What do rhinocerous eat?

I taught Ethan on animals and what they eat sometime back. He knows what frog, roaches, giraffe, elephant, birds, cats and many more common animals eat. And then, he started playing with more ‘sophisticated‘ animals. Today, he asked me, “Rhino eat what?”, “Hippo eat what?”. I was dumb folded as I do not know the answer. I was not online that moment so I can’t google for answers. I quickly sms 3 people deemed ‘genius’ […]


How I toilet train Ethan

Remember I blog about Ethan being diaper free @ 2 years old? Well this is how I trained him… Now, can anybody actually understand what he says? I am so used to hearing him talk, I can understand, but for those of you listening for the first time, do try to see if you understand half the word he is saying…^^ If only the ACTUAL training is this easy, life will be marvelous! LOL..


When there’s something strange, who do you call?

Ghostbusters? No~lah, this is not a friendly Casper. This is the little rascal being bored to pieces. Since the H1N1 outbreak, he has been ‘grounded’ at home. No playground, no shopping, no nothing! (My area has cases and the schools has been ordered to close, so you can imagine my paranoia here). Every nook and corners of the house is his ‘playground’ these days. But I think, before he goes bonkers with boredom, I’ll be […]


Peranakan (Baba Nyonya Wedding)

When I got married, I did not do it the Peranakan style. I almost did not do it the Chinese style too. I did not wear that RED outfit (what is that call again?). I wore an English wedding gown. Mat Salleh celup lah kata kan… People like me are the ones that should be thrown far far away for not following custom. Anyway, all ME aside, my cousin Cherylene married her sweetheart Eddie the […]


How to peel and store pomelo

My sister in law went to Ipoh recently and gave us one pomelo. You know right, Ipoh is famous for this fruit? Anyway, how do you peel your pomeloes? For us, Darling peeled it this way… After that, clean the excess skin off the pomelo. Place it back in it’s outer ‘shell‘And close it. Open and take the pomeloes when you are ready to eat them. :)


My Craft Blog is now in Dot Com

Hello everybody! For all of you who have been following me on my Craft blog, I am delighted to announce that it has migrated to a Dot Com neighbourhood. Please feel free to relink and refollow my craft blog in order to get the latest updates as the old Blogger feed is no longer applicable. Welcome and do visit my new craft home here. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you there!


Asian Style Chicken Stew

Was browsing the newspaper yesterday when I came across this recipe by Amy Beh. I love stew so I must try this. This morning I tried it and it came out nice! The recipe half chicken, chopped 5 dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked and halved 1 tomato, quartered 1 medium-sized carrot, cut into wedges 2 potatoes, cubed 1 onion, sliced 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tbsp oil 150ml water Marinade 1 tsp oyster sauce 2 tbsp […]


The Sound of ABC

I never like to teach children below the age of 4 reading the phonetic way. I find it troublesome and they found it confusing. I always use the whole word approach for younger children. But as I was teaching my older students the phonetic approach, this busy body of mine was always around. Yesterday, he requested for the ABC book and started to sound all the 26 letters of the alphabets. To mothers out there […]


Grandma’s 88th Birthday

We celebrated our Grandma’s 88th birthday on the 8/8/09. I was a total failure as a blogger that night as I appeared without my camera! One thing you must know about my Grandma and her 9 children is that they have a neighbourhood all by themselves. Each of the house are located just next to each other. And we all just walk from one house to the other. So, from my mother’s house to my […]


Diaper Ant

Since Ethan is not using much diapers these days, his diaper bag is hardly touched, at least not until last weekend when I was packing to go back hometown. I did not check the bag initially. Just load somemore diapers in it. But don’t know why, I have a strong feeling to take them all out and rearrange. That is when I found out that ants have been living in there! Loads of ants scattered […]


Solving puzzles

I never thought of giving Ethan puzzles to play with. I always find puzzles troublesome and I can imagine him throwing all the pieces away and slowly losing piece by piece. Until that day, Irene gave Ethan a puzzle that consists of 4 sets of 12 pieces puzzles. He took an instant interest in it. To date, he is able to master all four puzzles. This is a video of him solving one of his […]


What itchy hands do to itchy legs…

Whenever the mozzies kissed him, he’ll scratch and scratch like mad. Doesn’t help that I applied some soothing creams on him. It won’t give the same satisfaction as scratching does! His itchy fingers will go on scratching his itchy legs until they bleed and leave unsightly scars. So these days, the first thing I’ll do if I see a mozzie bite on him is this! I have boxes and boxes of cute plasters to conceal […]


Spears making a comeback

Oh Baby Baby…Oops I Did It Again… Hit me baby one more time! This fella is trying to give Ms Spears a run for her money with his belly strutting act. Next thing I know, he’ll ask to get his belly pierced! Taken on the stage of Dumex promotion in 1U over the weekend. ^^


Shocking stares!

