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Screwing is so much fun!

My cuz Sugar Honey was urging me to do some ‘manly‘ stuffs with Ethan. She was concerned that Ethan is spending too much time with me in the kitchen! Alrite Kym, this is for YOU! See the screw I’m holding? I’m trying to screw it back to this chair. Daddy removed a longer one just now; saying that it was way too long that it poked rite thru and hurt Mommy’s BIG bum! See! See! […]


Cheater’s Bake

Ethan has been watching lots of Hi-5 lately. There is one scene where he sees kids baking and has been pestering me to bake lately. Unfortunately, I am not a baker mom. So I have to resort to ‘cheat‘ baking. What is ‘cheat‘ baking? Baking using ready made ingredients. I bought this Pillsbury Cake Mix in Jusco yesterday and tried baking it today. This is my first time baking cup cakes and it is surely […]


18SX – Caught on camera

I caught these two fellas happily in action yesterday. So happy that they were totally unaware of my presence! The flashes from my camera did not even seem to bother them a little bit! I was never good in Biology during school days, so anyone out there care to tell me what are these two fellas doing? ^^ V V V VVV VVV


Patience and Perseverance

I am so proud of Ethan the other day! We were doing this paper plate fish. Since it was too simple, I thought of punching out some ‘heart’ shapes from my craft punch to be pasted onto the fish. I never expect it to be so very the tedious! I thought he will give up the moment he pasted his 10th hearts, but he kept going on and on and on. Half an hour later, […]


Melon Milk

Ever since Ethan was down with ulcer last week, I’ve been giving him fresh fruit juice often. I juiced a variety of fruits for him. He grew a liking to one fruit in particular; the honey melon. Now that he has recovered, Darling commented that Ethan looks very thin. So he bought this big box of Melon Milk to fatten him up. I don’t think this drink is fattening though. LOL! Don’t worry, we don’t […]


I Don’t Like This Mommy Blogger

Sometimes, all I want to do is sit in the corner and read. Read quietly with my favourite book. I like to flip my own pages. I love looking at the pictures. I treasure my peace and quiet time ALONE. But somehow, I got a feeling that someone’s WATCHING me! Someone who is hiding somewhere, like a paparazzi with her SLR! Enough already! This is seriously invasion of PRIVACY! I don’t like my BLOGGER MOMMY […]


A Fat Bloody Bugger

This is a fat bloody bugger. Bloody, why so harsh? I said bloody because it had just treated itself to a delicious buffet meal and is now filled with blood. It’s a bugger because it’s a bug.. er wait, I think it is an insect, oh whatever! Just want to let you know that this fat mozzie had just feasted on Ethan! Just look at my poor boy! Four bites altogether! Being the SAHM who […]


His sleeping aid

As he grows older, this ‘macho’ boy doesn’t want to be patted to sleep anymore. All he need are his pillow and bolster and there he goes to sleep. But most of the time, this boy is unable to sleep. Why? Because he doesn’t know how to keep his eyes shut! Seriously! He will force them close, but after sometime, they ended up open again! And this often frustrates him. So last night, I decided […]


My heartache

The other day Darling and I were playing with Ethan when I suddenly noticed his gum bled yet again. This time the blood dripped on Ethan’s tee. It was such a heartache to see him like that. Can you see the blood stain on his tee?


Hotlink Loves Me

Somebody from Hotlink must have really loves me. Remember I blogged about them rewarding me by extending my validity period for 6 months? Yesterday, I got another sms from them. This time, they top up my account with RM3! Can you imagine my surprise? LOL! Why is Hotlink getting very generous with me? And how come people I know do not receive such rewards? Somebody must have really love me and I think it is […]



Yesterday I was happily telling you guys that Ethan was getting better. And I *touched wood* while blogging bout it too. And just as I was switching off my pc to go get a good nite’s rest, that little fella’s gum bled! And now his gums are all swollen, some of his teeth are almost hidden by the gums! I can’t imagine the pain he is going through. But he is one little fighter! He […]



Cataflam. This is what helps soothe Ethan’s throat and tongue ulcer for the past 3 days. This is also similar with Voltaren suppository. So when Ethan’s taking this, I am not suppose to insert any supp to him in case his fever go very high up again. Though I have to say, it is so tough to administer this cataflam drops into Ethan’s mouth. I am suppose to give 10 drops 8 hourly. But I […]


