Hearty Dim Sum Feast Showcasing Sichuan Knife-Shredded Noodles

We woke up early on Saturday morning for a preview of a hearty dim sum feast at Si Chuan Dou Hua, PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur. Hailing from the award-winning Si Chuan Dou Hua in Singapore, Master Dim Sum Chef Peng Yi Chun’s culinary showcase marks the launch of Si Chuan Dou Hua’s Dim Sum Feast, comprising a mouth-watering repertoire of 58 items available from 1 November 2014 to 31 January 2015.

Dimsum masterclass

Ethan taking notes during class ^_^

We were treated to a Dim Sum Masterclass by Chef Peng where we learned to dish out 3 of their signature items before the feast began.

Si Chuan Dou Hua’s hearty dim sum feast is specially designed by Chef Peng. The menu will feature Sichuan and Cantonese dim sum creations complemented by mains such as noodles, rice and vegetables cooked in different styles, as well as a variety of soups and desserts.

Kicking off the promotion, Guest Chef Peng will personally showcase the Sichuan art of knife shredding noodles in the restaurant from 1 to 9 November 2014. Requiring extreme concentration and precision, Chef Peng shreds strips of noodles from a piece of dough using a sharp blade in quick, successive strokes. These handmade noodles can then be enjoyed in two ways, either with the Chef’s Special Sauce or in Sichuan Chili Oil.

Home made knife shredded noodles

We were lucky to be able to witness first hand the rare art of knife shredding noodles.

Home made knife shredded noodles spicy

Home-Made Knife Shredded Noodles in Spicy Sichuan Chili Oil.

Home made knife shredded noodles chicken soup

Home-Made Knife Shredded Noodles in Chicken Soup

I ate both the spicy and the chicken soup noodles. It is my first time eating this and I must say that I love having the different texture of thick and thin together in a slice of noodles. This is because when cut with knife, the edge of the noodles is thinner while the middle is thicker, giving it such an interesting bite.

For this dim sum promotion, diners can handpick a selection of 28 items from the broad menu of 58 items at only RM58nett per person. Let’s take a look at the spread we had. We tried to eat up to 28 items but had to stop short at 20 because we were already bursting at our seams!

Pan-fried Pancake with Chicken Floss

Pan-fried Pancake with Chicken Floss

Our first selection is the pan-fried pancake with chicken floss and we love it. Crispy outer layer with soft and delicious filling of chicken floss inside. I have kids and with them, you can never go wrong with chicken floss.

Steamed Chives Dumpling

Steamed Chives Dumpling

Steamed chives dumpling is beautifully done. Just look at the translucent skin and generous filling inside.

Minced Chicken Dumpling wrapped in banana leaf

Minced Chicken Dumpling Wrapped in Banana Leaf

The signature minced chicken dumpling wrapped in banana leaf is one of the highlights of the promotion.

Minced Chicken Dumpling wrapped in banana leaf 1

Comes in a beautiful emerald green colour and filled with tasty minced chicken, the dumpling has a unique chewy texture.

Pan fried carrot cake with dried scallop

Pan Fried Carrot Cake with Dried Scallop

This was one of the items being taught in the masterclass earlier. The white radish are sliced thinly and lightly boiled till soft to remove the strong aroma before mixing into the flour mixture and steamed for an hour. It is then left to cool completely. The carrot cake is sliced and pan fried to sear the surface over high heat before serving. This is Ethan’s favourite. He ate two slices immediately from the Chef’s class plate!

Pan fried Minced Chicken Dumpling with Chives

Pan fried Minced Chicken Dumpling with Chives

Dim sum lovers will know this. There’s a Chinese name for this but I can’t remember it now. The dumplings are served together with a thin layer of flour batter that is lightly fried to form a beautiful showflake-like lid over the dumplings but yeah as you can see in my picture, I placed my dumpling over that lid instead :P

Steamed Celery Dumpling with Conpoy

Steamed Celery Dumpling with Conpoy

One of the most beautiful dim sum we had today. We call this the Goldfish dim sum as it is beautifully wrapped in a golden orange pouch. In case you are wondering, conpoy is dried scallop.

Boiled Mince Chicken with hot and sour sauce

Boiled Mince Chicken with Hot and Sour Sauce

This easily got my vote as the best item on the menu. Finally something hot enough for my tongue! I can’t have enough of this. Highly recommended!

