Fever and Fits

I am sorry for not answering or returning your calls, replying private messages, comments and more. I know everyone is concerned and wants to know what happened to us, particularly Ayden but I do not have time to explain to each and every one.

It was after midnight, 5 days after that horrifying ordeal that we are finally home again. So let me tell you what exactly happened.

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that the big brother Ethan had been under the weather. He had been having this horrible high fever that made him miss the entire week of school. We even sent him to get his blood tested for dengue but results were negative so he just stayed home to recuperate.

Little brother Ayden finally succumbed to whatever big brother Ethan was having as he woke up feverish on Friday morning. Noticing that the fever is as ferocious as Ethan’s, I pestered the Daddy to send us to the hospital to get Ayden tested too. Darling sent us home after the doctor took samples from Ayden for whatever tests required. He then went back to work.

Both the feverish Ethan and Ayden napped so I went into the kitchen to cook a quick dinner. I went to the living room to check on Ayden when I noticed that his body is extremely hot. I took the thermometer and the readings showed 39.6! I quickly grabbed a wet towel to sponge him. As I was frantically sponging him, he asked for milk. Before I could give him my breast or managed to do anything, he got into a fit; his entire body shaking so hard with his eyeballs rolled up leaving only the white eyes visible.

Not having experience this before, I panicked. I did not know what to do. I laid him on his side, press him down firmly hoping that he will stop jerking. He did not. I called out his name loudly, “Ayden! Please stop!” repeatedly that I woke Ethan up. Ayden’s lips started to turn blue. Seeing what is happening, Ethan started to cry.

I carried Ayden and pressed him hard against me hoping that it will stop the seizure. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally stopped shaking. His body went limp in my arms. I went berserk and cried, “Ayden come back to Mummy! Come back to Mummy!” but there was no response. His head hung low with his arms and legs dangled lifelessly. His body turned an eerie pale of yellow and his mouth blue black. He was not breathing. I wailed like crazy. I thought I’ve lost him.

Suddenly my instinct told me to perform CPR on him. I quickly cleared his air way and blow into his mouth. After several tries, he gasped out and breathe! I cried and cried of relief and placed him in recovery position but all that happiness was cut short as he was not responding to me.

I shouted for Ethan to call the Daddy. Ethan told him that Ayden stopped breathing. Darling almost went bonkers on the other end of the line but I was not able to talk to him. Having the line cut off, he quickly drove back towards home.

Clear liquid started oozing out from Ayden’s nose and mouth. I hugged him tight and called out his name. I held his head firmly with my two hands, made him look at me and asked if he knows me. All he did was gave me a blank stare and closed his eyes again.

That was when I grabbed the car keys while carrying the non responsive Ayden, lead the crying Ethan and ran to the car. This is me we are talking about. The girl who got her driver’s license after high school but never drive as she went straight to college in the city after that.

I buckled Ethan up, placed Ayden on his lap and told him to hold on to Ayden as the car seat was in another car. I drove like it is something I do everyday and called Darling to meet me at the hospital.

Ayden started to respond to me on the way to the hospital. He called out, “Mummy” and I cried tears of joy. I told Ethan to keep talking to him eventhough he was not answering us.

Doctor said they will need to admit Ayden for observation. I told Darling to get me some clothes and some basic necessity.

Ayden being wheeled to the ward

Ayden being wheeled into his room


Daddy brought some toys to cheer Ayden up

That night in the hospital room, I told Darling to go home with Ethan for the night as Ethan was still unwell then. He needed proper rest and sleep. Darling was undecided. He wanted to be with Ayden but he also needed to be with Ethan. After much persuasion, he finally agreed to go home with Ethan.

I did not sleep that night. I stayed up to monitor Ayden’s temperature. At 3.20am, Ayden started being feverish again.

fit attack

Feverish but still in high spirit at 3.30am.

Nurse came to give him fever med however his temperature did not subside. I kept sponging him but he remained at 38 – 39C. I requested for suppository but the nurses said they can only give it to him at 6am as they had just given him that at 11pm. It was 5.30am when I made my request. I argued that it is ok to just give him 30 minutes earlier as his temperature is really very high at 39.2C already. But they told me to wait and stop using my thermometer, looking at me like I am one of those annoying overly kancheong mother. I told them to call the doctor for approval of the supp.

At 5.40am as I was nursing (and still sponging) Ayden, he got into a fit again. I ran out of the ward carrying Ayden in my arms and shouted for the nurse. They hurriedly took him into their room and gave him oxygen while trying to force a tiny oxygen tube into his mouth. I could not believe it as here I am, seeing him shaking vigorously again. I kept calling out to him, calling out his name. The nurses called out to him too. Two minutes later he stopped shaking. The nurses quickly checked his pulse, oxygen level, pumped in more oxygen and do the necessary. I just stood there, holding his hands, never wanting to let him go.