We normally have mall~weekends. There is nothing much we like to do except going to malls for window shopping. Yesterday, as we were walking, Ethan told me that he was getting tired and sleepy. So I placed him in his stroller and gave him his pacifier and something else to play with. Few minutes later, Darling and I got a very uneasy feeling as people were staring into the stroller with shocking looks on their […]


I’ll work harder!

Darling’s at the PC fair today. He wanted to get me a laptop, but at the very last minute, decided against it! Hahaha.. And I am still laughing here. Why? Because I never asked to be given a laptop in the first place. It’s just him, he saw me online so frequent these days, he is afraid I will ‘damage‘ his precious desktop at home and thought of getting me my own laptop. Alas, I […]


One diaper a day, keeps Mommy happy!

As I am typing this post, my bum is literally dancing on my seat. Why? Because Ethan is now officially diaper free during the day! Hurray! Every mother’s dream come true! I did not do anything to train him off diapers previously. Just the day after he turns two, I took his diapers off during the day and let him around the house with his underwear and pants. I had to monitor him and bring […]


Hidden Meat

Ethan is similar to me in the sense that he prefers to eat his greens compared to meat. If he senses that there are too much meat in the rice in his mouth, he will throw it out. He is not a picky eater. It’s just that he prefers to eat veges rather than meat. So, sometimes when I cook, I’ll try to hide the meat in the greens. One good example is the egg […]


Locked Out

I was outside, at the porch, hanging my laundry. I left the door grill close but door open so I can still see Ethan playing in the house. Whilst I was busy with the laundry, this rascal went and twist the door lock and shut the door! I was horrified! Ran to the door, and it was locked! Die~man! Ethan was inside the house all alone, locked! And I was outside! My knees went wobbly […]


Loh Hon Chai

Back in my ol’ school days, I loved it when my mother prepared this dish for us. Today, my boys love it when I prepare this for them!  Ingredients: cooking oil glass noodles (tung hoon) wood ear fungus red bean curd cabbage chinese mushroom carrot dried beancurd vegetarian oyster sauce soy sauce sugar water garlic (optional – if you are a vegetarian that doesn’t take garlic, you may omit it from the recipe) 1) […]


I’ve reach payout!

These days, Ethan refuses to nap in the evenings. Only occasionally will he nap. Most of the time, he’ll stay awake the whole day! That means, I have less time to go online. So when I do have time to go online at night when he finally dozes off, I’ll check my blog and go blog hopping first. Then, multi task to myLot. I’ve not been too active in myLot last week since I was […]


Meeting a blogger friend

See this lil‘ missy? Recognise this lil‘ missy? Good if you do, if you don’t, wait till the end of this post to see who she is. I’ve been chatting with this fellow blogger quite a lot over MSN. Yesterday, we finally met up @ The Curve, Ikano and Ikea. I went there with Ethan alone without Darling as he needs to work. She came with her hubs and lil‘ missy. This is my favourite […]


7 Days

Remember Ethan reciting the 12 months of the year? Well, I thought since he knows his twelve months, why not try the seven days of the week? Who knows, as foong says, it might be ‘kacang putih‘! But it is not so ‘kacang’ putih’ after all. Ethan finds it easier to recite the months instead of the days. But in the end, this is the result.. Don’t ask me why he pronounce his Saturday that […]


Take 2

Now that Ethan’s birthday is over and no more blowing of candles, Ethan and I will lie down on the floor and play back the video recordings of him blowing the candles as he loves it to the max! Just a moment ago, I found this video that I’ve overlooked when I did the earlier post on Ethan’s birthday. I find that I love his expression here very much. With just one blow, both the […]


(Not) The Correct Way To Carry Your Toddler

Each time after his bath, Ethan loves to be wrapped and carried this way. It never fails to make him laugh. I can’t carry him like that though. Only Daddy can do it.. ^^


Ethan is TWO today!

My little rascal is two today. How time flies! I baked him a simple butter cake of heart and star shape. He helped me in the process and got very excited once he saw the cute cake! The cake. This is how they looked like fresh out from the oven. I got these silicone moulds from Daiso. Darling got him a cake that was supposed to be shared with my students tonite. But suddenly, the […]

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