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I’m…. spinning around!

I’m feeling faint! I guess I’ve looked down way too long and now that I look up, the whole world is spinning! NO. We did not just got hit by a hurricane. Why are the chairs scattered around you ask? That’s because I just washed them. This is what I’ve been doing today. Washing chairs and LOTS more. So many things to wash and thank goodness the Sun is shining brightly! Ethan and I hardly […]


Elmo NO more

I think I might have scare Elmo away :( Remember my post on Elmo, Cookie and Merryn? Sesame Street pulled out shortly after that. As such Elmo and Cookie Monster will NOT be there on ParenThots Family Day. Nevermind~lah, Merryn will still be there! LOL… Don’t worry peeps. There’ll still be plenty of FUN! Last year I did not get to hop from one booth to the other. This year I think I won’t have […]


Finally, he’s THREE

Wednesday, 21 July was Ethan’s birthday. I woke up in the morning to find that there are no eggs in the fridge. Woke Darling up and coaxed him to go get a couple of eggs for Ethan :P *I don’t drive, remember?* Darling came back not only with two eggs but a dozen of them :) He even bought nasi lemak for me. Bliss! The birthday egg *no time to make them red*  We then […]


Elmo, Cookie and Merryn

The write-up in The Star pg T17 (21/7/2010) If you don’t already know, Elmo and Cookie Monster will be making an appearance on ParenThots Family Day. I found out about it when I checked the papers yesterday. See the image above? Sesame Street Live and Merryn Tan on the same page :P *so very da shiok sendiri! :P* Anyway, for those who have registered for the event please don’t forget to say “Hi” to me […]


The little masseur

We don’t need to go very far for a massage. After a hard day’s work, our little masseur is always glad to help us unwind and relax.  Who’s next? Come, come to my house to get that pro-massage!  Ethan @ 2 years 11 months


Glorious cars

Darling has a new ‘job’ – reviewing cars. That was what we have been doing the past months or so. It would be nice if I was the one test driving it but I can’t for TWO major reasons; I don’t drive and I know nuts about cars!  Ethan and I would sometimes tag along in some of the rides.  I now know the differences between a sedan, an MPV and a SUV! LOL! Yeah, […]


RM50 worth of Popular Gift Vouchers

I first read about it in Voon Di-Di’s blog and decided that I should join in the fun. I submitted my entry on the eleventh hour but still… I won! Got this in the mail box today :D Kak Isah, thank you very much :) RM50 worth of Popular Gift Vouchers. So apa lagi? To Popular we headed and Kak Isah, I got these two little books for Ethan.  Priced at RM9.90 each. Got discount […]


McDonald’s new Grilled Chicken Burger (GCB)

There’s a new Mc in town! If you haven’t heard of it.. “Hello!!!!!!! Which stone have you been living under?!” :P We tried it yesterday and it’s awesome! OK, for the benefit of those stone-age peeps, I’m talking about McDonald‘s new Gotta Cuba Burger :D The Grilled Chicken Burger is priced at RM8.00 ala carte or you can have the medium set which includes a pack of fries and aerated drink at RM11.90 excluding the […]


Blood sucker!

That fella flew around my ears so many times. I tried to ‘hantam dia mati’ but failed. In the end, I fell asleep. While we were fast asleep, that blood sucker feasted on Ethan. It was having the time of its life feasting buffet style. Bite here, there and everywhere! Next morning when we woke up, Ethan had at least ten bites all over his face, ears, hands and feet! JAGA you blardy blood sucker. […]


So it keeps on spinning

I have a very weird habit when I’m in front of my PC. No matter how cold or hot or whatever the weather is like, I need the fan to be switched ON. I am not talking about a stand fan or the ceiling fan but my USB fan. I need to listen to the sound of the fan more than needing to feel the breeze. I’d get pretty restless if the fan is switched […]


What’s happening to MY hair?

Each night before I go to sleep, I’ll make sure the room floor is clean and if there are hair strands on it I’ll vacuum it away. BUT every morning when I wake up, I’ll definitely see THIS! V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V Clumps of hair on the floor! The only time I experienced such drastic hair loss was shortly after giving birth […]


Happy Birthday Darling :D

OK it’s after midnite so it’s Darling’s birthday TODAY and this year, Ethan gets to sing the complete Birthday song to Daddy :D We are not having anything fancy, in fact, we are not  planning to have anything at all today! Aiks! Poor Darling! But what to do? He said he doesn’t need to celebrate it. OK, one question here to the guys. When a guy says he doesn’t need any celebration, does he really […]


It’s BACK! – ParenThots Family Day

Remember I participated in ParenThots’ Family Day last year? If you don’t, click here to read all about it. It is back this year and I’ll be there again :) This year, my Crafty-Crafted Studio will be holding crafts demonstration/workshop for kids. It’s FREE. Click here for more information and to register for the Family Day. The first 100 who register will receive a GOODIE BAG (with an exclusive limited edition ParenThots shopping bag). Registration […]