He fell asleep right away but I did not want to let him sleep. I wanted him to respond to me first. I kept calling out to him. The nurses needed to see if he is responsive but he is not. NOW they inserted the suppository into him as his temperature was still 39.2. The next 40 minutes seemed like forever as I was still trying to get him to grab my hands or open his eyes. I kept saying to him, “grab mummy’s hand if you can hear me” or “open your eyes to look at mummy” or “nod your head if you can feel mummy’s hand rubbing your head” but nothing happened. Exactly an hour after the fit attack, Ayden opened his eyes. The nurses did some checks again and asked me if I want to transfer him back into our room. I said yes. They went back into the room with me. I cried while telling them that they should have just inserted the supp when I informed them his temperature was too high. They looked at me with a face of regret.

As both Ayden’s fits attack happened in less than 24 hours, the doctor needed to perform a brain scan on him.

MRI for toddlers

He was given a sedative to help him ‘sleep’ to go through the MRI scan. Looking at him loosing consciousness is so heartbreaking. We’ll have to go for a follow-up with another doctor for this later.

Cut long story short, I did not sleep for 3 nights to monitor Ayden’s temperature. The doctor stopped his medication on the 4th day and as he remained calm throughout, we were allowed to be discharged and go home on Day 5.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Thank you all who took the time to visit. A special thank you to my sister-in-law and her husband who helped us alot in this time of need.

Dont under estimate viral infection. Never take fever lightly and most importantly, learn first aid as we’ll never know when we will ever need it.

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    It gives me a panic attack as I was reading through the lines. Glad to hear the boys are doing fine now. Hopefully you will be able to get some rest now. Take good care.

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    Omg… Pray for Ayden and hope everything will be ok. And you too take care.

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    Oh dear I had heart attack reading this, i’m glad Ayden is okay… I am sure last few days were like a terrible nightmare for you! Seriously proud you manage to drive out during emergency like this although you have not been driving..

    Please rest well and I hope your two little boys and your big boy are doing well right now! You did a really good job Merryn..!!

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    This is so heartbreaking and every parent’s nightmare My heart was beating fast when I read your post. I am glad that the worst is over and everyone is recovering. Take care Merryn and boys *hugs*

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    wow, never knew that it was that serious! hope he’s fine right now, u should take care of yourself too

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    Oh gosh just reading through your post was really so worrying! Pray that Ayden gets well soon. Stay strong Merryn and take care! Hope to see all of you healthy, out and about again real soon :)

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    Oh dear, this must be such a harrowing experience for you! I have never experienced such scenario before. You are doing a great job, with all the driving and sending Ayden to hospital and stuff! Take care!

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    Oh! I cry reading your story, Merryn. So so unreal to have this happening to Ayden. Poor boy. You got the brain scanning result?? Hope doctor could find what is happening to him.

    My prayer go to you and your family. Hope both Ethan and Ayden are fine and well.

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    Wow, I dont know what I’ll do if I were you. You are a hero! Thank God for saving Ayden’s life. And you too. You saved him too!

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    You are a tough lady Merryn.
    I can’t imagine if i were in your situation.

    Take a good rest and take care to everyone in your family.

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    Get well soon Ayden n Ethan. God bless.

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    Glad the boy has discharged! Take k Merryn, big hugz.

    I know viral infection is scary, my elder daughter admitted hospital due to it while she was 2+.

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    Such an horrendous experience.
    Both my girls were down with very high fever recently too and you reminded me I should learn CPR.
    Your quick action saved him. just a thought.. Do you alternate ibuprofen with paracetamol. I do that when the fever is above 39c

    • //

      Hi Elaine,

      Yes, we alternate ibuprofen with paracetamol in the hospital after the second attack.

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    Get well soon.
    My kid has this issue as well earlier. After consulted almost 5-7doctors (which 3 of them is my cousin).

    Conclusion is as below:-
    Shower the kid whenever the fever cannot subside (after 38 – 38.5). Of course paracetamol as well.

    Shower from feet slowly up to head (body temperature water NOT cold water). Then slowly lower down the water temperature (make it cooler) after the body adapt to the temperature.

    5-10min shower will lower down the temperature….. if goes on for few rounds, then need to seek doctor ASAP as it’s usually viral/ bacterial infection.
    (If bacterial then needed antibiotic).

    Need to take good care till age of 7.
    As it will reoccur.

    Hope this helps.