There I was… half-naked

I was at my favourite Mamak joint, having my favourite Sour sop drink, with my favourite circle of friends. Then I had to answer Nature’s call. And before I knew it, I was doing “IT” in the middle of everyone, in the middle of everything! And there I was, standing half-naked in front of everyone! Darn this bloody dream! I have been having this kind of dreams quite frequent these days. What the heck is […]


Throat and Tongue Ulcer

Today marked the 6th day Ethan is suffering from high fever. He has not been eating much. He totally rejects porridge. He rejected porridge since 12 months old and has been rejecting it until today. He doesn’t seem to be wanting his milk too. Every time he is sick, I’ll temporary switch his milk to lactose-free type. I use Isomil EyeQ Advance. So today we brought him to the paed again as it is way […]


Hotlink Gift – Is this for REAL?

I am using Hotlink Prepaid. Each time my validity period expires, I do not top-up immediately. I usually wait for a week or two until Hotlink Gift offers me some kind of reward for topping up. Mostly what I got from them are free sms bonus or free air time. Last week, my validity period expired again and as usual I did not top up. I stay at home, as long as people can still […]


Not a good day…

My day doesn’t start off too well today. 9am – Ethan woke up feverish and very hungry demanding for milk. After feeding him his milk, he puked all over the bed! 9.15am – After cleaning up everything and prepared his breakfast, Darling gave him a glass of honey. He puked on the sofa! 9.30am – Load the washing machine with the bed sheets, protector, pillow case and all. 10.00am- Tried feeding him some solid food. […]


Fever again…

This is Ethan today. We sent him for his Chicken pox vaccination last Friday. It has been say, 5 days and he was alright all along. Until last night, he suddenly developed fever. I am not sure if this fever has anything to do with the vaccination… Haih…


Raging Rashes

A fortnight ago, Ethan suffered bad neck rash. But after applying some creams, he is as good as new in no time. Yesterday, he suffered bad rash around his hairline. It was very red and I think painful all along the forehead near his hairline. It became worst after his playground routine. Sigh. I applied the creams that I used previously and today, the rashes are all gone again! So I would like to share […]


Please, please, piss, piss…

Every evening I will bring Ethan to the playground. Lately he loves climbing up and sliding down the slide, especially the ‘tunnel’ type. Yesterday, as he was about to climb up the slide, a little girl, 3 years of age, sat there, blocking him. We knew her as she was also a regular @ the playground. She is a special child, she is deaf. I let them be. I stepped back around 3 metres away […]


Volleyball vs Boobs

Was lying down playing with Ethan when he pointed to my chest and said “Volleyball”. I looked at Darling and both of us were so surprised! You see, I was wearing a Giordano tee that has many types of sports printed on it and so happen that Ethan was pointing to the word “Volleyball” when he said that! And so happen that for the past two weeks we had been teaching him to play volleyball! […]


A chick HATCHED in my FRIDGE!!!

There was once I kept the eggs in my fridge for way too long that they turn bad. Darling jokingly told me that luckily they turn bad or else I would have found chicks in my fridge! Seriously, can they hatch in the cold fridge? LOL! Anyways, to cut long story short, that incident inspired me to do this craft. See full story here.



FatherAndMotherILoveYou Leart that some time ago watching I Not Stupid 2. How appropriate. How true. Mother’s Day had just passed, Father’s Day coming soon… Mommy n Daddy, we really love you!


The Soup Dance

Ethan loves soup. Each time I boiled soup, he will be tugging my feet anxiously for some. I would normally chase him out of the kitchen as it is hot and dangerous to be tugging at my feet when I am handling hot stuff. And as routine, he will go and sit on the dining chair with his favourite book waiting for his soup. And I will quietly place the bowl of soup in front […]


LadyBug Tea Light Holder

Check out my latest creation here.


Spaghetti a’la ME

On weekends, I sometimes gets lazy to cook a complete dish meal. So I would normally go for something rather simple such as spaghetti. Eversince Ethan eats whatever we eat, I rarely use the readymade spaghetti sauce I normally use previously. What happens now is a more pathetic self-made sauce that consists of lots of blended fresh tomatoes and some carrots, garlic, onion, mushroom and a little salt for seasoning. Sometimes, I leave some chicken […]

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