My Cockroach Hero

The other day when there were only me and Ayden at home, I saw a cockroach in the toilet. You know me, I freak out each time I see cockroaches. They are my worse nightmare. 

Seeing that there is no one to help us, I told Ayden to stay out and used aerosol to spray it dead. 

The cockroach did not die instantly though. It laid down on the floor with its legs kicking in the air like an upside down tortoise. I told Ayden not to enter the toilet and to leave it there until the Daddy comes home. Ayden insisted on me picking it up to throw it in the rubbish bin. I vehemently said NO!

Then this crazy boy volunteered to pick it up. Of course I won’t let him. He said he’ll use the tissue. Still I forbid him!

Next thing I know, he took a bottle from the kitchen cabinet and told me he’ll use the bottle so that his hands won’t touch the cockroach. I looked at him in disbelief as he was telling me that!

But he was dead serious and kept pestering me to let him do it.

I gave in but not before I grabbed my phone to record it on video. LoL, such a heroic moment deserves an airtime on my blog :lol:

Geli or not you tell me? I screamed ah while recording this!

Still not dead. Basket… Watching this makes my hair stand again! 

He even ‘admired’ the cockroach after he caught it. He said it is his first time getting to see a cockroach in such close proximity :-?

He even used my phone to record a video of it to send to the Daddy via Whatsapp. O.M.G! :-o

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  • //

    hero boy!


    Merryn Reply:

    Indeed he is :)


  • //

    See!!! That’s why you need a man in the house. LOL!!!


    Merryn Reply:

    YES! And I’m glad my little boy is so manly. Haha.


  • //

    That was so brave Ayden!


    Merryn Reply:

    He is, isn’t he? I was very surprised! :D


  • //

    Such a brave boy, saving distressed mum. ^^

    I hate roaches. I usually use something like broom or newspaper to kill them. Somehow aerosol doesnt work immediately and that annoy me even more. Lol.


    Merryn Reply:

    I DARE NOT smack it! Eeeeee… thinking of it oso makes my hair stand. Seriously geli of cockroach. Kenot and will never go near it >_<


  • //

    Ayden is such a brave boy and can help mommy a lot! Like Rose, I also use newspapers to kill cockroaches.


    Merryn Reply:

    I hope I have the courage to do that. I am extremely afraid of roaches. Dunno why. Everything about them is scary from their head to their hairy legs.. geli!


  • //

    Oh dear…. Ayden now is big enough to protect mommy Merryn, how sweet~~~


    Merryn Reply:

    I’ve been waiting for this day for so long. He is finally big enough to pick up roaches for me. Haha!


  • //

    Many nights ago I saw this video and had instant goosebumps over the crawling legs. Now I am braver to come back to comment. LOLOL
    Your son is so innocent and should not scare him like how my older siblings did on me. They frightened me about cockroaches, darkness, thieves and so on when i was a kid. It took me longer to overcome the fear.

    I used to boil hot water to pour into the drain at home to kill the cockroaches! My mum would scream at me for wasting water and her electricity! Wakakaka


    Merryn Reply:

    Haha. Sorry if I scare you away. Lol.

    I know right. The fear of darkness doesn’t usually come naturally. Children usually ‘learn’ to be afraid of darkness due to threat by the elders saying there are monsters out there and so on.

    I think I will boil water and pour into the drain too tomorrow, in case there are more roaches lingering around -.-


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