    • //

      Hi Collin,

      I did shower him before the second attack as sponging did not help. Yet his temperature remained at 39. Maybe I did not shower him long enough :(

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    Hi Meryn,

    Thanks for sharing. Im sorry for what you have gone through. Last month my 1 year old boy had same thing with Ayden, fever and fits after done his MMRV injection. His fever wasnt that high, max is 38.4 but he got into fits too. Dr said it could be due to hereditary. After check with mine and husband’s family, we found out yes one of our cousins had that before. Hopefully the fits wont reoccur although Dr said there is 30% possibility of reoccurance until they are 6 years old then they will grow out of it. Be strong mama! I know how it feels.. sometimes my tear is still coming down from my eyes if i recall the incident. God bless us!

    • //

      Hi Jessica,

      I’m sorry your son had to go through this too. We will have to be more alert should they get feverish in the future :(

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    Hi, read your story via a shared post. I can totally relate to this. Had a very similar experience except that my son had 4 fit attacks within a 3-hour window frame. My paed’s ward was on high alert that day. I know that feeling of seeing our own kid’s consciousness slipping away. Glad to hear your son’s doing well now. I would say though if he has a tendency to have fits during high fevers, do always stay alert whenever he has fevers in the future. Paed’s advice ☺. Good luck!

    • //

      Oh dear Sher Lin,

      That is scary!

      The nurse transferred us to the room exactly opposite them so they can assist us better as the Daddy was admitted on Day 3 we were at the hospital leaving me alone to care for both the boys.

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    You are a brave mother and did not panic in the critical time that Ayden needed you. I wouldn’t dare to think about the consequences had you not perform CPR on him.

    May Ayden recover fully. And also Ethan. All of you take good care.

  • //

    Im glad Ayden is better. You can actually get suppository from the pharmacy but need to get the right dosage based on his weight and age. Please consult the doctor on the right dosage and keep it handy if you think it is ok to do so …and I hope Ayden recovers fully and will be better in no time at all. And you stay strong.. God bless.

  • //

    Oh dear…I teared while reading Ayden’s ordeal. Thank god he is ok now. Really proud of you for putting your fear of driving behind and drove to the hospital!

    Get well soon Ayden and Ethan! Hugs Merryn..stay strong and take care.

    • //

      Yoke Lin, how are you doing? Haven’t heard from you for a while. You are not in FB too. Hope all is well with you and your family.

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    Thank goodness Ayden is well again. So scary to read what had happened. Good thing you react fast enough. Hope he recovers fully.

    My son also just recovered from fever. Once went as high as 40C. But thankfully no fits, just very uncomfortable for him. Went to doc, had to take antibiotics (unfortunately got allergic reaction) and got better.

    Take care.

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    Was tears down when read ur story.
    I had tis experience back on 3 yrs ago when my boy was still 3 yrs old. Luckily is a fever fit n only attack once. Seriously it is really scary… till now I still scare n extra worried if he fever.
    Mommy u r so strong… Coz u still can drive. I shout crazily n on bare feet asking help on next door neighbor to drove me to hosp.
    Mommy keep on be strong… n wish Ayden recover soon n healthy all de time.
    Best wishes ..

    • //


      I was scared. I carried Ayden around not knowing what to do. But instinct told me to take the keys and drive to the hospital. I don’t know how but I managed to arrive safely.

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    Oh I do not know what to say but you are very strong mother! Glad that Ayden is OK now. I pray for your family.

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    Hi Collin,
    My 15mo also had fits. The strange thing is that he doesn’t have high fever before the attack. It happened twice when he fell down and got frightened. He will cry and hold his breath until lost consciousness. His lips will turn blue nd eye balls rolling up just like in Ayden case.
    My question is did your child really grew out of it by age 7? As a parent we are really worried and hoping he will grew out of it.

    • //

      Hi Eileen,

      In your boy’s case, could it be the fit was due to concussion from the fall? I hope he will grow out of it. I hope my boy will grow out of it too.

  • //

    Tq for sharing..speedy recovery to both of them. Both are brave boys..Mummy stay strong and hv a good rest. I had fits 3x when I was a baby. Mum said doc had to put me ice cold bath due overly high temp! Luckily recover with no brain damage.

  • //

    Brought tears to my eyes. Thank god all is well. Yes, it is a wake up call to refresh my CPR knowledge.

  • //

    It was heartbreaking to know the ordeal you have gone through with Ayden. Thanks God for he is recovering now. You are indeed a strong mom. Take care.

  • //

    Very proud of you handled the situation so well! Hope the follow up check up of Ayden is in the pink.

  • //

    That’s was a really panicky situation to handle, thank god for your quick response. Hope Ayden is well now..and back to his healthy self.

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    Oh no!!!!! That was terrible! Gosh!!! Must not let a fever go on till it results in a fit, may cause brain damage. You’re amazing! Most women would panic, not knowing what to do. I guess you have a clinical thermometer in the house. Stock up some kids Panadol too and those Kool Fever – with growing kids, you will need a mini dispensary in the house…and rush to the hospital or the clinic at the earliest opportunity. Poor poor Ayden!!! So kesian!!! Poor you too!!! Glad it is all over.

  • //

    Hi,glad to hear your son is recovering. That’s really good team mate son is experiencing same problem…did the MRI scan reveal any findings??whats d name of virus that causes d fever?

    • //

      Hi Adrian,

      The doctors do have some slight concern regarding the MRI scan result and adviced us to follow up with EEG after Ayden recovers.

  • //

    Which hospital? The nurses were locals? Did you ask the doctor to write a report on their inflexibility to situation?
    If I were to be in that situation, I will bang tables to get the doctor down immediately. You were very patient.

  • //

    Hi Merryn,

    Thanks for sharing. It is so scary when our young ones go through this. I have two friends that this happened to.
    My daughter a few months back when she was 3 years old, had fever up to 40degC. It floated around 38degC to 39.5degC for a few days and we were in and out of emergency. When she hit 40degC and even after paracetamol and suppository it didn’t go down we went in again and she was admitted. She didn’t have fits but she was really sick and I was going to risk her getting worse.

    So I fully agree with you. Don’t take viral infections likely and especially fevers for kids. Fevers aren’t the problem. It is just the body trying to fight the infection. But if the fever doesn’t come down after treatment then the body is sending a big alarm bell that it needs more help to fight the infection and bring the temperature down.

    One of the highest causes of brain damage in children is high fevers that aren’t brought into control.

    This all being said, be careful on the medication you give to kids after having sound medical advice. Ie the right dose for paracetamol for the fever and the right medication for the infection. Antibiotics for bacterial and antiviral if really needed. But most viruses the body can handle when it gets the rest and right foods to help it fight.

    Hope all is good for you and the little guy now.

  • //

    Do not cold-sponge a child who has a fever. This used to be popular but it is now not advised. This is because the blood vessels under the skin become narrower (constrict) if the water is too cold. This reduces heat loss and can trap heat in deeper parts of the body.

  • //

    Thank you for sharing. Last month my son (4 years 4 months) also admitted in hospital due to high fever. During the moment, nurses and doctor were very closed in checking for my son temp. Even 38.x , without doctor approval.. nurse will offer medicine… Once, I felt my son hot, I will inform nurse. They will immediately give my son medicine. Every 6 hours, they will check the temp and gave medicine for 24 hours. Until he’s fever get control. For my own opinion, the nurse in the hospital that you mention is a bit careless.

  • //

    Hi your story reminded me of my boy’s experience. I feel you…happened twice & the first time I ran into a&e like a mad woman screaming for help. Totally scary when my boy is not responding and foaming. Now whenever he has fever I still go into panic mode. The trick is to manage the fever and keep sponging and feeding meds. Shower doesnt work for me as the second time he had fit in the tub! And this is the only time I wished my son will grow up faster as doc say it will normally go off after 6 yo. He is 5 now… God bless u and you family and wish all mummies never experience this ever again.

    • //

      It’s really scary to see other children experience fits. My son is 3.5yr and he has 4 attacks up to this age. We have been backed up with different types of fever medicine for alternate. It is still scaring me whenever he is fever. we had an EEG check cos he has other tics problems. Lucky thing is he is normal and no epilepsy sign. Everything is getting better now, hope he grows up healthily and same to other children. Mummies that experience this have to stay strong. I truly understand your experience.

  • //

    I also from far praying for your kids and you. I always tell my friend don’t wait no more when kids have fever. Scary one. I know how you feel. Let you settle down everything only we chat ya. Take care and drink more water k. Weather is so hot.

  • //

    Merryn, my colleague’s boy suffered from the same thing like what you mentioned here. He was panicked like you too. He described to us when he returned to work. He said he almost lost his child when the fit attacked his boy. Oh boy! Now I read the same thing happened to Ayden. Again, I would say it was all due to the weather.

    Take care, Merryn, Thank God that they are well now.

  • //

    I’m glad that this is over for you and your family. Both my boys had a fit once. The 1-2 minutes when their eye ball roll up and turn pale, seems like forever to me. Take good care, Merryn.

  • //

    Oh my, that’s really scary what you have written there. Thank God you are quick to react and do the first aid and drive to hospital. Pray that both kids are well and healthy.

    Give you a big hug!!


  • //

    Hi merryn.yes it normally go off by age 7.Boys more likely get it.My big boy grew out of it at age 7.5

  • //

    Hi may I know how old is he when this happened? Will the children get it again when they are having fever in future cause the doctor told me is hard to say so I try to find advise. The fever is not very high but still having fits n I was really scare till now I cannot overcome it.

    • //

      Hi Michelle,

      He was 2 years plus when this happened.

      Yes, fever and fit may recur and yes, it may happen even when the fever is not high as we had experienced on another occassion. Hence for us, whenever he is down with fever, no matter how slight, we are put on high alert :(

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