My honey..

I was brought up by my mom to hug a bolster to sleep. And I grew up like that, hugging a bolster in bed. Unlike Darling who is able to sleep without hugging anything, I MUST hug something and most of the time; it is my bolster and not he. ^^ This trait has been passed down to Ethan. He hugs bolster to sleep too. But one thing for sure, I’ll make sure our bolsters […]


A cheerful song to brighten up your day :)

This is Ethan, each time before he naps {if he naps~lah!}. Instead of me singing to him, these days he sings to me… :) Ethan @ 2 years 3 mths


Horrible, horrible night…

Last night as Darling and I were about to go to bed around 1am, Ethan woke up. He requested to go downstairs to sleep. We tried reasoning with him to no avail. He insisted for us to bring him downstairs to sleep. I got irritated (I’m grumpy when sleepy), carried him and placed him outside the bedroom and shut the door (leaving a little gap so I can still see him). He started crying. I […]



Was cleaning up my hard disk and going through the videos one by one when I found this video of Ethan spelling his own name. I have totally forgotten about it. But better late than never.. This video is about two months late. ^^ Ethan @ 2 years old



I went to 1Utama with Ethan today. Just for fun. Wanted to see what they have for Halloween but, it’s not ready yet. I think it’ll be ready this weekend as I saw them assembling stuffs (mostly pumpkin heads!) Darling joined us later after his work. We went to the supermarket to get some groceries and we saw this. Fish selling at 50% off! So apa lagi, Darling went and get some~lah. He got some […]


The Princess

Do you recognise this Princess? Oh yes, I met her and her lovely mommy today. They came to my house today and I am so delighted. Cynthia gave me some mooncakes and a puzzle and some balloons for Ethan. Thank you. :) Isn’t she adorable? She’s just too cute.. Princess and IPrincess and Mommy We went out for lunch some where nearby my place. I had Grilled Mushroom Dory Fish and Cynthia had Fish and […]


Auto Snack

Ethan’s current craze is this printed biscuits. He just loves anything vehicles. Boys.. So many vehicles… very interesting! Enjoying every bite! Very choosy somemore, must choose the vehicle that he fancies! My favourite of course is this SUBMERRYN! Eh, sorry, submarine! :) Yummy.. ^^


What we did with that RM50 voucher

Remember we won the RM50 Borders voucher way back in February? We finally made good use of it. We traded it with 2 Elmo Vcds, 1 Barney Dvd and some craft materials. :) Ethan’s definitely loving his Elmo and Barney… Watch this video and see what’s wrong .. A friend, an English specialist told me that the proper way to guide Ethan is to say ‘an Elmo’, ‘a Barney’ and ‘a giraffe’ instead of saying […]


Aren’t they cute?

I met them once in July. Today we meet again. This time, Darling joined us. Nothing extra ordinary happened though. lol. But one incident captured my ‘lenses’. Just look at them… The lil‘ missy is happily feeding Ethan and this boy, obediently drinking that way! :) Kids… :P


Ethan fell…

Ethan did not nap the whole day today, yesterday and day before. He found napping to be a waste of time. So he’d rather be sleepy and forced himself to be awake as long as he gets to keep on playing and exploring. By 6.30pm, he started to show signs of drowsiness. I quickly brought him up to bathe and change into his pyjamas. I wanted to give him milk and put him to sleep […]


My Hero!

Last night we saw this dead Jerry in our car porch. It must be the works of Tom as the autopsy revealed that Jerry died from severe stab wounds caused by a sharp object (must be Tom’s bite!)Darling is afraid (geli) of all things furry. {Thank goodness I’m not a fur ball!} So yours truly had to execute the disposal mission. I took a garden spade, some old newspapers and a plastic bag. I poke […]


The hobbit’s feet

I am generally a happy person. But if you want to make me unhappy, it is very easy. Just bring me shoe shopping. I get depressed each time I shop for shoes. It comes to a point where Darling is afraid to let me shop for shoes. But I have to shop for shoes. I can’t go around bare-footed like the Flinstones! Strange huh? Majority of ladies out there just loves shopping for shoes. And […]


Pie Tee (Top Hats)

One of the highlights during my father’s recent birthday was the snack brought by a close family friend, Danny. He brought Pie Tee (Top Hats). It’s been some time since I get to flavor really good Pie Tee, so when he told us he’s bringing some over later in the evening.. I waited! And thank goodness I waited! Because the Pie Tee Danny brought over were Delicious with a capital ‘D’ I tell you! D […]


Daddy’s birthday

I was back in Malacca over the weekend and so happen it was also my Dad’s birthday on Sunday. He had a ‘drinking & makan’ session on Saturday. On Sunday, we went out to get a cake for Dad. Upon reaching home, Ethan got so excited and kept on pestering us to let him eat the cake. My Dad was no where to be found. We found out later that he was somewhere, weeding the […]


I am happy. Thank you Nuffnang!

Know what that is? Yes, that’s why I am happy. With that, I need to thank all my lovely readers. For without you guys, that won’t come in the mail today. THANK YOU :)


Ethan’s celebrity look-alike # 2

Tell me if these two are similar… The little rascal, imitating Elmo each time he sees it doing a hand stand… P/S: Irene, can’t wait to see you for more Elmo supply! :P


Whose Baby?

Bought some puzzles from Jusco recently. Darling was initially reluctant as the age stipulated there is for 3 and 4 years old respectively. But hey, why can’t a two years old toddler learn whose baby and whose home, right? We finally decided to purchase it anyway. We didn’t regret purchasing this for Ethan at all. Now, he knows that a frog’s baby is a tadpole, a baby fish is called a ‘fry’, an owlet is […]


Like a champion..

Ethan has been having a runny nose for about a week now. The paed said it is just a common cold. The fact that his lungs are clear was what made this JUST a common cold, so he said. He has been taking his medication like a champion. I just wish that his nose will not be runny anymore tomorrow. This is the first time ever he is down with a ‘common cold’… Watch this […]



Every blogger will blog about this when the time comes. The moment of truth. The moment their blog hit the big ‘O’. Yes, my blog is ONE today! 6 October 2008, I started blogging. And now, the blogger side of me is ONE! Yee ha! And with all birthday(s), one thing is a must. I must thank all my loyal readers for supporting me all the way. Without you guys, my blog is nothing. I’ve […]


Getting ready for winter?

Sometimes, looking at what he does can really drive me nuts. Look what he did… Since he no longer wear diapers, this is what he uses them for these days? @[email protected]


The HOSPITAL scent..

Showering can be fun, especially when I’m doing it with the right companion. Now, don’t go ‘yellow’ just yet. Companion here meant my liquid shower gel. All this while I’ve been showering with this liquid shower gel that is name after a bird and promises to provide extra moisture to the skin. I’ve been satisfied with it since the moment I started using it. Then recently, Darling went itchy and bought me another brand of […]


Happy Birthday FRIEND…

Today, 2 October 2009 is a very special day. Why? Because today marks the birth of a very special lady – Irene! Happy Birthday gal! It’s her 25th birthday and all she wishes for is for people to sing her the birthday song. So here goes… This goes out specially to YOU and YOU alone, Irene! Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to Irene! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Happy ROM Anniversary […]


This is the way I brush my teeth..

I am introducing toothpaste to Ethan. All this while, he has been brushing without it. But before I let him brush with toothpaste, I need to teach him to spit it out first. Let’s see how he fares… Ethan @ 2 years 2 mths


Mirror Image

One of the advantages of having a kid is that you can dress him/her up the way you want and they’ll never protest. (At least not yet; not at such a tender age.) The fact that I have a SON means that I can’t dress him to look like ME! So, what can I do? I dress BOTH my men so that they’ll look alike. No protest from the big one, the small one, ever […]


Zoo Negara, KL

Since Ethan enjoyed the Bird Park trip so much, we thought why not bring him to the zoo too? It will be so much more fun as he will get to see many types of animals. So to the zoo we went…Ticket price is RM15 per adult. As we entered, we were greeted by monkeys..   monkeys   and more monkeys! I was like, what? monkeys again? And let me tell you, they don’t smell […]

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