Who’s guilty?

WHO’s GUILTY? Husband n Wife are sleeping. Wife is dreaming at night and suddenly shouts, “Quick my husband is back!”. Husband gets up & jumps out of the window! :D


Si Na Tok Chinese temple

After our Rabbit Fun Land outing last Sunday, we took another 15-minute drive into Broga town. After driving through more rubber and oil palm, we found Si Na Tok Chinese temple. One of the WONDERS of the temple… Si Na Tok Chinese temple is well-known amongst punters. Punters would go there to ask for numbers. We are no punters so we did not get any number. As soon as we stepped foot at the temple’s […]


A different version

I got Ethan to listen to a different version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star recently and this was how he responded to it… After listening for a couple of times, he started to sing to the new version! lol.. Just watch the videos to see what I meant.. Ethan @ 2years8months


Auditioning for the next KFC..

I ‘cekop‘ this picture from my cousin Noneh’s FB of her father :) What say you? Qualified to be the next Finger Lickin‘ Good?


Project Alpha Season 2 Bloggers’ Launch

Got this in my email today. Dear Nuffnanger, You’re cordially invited to the Project Alpha Season 2 Bloggers’ Launch happening on; Date : 7 April 2010 Venue : Cathay Cineplex, [email protected], Mutiara Damansara TWO (2) invites have been reserved under your name and email address. Anyone else got this invite? Let me know, let me know; so that we can say ‘ola’ :D


Rabbit Fun Land, Broga

City folks live a life full of stress. If you are willing to go a distance of about a half-hour drive out of the Klang Valley, you’ll discover a fun petting land in Broga just outside of Kajang town. Unlike the old days when the winding road will guarantee to give you motion sickness, the newly constructed road will give you a feeling of calm and serenity while driving pass Nottingham University campus and then […]


Her Stories

A few days ago I got to know of a sweet, pretty, young girl. It’s a wonder a girl so young like her can have such a deep interest in Ethan :P I chatted with her in FB today and at the same time was checking out her blog. She has such a cute template! I was surprised to read two of her recent posts – Happy and Excitement & How “Boredom” turned into “Excitement”. […]


Twisted tongue?

Nah.. don’t panic. It’s just a ‘tongue twister’ I got Ethan to try say.. “Ethan eat chicken in the kitchen”. Of course if you’re an English teacher you’ll tell me that he should say “Ethan eatS chicken in the kitchen” but then again here, “Ethan” is being used to represent “I”. Don’t ask me why.. I just like it when he refers to himself as a third party. It helps him learn his name when […]


Heart Wrenching

What do we call the above animal? Iguana? Chameleon? Lizard? I don’t really know what is that but that creature is a PR (permanent resident) in our garden. We often see it hanging around our plants/tree but its favourite has always been the late “Love Tree”. Since it won’t do any harm, we always let it linger. Today, as Darling was about to continue with his ‘disposal’ job of the “Love Tree”, we saw Mr. […]



Don’t talk to me right now. I’m very, very sad. In 2005, shortly before our wedding, my friend VinSen (remember that Hot Air Balloon lookalike?) shifted to his new home. Before shifting, he presented us with a baby tree. It was so little that it could fit in our car. Darling and I happily planted it in front of our house; our so-called ‘Love Tree’. Years on and it grew into a mighty tree, providing […]


Star Egg done right!

Remember my initial attempt in making star egg? Not so good as I had to flip the egg in order to get a well-cooked yolk. Rachel gave me a great tip; add water and cover with lid and the egg yolk will harden. Cool! I used my Tefal non-stick pan, so I did not need to add any oil. I added water and cover with lid. In a couple of minutes, the egg turned out […]


Best Picture for 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

Of so many pictures I took during the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010, nothing beats this picture of my friend, aka daBoss @ Cinema Online. I did not capture this picture though, it was ‘stolen’ from his Facebook account :) Cool? I know! I just can’t stop laughing when I first saw this picture yesterday. How often do you get opportunity like this you tell me? How often do balloon designers create […]


Night Glow – 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

First time we attended the Night Glow was during the 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on the 22 March 2009. Back then, we had ‘special’ passes to enter the area for photography purposes. This year, due to miscalculated ‘planning’ we went there empty handed and had to settle photographing it from outside, together with the public and the crowd. All throughout the Night Glow, the marching band from Falun Dafa made their rounds […]


