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Tossing the Yee Sang from Sushi King

It’s officially the year of the Dragon now. I welcomed it in my sleep! For the very first time in ages, I actually went to bed before midnite without even trying to stay awake to usher the Dragon… For the very first time this year too we tossed REAL yee sang at home! For the past years we have been tossing yee sang at home without the YEE but this year my SIL bought the […]


Personalised Ang Pow Packet DIY

Do you write names on the back of Ang Pows for those special people in your life? I do. I mean I used to but this year, not anymore for today, we personalized our Ang Pow packets :D Personalised Ang Pow packet First, you’ll need to choose a picture of the person you are giving the Ang Pow to. This is easily done by stalking their Facebook account :P I helped Ethan to get the […]


We are in The Star newspaper today :D

Woke up this morning. Went to FB and WhatsApp at the same time and was told that Ethan and I are in the papers today! First thing came to mind was, “What did WE do?” Switched on my PC to see Angi tagging me in FB with the snapshot of us :D A photographer asked for Ethan and my name during one of the Chinese New Year lunch reviews so this is the outcome (^_^) […]


Nuffnang, why you no love me anymore?

Rarely do I write a random post but today is the day when rarity comes in full force. 1) I held all my classes yesterday so that today I’ll be free to go shopping for clothes as I’ve got NOTHING as yet BUT because I was annoyed with Darling this morning, I scrapped the idea of shopping altogether and ended up at home the entire day. Stupidity on my part, I know. One day wasted on […]


賀年摺紙 DIY Chinese New Year decor: Ang Pow Koi Fish

Today we are going to make something extremely EASY. It’s so EASY you can even do it in your sleep :P Here’s the tutorial video:  Ang Pow Fish you can stick on your walls, windows and every where. 1) For the body, you’ll need to cut open an Ang Pow packet and trace the shape from template. 2) For the tail, do not cut open the Ang Pow. Trace the shape on the Ang […]


98.8 Chinese New Year album

Every Chinese New Year, we will be awaken by the loud Dong Dong Chiang on TV. My Dad will deliberately blast the TV so loud just to annoy us. He is always the early bird where else we always sleep in as we only go to bed at 3am the earliest during CNY. It has been a ritual of his to blast the TV by 10am if we are still not awake. You’ll never be […]


Dragon Fridge Magnet

We did a Dragon craft today :) Can feel the ‘heat’ dy. Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Dragon fridge magnet.  Super simple and fun craft. Print out a dragon head and a tail. I got the dragon head and tail template from here. Paint and cut. Cut a strip of paper and paste three magnets along it. Paste the strip of paper to the Dragon’s head and tail and the fridge magnet […]


Chinese New Year Biggest Blossom Tree Replica @ Berjaya Times Square

We ended up in Berjaya Times Square to see for ourselves the ‘Biggest Blossom Tree Replica’ at its main concourse area. The replica stands erect at 50.46 ft and holds 398,998 exquisite blooming blossoms. It is dubbed the Biggest Blossom Tree Replica by the Malaysia Book of Records. Not only that, their lantern is also bigger than life! Gigantic I tell you! If you are looking for ideas to make your own Ang Pow lanterns […]


Chinese New Year decor at Sunway Pyramid : The Majestic Rising

If you are looking for a mall to go this weekend, you may want to consider Sunway Pyramid for they too have quite an amazing Dragon. If Ethan was not afraid of Pavilion’s Dragon (though I was), he is afraid of THIS Dragon! The Dragon is really something for this is the only dragon we’ve seen (so far) that is actually going vertical. Ethan is afraid as he said the Dragon can climb up real […]


Chinese New Year’s Majestic Dragon at Pavilion KL

The Dragon hunt brought us to Pavilion KL today. Actually I don’t know how we ended up in Pavilion. One moment we were in Eastin Hotel then Ethan and I fell asleep in the car and when we woke up we were already in Pavilion! Superb! The 600 ft long Majestic Dragon at Pavilion KL. Having just woken up from our nap, Ethan and I walked around Pavilion while Darling went somewhere else to meet […]


DIY Chinese New Year decor: Ang Pow Carousel Lantern

Today we are going to make another Lantern out of Red Packets. I don’t know what to call this. Can’t find any auspicious name for it but since it looks like a carousel to me, we shall refer it as Ang Pow Carousel Lantern :D DIY Chinese New Year decor : Ang Pow Carousel Lantern Fold as shown above Fold again as shown above. Looking like a slice of pizza now.. yum yum :P Fold […]


Red Packet Dragon at Sunway Giza Mall

In my quest to find the best Chinese New Year decor in malls around the Klang Valley, never did I expect to find a gem at Sunway Giza Mall. They were nothing extra-ordinary during Christmas so when I paid them a visit today, I did not even bring my camera along. But to my surprise, Giza Mall has the most amazing decor I’ve ever encountered as they have this: *The photos you are about to […]


Prosperity Yee Sang at West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

West Lake Sunway

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa embraces the year of the Dragon with the poetic rhythm of spring blossoming throughout its walls in celebration of the New Year with hopes of happiness, longevity and prosperity. We drove through the gorgeously decorated street to West Lake Garden, the Hotel’s Chinese restaurant. A teaser before we begin – Dragon Boat Sea Cucumber. A magnificent work of art! This Dragon year, the restaurant is offering a choice of four […]


