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Bread Sushi

Ethan was on medical leave the other day and we got hungry but I realised we ran out of rice at home. I’ve not been cooking much lately so we don’t have much stuff stocked up at home. I checked and all we had was bread, egg and nori sheets. Bread, egg and nori sheets. What can we make out of them? We made sushi! Bread sushi to be exact…  Here’s how we made the cheat […]


How To Fold The Korean Lamb Head Towel (Jjimjilbang)

 I tell you one thing. When I first saw a friend folding this towel for her baby, I have no idea that this is the famous lamb head towels that you see in Korean drama series. My idea of Korea is Psy’s Gangnam Style. That’s it. Only that. I’m not a K-pop fan or anything so you can understand my lack of intelligence in regards to that part of the world. But now I […]


Taekwondo @ school

Ever since Ethan was exposed to Muay Thai back in 2012, he has been dying to learn more but we never got to it. Ethan’s wish of learning some martial art finally materialised last weekend. He has been pestering us to let him join the taekwondo lessons held in our neighbourhood but we’ve been putting that off coz it is held at night in the open field. The idea of them learning taekwondo in the […]



Remember we were in Sunway Pyramid 2 weeks ago? Besides their beautiful CNY decor, they also have an archery booth. Ethan wanted to give it a try so Darling paid RM10 for 12 arrows. Ethan’s first time being Robin Hood :) The person in charge guiding Ethan on the proper way to handle the bow and arrow.  It was quite tough as this requires some strength.  Ethan placing the arrow on his own.  Propelling arrows […]


Our highlight of 2013

With a blink on an eye, 2013 is coming to an end. The highlight of 2013 for me has got to be conceiving, delivering and bringing up Ayden. Yes, the arrival of Ayden shocked many readers out there as I did not announce my pregnancy prior to it. I’ve never explain why I kept quiet through it all yet and today I will. After Ethan, Darling and I wanted to space several years before trying […]


MAX STEEL™ Turbo Battlers™ Giveaway

This Christmas Ethan had his wish come true. He received a wide range of Max Steel toys courtesy of Mattel and Nuffnang. It’s after Christmas so it’s time to unbox his toys and start playing. Today he shall play MAX STEEL™ Turbo Battlers™. These are special tops based on the new TV show Max Steel. Today’s battle is between Max Steel and Cytro. Each Turbo Battler comes with a ripcord and launcher.  Press the button and […]


Mattel Toys Giveaway

First they give us then we can pass to you laaaaa…  We heard Santa dropped his bag full of toys at Nuffnang office recently so we made our way there to see if there is any left for us :D I don’t know what happened but Ayden disappeared from my arms the moment I stepped into the office. The next thing I know, these pretty ladies are all over him! Attracting older girls already huh, […]



OMG! Ethan sleepwalked last Friday night! I was sleeping with him and Ayden when he ‘woke up’ and walked down to Darling. Darling who was downstairs alone crept out of his bones when he saw Ethan standing at the staircase! Darling spoke to Ethan but he did not answer. He only answered, “Dont want la Daddy” when Darling offered milk for him to drink! Darling then lead Ethan back to his bed and he continued […]


Buying a school bag

It’s 11.12.13 and all over my Facebook newsfeed I see people saying how special it is. Honestly speaking, what’s so special about it? It is a state holiday though but I spent half of the day at home recuperating from vomiting that started the night before. In the midst of vomiting I can still joke with Darling saying I might be pregnant again. Ethan who was listening exclaimed, “NO!!!! Ayden alone is ENOUGH!!!” >_< Anyway, […]


Just a little unwell

It was Monday evening. We were all dressed up to the nines to attend One World’s Christmas buffet preview but before that we had to make a quick stop at Ethan’s drum school for his weekly lesson. On the way, in the car, he complained of tummy ache. It became unbearable that I called his teacher to cancel class and made a U-turn back home. We though of letting him rest for a while before […]


SJKC Primary One Orientation Week

Just as the year-end school holidays started a fortnight ago, Ethan had to go to his primary school for a two-week orientation. We paid for this actually, RM130 for 2 weeks (4 hours/day) inclusive of food. We asked Ethan earlier if he wants to join this orientation and excitedly he said YES so we signed him up on the day we confirmed his registration in this school. With Ayden keeping me occupied, I had not […]


Bumbo Floor Seat

When I had Ethan 6 years ago, we bought this Bumbo floor seat for him. The reason is because with this floor seat, I can finally have my hands to myself again. Ethan was not able to sit up by himself yet then but with this seat, he can. As soon as a baby can support his own head, they can be seated in this Bumbo floor seat.  Look at Ethan sitting like a boss […]