Steamed Glutinous rice with Dried shrimp wrapped with yam

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Dried Shrimp Wrapped With Yam

Another of Ethan’s favourite. Blocks of glutinous rice delicately wrapped with yam. I realised that Ethan loves all the glutinous rice items. 



Did you notice that I have been eating my dim sum without chili oil except for the one with the hot and sour sauce? That is because I wanted to really get the original taste of all the dim sums instead of numbing my taste bud with chili oil but this dumpling above comes with the chili oil and is recommended to be eaten with that chili oil so I did. I actually tried it without the chili and find it okay also but I actually prefer the chili oil from this item:

Minced Chicken meat dumpling in chili oil

Minced Chicken Dumpling in Chili Oil

This has better tasting chili oil in my opinion. It’s spicy with a hint of sweetness in it.

Si Chuan Dan Dan Noodle

Si Chuan Dan Dan Noodle

Not to be missed is their signature Si Chuan Dan Dan Noodle. It is my second time eating this noodle here at Si Chuan Dou Hua and we actually learned how to prepare this dish earlier during the masterclass. 

Stir fried french beans with minced garlic

Stir fried French Beans with Minced Garlic

Besides dim sum, we also tried some of their vegetables. Many diners love this stir fried french beans and I must say that I love it too but I love the next dish better:

braised eggplant with garlic and chili sauce

Braised Eggplant with Garlic and Chili Sauce

I’ve always loved eggplant and braised in chili sauce is just perfect! I almost wanted to request for a bowl of rice to go with this but managed to refrain as I am saving my tummy for more glorious dim sums!

Steamed Glutinous Rice Ball with Purple Sweet Potato Paste

Steamed Glutinous Rice Ball with Purple Sweet Potato Paste

Besides the Goldfish dim sum, this got our vote as one of the prettiest dim sum today. Such an elegant piece of jewel, I felt reluctant to actually eat it but I did and it’s delicious! Sticky but really yummy :D

By the time we ate this, I am already having a dim sum coma. Ayden is already sleeping in my arms as we had been eating for 2 hours! So much for our attempt at trying to eat 28 types of dim sum. 

Home made fine bean curd with wolfberry

Home Made Fine Bean Curd with Wolfberry

We finished off our feast with my all time favourite – bean curd with wolfberry.

Fortune cookie

Oh, we also got a Fortune Cookie each at the end of our meal. My fortune says I am born with the skill to communicate with people easily. No wonder I am a blogger! :P

Priced at RM58 nett per person, the Dim Sum feast is available for lunch from 12.00 noon to 2.30pm from Mondays to Fridays and for brunch from 10.00am to 2.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 November 2014 to 31 January 2015. Special savings apply for selected bank card members. 

For dining reservations and enquiries, please call 03-21470088.

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  • //

    I just had dim sum this morning ^^

    I would like that noodle in clear chicken broth. Hehe. It was an experience to witness a chef at work.

    • //

      Yes it was a very nice experience. I love the noodles both in clear and spicy soup but if given a choice, I’d pick spicy. Hehe.. my tongue is very thick :P

  • //

    This is szechuan dim sum, very different from the HK dim sum that we used to had. I like the pan-fried sesame balls.

    • //

      Yes, these are very different and delicious as I love spicy stuffs. We love the pan fried sesame balls too. And the hot and sour dish. And the glutinous rice stuffs. And the cantik-cantik ones…. :D

  • //

    Read between the lines – you are born with the skill to communicate with people easily means you’re a born chatter box! Muahahahahahahaha!!!! Ahhhh!!! The knife shredded noodles! I saw on TV. Did you try shredding? Dim sum selections look great – chef from Singapore or from China?

    • //

      Hahahahahha ish!!

      Chef is from China but have been based in Singapore for 10 years now I heard. I did not get to try shredding noodles. Would love to try but I doubt I’ll be able to grab hold of the dough without squeezing it -.-

      • //

        Muahahahahaha!!!! You would end up squeezing it, eh? Old habits die hard, so they say! ROTFL!!!!

  • //

    I love dim sums! Really look good. I think I may go for this one. Thank you for sharing!

    • //

      These dim sums are really nice and unique. Just like Christopher mentioned, it’s unlike the ones we have every other day. