared so well with the chipmunks here, I decided to take a look at what the hype is all about :) Been living in the Klang Valley for more than a decade now but has NEVER stepped foot in Mines Shopping Centre. First time today :P Ethan woke up just as we arrived and on time to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks doing their dance […]


My Christmas Wish List – Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

This Christmas, I want to tell Santa that I’ve been a good girl the whole year through. I’ll tell Santa that there is nothing I want more, except to be able to spend a night in Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. Photos courtesy of the world wide web Hard Rock Hotel, Penang * I want to spend the night in the Seaview room* I want to be lullabied to sleep by the sounds of the gentle […]


The final day

On the third morning we in Penang, we went out for breakfast without chaperon. We just drove aimlessly until we found a place to eat. Looks good? My review, the assam laksa and prawn noodle FAILED big time! The fried koay teow was edible and the loh mee is okay~lah (considering Ethan wallop the whole bowl!) After breakfast we went to Hard Rock Hotel and boy, I regretted not being able to stay there! I […]


Hot, hot, hot…

On the second day of our stay in Penang, Darling’s friend Chaw Lai took the role of chaperoning us around. We got a morning call from him at 7.30am and forty-five minutes later we were on our way for breakfast. Chaw Lai, wife Pei Pin and little ZhangJieWe took our breakfast here. Some of the pictures taken.. Just can’t put up all. We are big eaters. Chaw Lai foot the bill on this one :) […]


It’s all about Eugene

Remember I blogged about the phone call I got from this dude earlier this month? Finally I met him in Penang. I was sitting at the Beach Bar with Darling and Ethan when I got his call informing me that he was already at the beach. I stood up to look for him and as I turned around, there he was to my left, walking towards me. He greeted me with a big, warm hug […]


From Australia to Penang…

2004. Darling and I went on a tour to Australia. We befriended this lovely couple Khaw and Pei Pei. Khaw though acrophobia (afraid of heights), decided to join us for the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. That morning, he could not have breakfast peacefully as he was fearing for the dreaded climb. Nevertheless, he made it up there and still managed to smile broadly for the group pic :) Back then we were all not married. […]


The Journey

YES, I’m back :D Some of you might not even notice I was away :P Anyway, lots of laundry and more to catch up on. But before I do all that, let me put up a short post on our journey to that land (not) far, far away… Our bags ready to go. This time I got the coolest bag tag ever (my name card :P). Elmo got to go too… The cab arriving 15 […]


Buckle up …

These December, there’ll be long weekends every weekend! There will definitely be more cars on the roads, each heading to their very own weekend getaways. To all drivers out there, do drive safely. If you are caught in the crawling traffic, do keep your cool. It’s better late than never. For the passengers at the back, buckle up. I must learn to make that a habit though as I myself hardly ever utilise the belt […]

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