Nightmares from bedtime stories

Before the arrival of Ayden, Ethan and I always read to each other before going to bed. Ethan makes sure that we only read cute animal stories, nothing with one animal eating the other. He says he will get nightmare if we did. That boy… tsk tsk. Now with Ayden around, I no longer read to Ethan but Ethan will read to Ayden. The same rules apply, no scary stories before bedtime because if we […]


School holiday programme: Sushi bento making for kids

The school holidays is here and that means parents (mostly urban families) signing their kids up for various holiday programmes available to keep their kids occupied. As for us, we did not sign Ethan up for anything except this bento making workshop organised by BaoBei. Though he attended a similar workshop last year (read about it here) he is still keen to attend it this year as he enjoyed it a lot. Last year Darling […]


End of preschool

It’s finally the end. The end of preschool that is. 8 months of preschool experience for Ethan. I regretted not sending him to preschool earlier as he enjoys the company of friends so much that he is rather sad today is his last day there. Ethan has graduated from preschool and will be attending P1 in 1 1/2 month’s time. With his beloved teachers and friends.  The school even placed a graduation picture in a […]


Making a family holiday a success

Darling and I love travelling. Before Ethan came into our life, we traveled overseas at least once a year. With Ethan, we only traveled abroad when he touched 2. We learned then that travelling with a kid is totally different and a lot more tiring. We are lucky though that Ethan loves travelling as much as we do. He is able to sleep anywhere as long as we are around. Now I have Ayden. I […]


Ethan’s public drum performance in Sunway Giza Mall

Ethan performed in Sunway Giza Mall last Friday and Saturday. He played two songs on the drum. Unlike previous performances where Ethan was given a mini drum set, this time he was given a bigger drum set. Can you spot him behind that big set? ^_^ There, my little drummer boy <3 The daddy managed to record one of his performance. You can watch it here: It’s exactly a year now since Ethan first started […]


Leaf art: Fox with a bushy tail

We were at the playground one evening when I recalled seeing a leaf art in one of the SJKC book recently. I quickly prompted Ethan to pick up some leaves home. Dried leaves of different shapes and sizes. Guided him to paste those leaves in place. Drew the eyes using liquid paper.  Add the eyeballs using a black marker.  Tah-dah! Can you guess what this is? A forklift! fox leaf.. Urm.. I mean a fox […]


Late for school

Ethan’s teacher always complains that he is always late for school. We rush and rush every morning to make sure he is early but he will still be late. Why? Because he insists to feed his little brother first before heading out… How? I just have to let him be. After all, it’s only kindy and brotherly love is way more important <3 Because of this also every morning I have to rush to pump […]


Ethan’s Graduation Concert

Last Saturday was Ethan’s Kindergarten Graduation Concert.  Though the concert only starts at 10am, we went there earlier for him to prepare and change into his robes and costumes. I sat in the auditorium listening to white music, watching the slide show while waiting for Ethan’s concert to start in an hour. Ethan was in the dressing room with his friends and teachers, preparing.. Suddenly I got teary eyed. At 6 years old, this is […]


Baby Boys Do Not Wear Pink

My sisters have all daughters while I have all boys. That doesn’t stop me from making Ethan and Ayden wear their hand-me-down clothes though. Come on, babies outgrow their clothes so quickly that there is no point buying too many new ones for them. Ethan did not have any problem wearing his cousin sisters’ hand-me-downs but I did buy several new ones for him last time to wear when we go kai-kai lah. But this […]


Ayden’s Fullmoon

Just a little over a month ago, Ayden popped into our world earlier than expected. It was all good though and for that we are thankful.  The 3 men in my life <3 On the 3rd day when I got discharged from the hospital, my mother came to stay with me for a month to help me out with my confinement needs and caring for Ayden. My mother and Ayden on the first day home […]


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

People has been commenting that I have not posted much about Ethan since the arrival of Ayden so today’s post is all about what Ethan has been doing over the weekends. My mother is here to take care of my confinement needs and also to help take care of Ayden for this month. My Dad came from Malacca over one of the weekends and brought my Mom shopping where they bought a remote control car […]


Toe Print Caterpillar

15th September 2013 marked the first time my boys did art together. They did toe print caterpillar. Well, the big brother did most of the work but still.. :P Ethan painted a leaf. Stamped in onto a piece of paper.  Then he painted his toes.  And stamped them onto one of the leaves.  He drew legs and all and woke the little brother up.  Painted Ayden’s tiny toes. Ayden was pretty ticklish and kept pulling […]


Mothers’ Choice: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

A friend of mine gave me a hamper of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser with the arrival of my newborn baby Ayden. She said it is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for newborn baby’s sensitive skin as it is pH-balanced, fragrance-free and soap-free. I was told that Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is ideal for facial and full body use for every age. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser My mother who is helping me with […]

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