Don’t judge a durian by its cover

It’s that time of the year again when going back to my PIL’s place is fun :P Durian fest! My FIL will happily cut open the durians from his orchard.. for ME :D Though we seldom communicate due to the language barrier, durians never fail to bring us together :)   He kopek, me makan! Though the skin look somewhat not so nice, the insides… fuiyo I tell you, “BEAUTIFUL!” And he’ll always give us some […]


ROCK + BOLA = GO-11 Indie Concert & Bazaar

@ Padang Timur, Taman Jaya LRT on 11 July 2010 with FIFA World Cup LIVE viewing from 3pm (11/7) to 5am (12/7). So there we were on a Sunday nite. Why not go to 1 Utama’s FAN FIESTA @ Central Park Avenue for the LIVE viewing you ask me? Yeah, since 1U’s my second home, why did we not go there? Got Hannah Tan wor!!!! Well, this is what I call – getting out of […]


Portrait Artist In Sunway Giza

Hello peeps.. I am back! Didn’t notice I was gone? Sobs.. nvm.. lol.. anyways..  We were in Dataran Sunway the other day for dinner. After dinner we took a short stroll to Sunway Giza as Darling needed to meet up with someone. It is always nice to have a slow walk after a heavy meal. Darling, Ethan and I walking hand-in-hand. Ethan will always be in the middle holding our hands, looking up to us […]


Blindperfect – July’s Giveaway

Voon Di-Di blogged about it and I find it very interesting. After all, who doesn’t want RM50 (RM10 x 5) worth of Popular vouchers right? Di-Di said July is special to him. Well, July is EXTRA special for ME as both Darling’s and Ethan’s birthdays fall in July; exactly one week apart.You’ve read my Out on a budget entry and now you know that one Ethan’s favourite hang out is in Popular (see him read […]


The staircase is not the place for…

sleeping! If you are a smart parent, you will NEVER let your kid sleep on the stairway! Being a first time mother I was ‘a little bit’ stupid then, I did not get any child safety gates at all for our home. Back then, Ethan was afraid of plush toys. I placed dinosaur and lion plush toys at the sides of the stairway thinking that they will scare him away. True enough, whenever he crawled […]


Nap no more?

After reading my Out on a Budget blog entry, several mommies asked me if Ethan does not nap anymore. The answer is unfortunately YES, he does NOT nap anymore these days :( He needs to be extremely tired to want to nap. So you know why I WANT to be out at least twice a week. I need to get out or else I’ll be nuts tending after all his needs 24/7.  The good side […]


Got mail

I’ve got mail – a snail mail all the way from the USA! It’s always nice to get something worthy in the mail box besides all those bills and more bills :) USA.. Nice :D Guess who sent it to me? Of course it’s Ayie! She sent me a picture card of her cute baby Jariel @ 3 1/2 months old. Awww.. isn’t he cute? Muaks! Muaks! Thank you Ayie :) Ethan loves it and […]


Mosquito don’t bite me please..

He gave me this link and I laughed like crazy when I viewed it. A great way to end my day – HAPPY :D Let’s just hope that the darn mozzies will stay far, far away! I don’t like it when it rains so often; mozzies are out like they are having a party and then feast on us.. sigh…


Feng Shui Master said must DO!

So do! Just do it :P I’ve done a tag on Photo Meme before. It was for the 6th picture of the 6th folder. Recently, I got tagged again. This time by Panda Foong. Again, like all other tags there are some rules to follow.  1. Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder 2. Select the 8th photo in that folder 3. Post that photo along with the story behind it 4. […]


Argentina humiliated… 4-0

There goes Diego Maradona’s dream of hoisting the World Cup both as a player and as a manager! It came to a humiliating end today when Germany trashed Argentina 4-0. With Germany scoring their first goal as early as in the 3rd minute, Argentina sure is not looking good. As Panda Foong says it, “It must be because of the Feng Shui!”  Lionel Messi.. It’s so heart-breaking! sobs! *You know he’s the ONLY player I’m […]


Empty… but clean

Yesterday, gua macam mo mati cleaned up the entire house; all because Darling decided to get a new air-cond for the Master Bedroom and take the current air-cond to my Studio. There are 3 air-conds in the Studio so old or new doesn’t matter :P Because of THAT, we had to empty our Master Bedroom. Everything had to be carried out except our King size bed that I gave up carrying. It was also the […]


Out on a budget

I just can’t stay home 24/7/365. I need to go out jalan jalan cari makan or else I’ll be cranky. When I was working I was ok. Now that I am no longer teaching outside, I get bored pretty easily. The same applies to Ethan too. He’s the exact replica of me remember? :P Darling’s solution is simple. On the way out to work, he’ll drop us at either my second or third home. The […]


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