CNY decor : The DRAGON @ One Utama

Remember I was sceptical about 1 Utama’s Chinese New Year decoration when I saw them re-using their Christmas 2011 decor? If you don’t, read about it here.  Well, I was WRONG for the end result is amazing, better than their Christmas decor I must say! Check out their Christmas decor here. This is the stage seen from a level above.. What caught my eyes is the DRAGON.. Only the DRAGON… Amazing DRAGON that saves the […]


Chinese New Year decor at IPC (Ikano Power Centre)

Our second stop for Chinese New Year mall decor is at IPC. Walking distance from The Curve, how can we NOT come here right? :P Ethan enjoying walking on the trail of the dragon. He said we must NOT walk on the RED carpet for the dragon will EAT us then! :P The stage. One of the houses with one of the dragons. Lanterns What I love about IPC’s decor this year is the trail […]


Chinese New Year decor at The Curve

Not long after Christmas it’s that auspicious time of the year again. Our official Chinese New Year decor hunt starts with The Curve this year.  Wonders of the Orient at The Curve A lovely kingdom. If the time is right, we’ll be entertained to some Chinese Classical Music Show. Love the garden.  And the urm.. artificial cherry blossom that looks so much better from afar :P Super love the many lanterns hanging above.  And the […]


Maxis iPhone 4S Launch at KLCC Convenction Centre

*Sticky post 48 hours* Maxis Berhad (‘Maxis’),Malaysia’s leading integrated communications provider, introduced the eagerly anticipated iPhone 4S to its customers at the stroke of midnight, with a special launch event at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Concurrently, Maxis also introduced the device in Johor Bahru,Penang, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. I was at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the 15th December eagerly waiting for the stroke of midnight for the Maxis iPhone 4S launch. I […]


Chinese New Year decor : The streets of Sunway

Was in Sunway yesterday for a media preview of West Lake Garden’s Chinese New Year Specials. We had GOLD yo! And this auspicious Dragon Boat Sea Cucumber! Detailed entry coming soon as now I only wanna share with you some pictures on the streets of Sunway. The street of Sunway has never failed to mesmerize me be it Christmas, CNY or any other occasions. I love it last Christmas and I’m loving the Chinese New […]


Chinese New Year Menu: Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant @ One World Hotel

As we usher the new year 2012, let’s usher the year of the Dragon together. This year, our very first Lou Sang is at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant @ One World Hotel.  My little photographer photographing Yee Sang for the second year. I think he fared better this year compared to last year. Last year he used my iPhone. This year he uses a camera :D Yee Sang or Prosperity Toss also known as lo hei (in Cantonese) […]


Chinese New Year decor at 1 Utama

I was in One Utama today. Oh well, I am there like basically every other day so… Anyway, I saw their Chinese New Year decor about to complete. If a month ago they have the “Splashing over the big blue” for Christmas… Christmas at 1 Utama a month ago. I don’t really fancy the BIG BLUE theme then.. Chinese New Year at 1 Utama a month later in January 2012. They recycled the splashing Christmas […]


DIY Chinese New Year decor : Angry Bird Ang Bao Wheel of Fortune

It’s crazy how close Chinese New Year is from Christmas. I still haven’t taken the ornaments down from our Christmas tree yet here we are making Red Packet decorations already for CNY! Today we’ll be making Ang Bao Wheel Of Fortune Red Packet Wheel of Fortune We’ll need ten Ang Bao wrappers if we are using the long type. If you are using the square packets then you’ll need to double the amount. Fold the […]


DIY Chinese New Year decorations : Chinese Fan

It’s that time of the year again to be making Chinese New Year decorations :D Today we are going to make a Chinese Fan. We’ll need a wrapping paper, some gold thread and some Ang Bao wrappers. Fold the paper accordion style. Click here to find out more about accordion fold. Fold it in half and glue together. Cut two triangles. Tie a gold thread at the bottom of the fan. Cut the bottom of […]


Lock My Flush

Public toilet ain’t exactly the best place I like to be in unless it is really necessary. And when the time comes that I seriously needed to go to one, I’ll do my best to minimize the things that I touch along the way knowing how WET and FILTHY public washrooms are in Malaysia! When people say that washrooms can be the most dangerous room in a house or any other places, I totally agree […]


MY Birthday

This Christmas was a GREAT one as I was with my family! We made our way back to my hometown in Malacca on Saturday only to be caught in a horrible jam that took us almost 5 hours to arrive our destination that usually takes only about 2 hours on ordinary days! I arrived just in time to see this: My sis and her two daughters already BBQ-ing.. NICE! That only means that FOOD is […]


Shopping for Christmas : Trudy and Teddy

I remember fondly 7 months ago when we were first introduced to Trudy and Teddy apparel. I fell in love with their European style instantly! When they organised their first tea party in June, we were privileged to be amongst their invited guests. We were given a budget of RM300 to select the apparels for our kid to parade in their fashion parade during the tea party. It was a whole lot of fun scouting through their lovely […]

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