Playhouse Disney Parent Blogger Dinner Party – The Dinner

It all started with an email invitation from Sophia LeeCommunications Specialist & AdvocateIN.Deed Communications The dinner was held @ bijou 19 March 2010 Parent bloggers and Disney crew Pre-Dinner was Fruit Punch, Popcorn and poached shrimp and chicken wanton (Fruit Punch pic not available, sorry) Dinner was mushroom soup, grilled chimichurri chicken and warm chocolate chip cookies Top pic : Wei Minn (Disney), submerryn and Jarieul Wong, Executive, Media Relations of Disney Channels Southeast Asia************Bottom […]


2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

We went for the 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. You can read about it here. We also went for the 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – Night Glow event. Read about it here. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience on both occasions. This year, we intend to do the same. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that Ethan will be in the pink of health by then. Please cross yours too, […]


I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

I gathered my courage to call her out for a date. She said, “YES” and I was very excited! I smiled through the phone and I bet she can see it :P But our date turned out bad. After she left, she sent me an sms “U hav a B.O problem. Do sumthing bout it”. I was devastated.I sulked in my place for hours. I turned on my laptop. I saw her in Skype. She […]


Pizza experience gone bad..

We went to Matta fair last Sunday. It was raining heavily on the way home so we stopped by a Hut to have some pizza instead of the normal hawker centre for dinner. Spaghetti for Ethan, pizzas, garlic bread and mushroom soup for Darling and I The mushroom soup was horrible! Very diluted and extremely tasteless. We sent them back and the replacement we got were no different. This is the first time in my […]


The Mighty Trunks

Meet Ellie Meet Fern Together.. they are The Elephants – The Mighty Trunks :D NO! It wasn’t ME who put Ellie on top of Fern!.. *innocent look*They’re Ethan’s current new best friends :P


Disney On Ice – Disneyland Adventure

13 March 2010Saturday 1pmStadium Putra Bukit Jalil, KL Woke up in the morning and the first thing he said was, “Wake up ody, now go see Goofy!” Of all characters, he only wants to see Goofy! So we got all dressed up and began our journey to Bukit Jalil. Got caught in a massive jam in Federal Highway just because there was a minor accident and EVERYBODY was slowing down to look! Malaysians! We arrived […]


Anlene BoneHealth Check

Saw the Anlene Bone Science road show in 1Utama today. Without hesitating, we went to register for a bone scan. We ‘escaped’ the long queue and were immediately directed to the Priority Counter. I wondered why and was told it was because of Ethan. :P If you are allergic to the substance ‘spirit’, you’ll not want to go for this scan as your foot will be sprayed all over with it (for hygiene purposes). They’ll […]


Daiso Is Now in One Utama

My second home is getting better and better. Daiso is now open in 1Utama :) So Mummies out there take note! Finallly.. Daiso in 1U It was officially open on the 12 March 2010 If you want to know where it is located, it is in the New Wing, just next to Cold Storage :)


Watermelon Cooler

These few days was extremely hot that there was a bush fire incident nearby the playground in the neighbourhood. I cannot tahan so I got Darling to grab a watermelon from my second home. Our luck with watermelon is always very bad. We always ended up getting a rather not so red and not so sweet melon. BUT… this time, after I sliced open the watermelon, I squealed in delight as I see RED juicy […]


Star Egg

Irene gave me this that day. I decided to experiment with it.I heat up my Tefal pan. Placed the ‘star’ in the middle.Pour the egg in the ‘star’. It was supposed to be ‘sunny side up’ but because I was doing this for Ethan, I couldn’t leave the yolk runny. I needed to make sure that the yolk is well cooked so I flipped it once.Tah~dah! The Star Egg. Ethan’s favourite. He has been asking […]


Time out

Last weekend I met Irene twice. Once on Saturday for Krys’ birthday and on Sunday just the six of us :D Irene & Krys and Darling & Ethan. They play ‘kejar-kejar’ and disrupting traffic; causing a massive traffic congestion in that area :P Ethan and Krys even went house hunting.. It’s never too early to invest in a property as by the time they are old enough, land will be scarce and property prices will […]


Don’t Drink and Dance – The Drunk Lion Dance

Every Chinese New Year, my parents will welcome the Lion Dance troop into their home. This year, my cheeky Dad decided to serve the Lion beer. The Lion ended up ‘tipsy’ and ‘falling’ all over the place.. View this video (courtesy of my cousin Sherlene and James). The whole dance is too long to be loaded here hence I got James to edit it. I load only the second half as I wanted to share […]


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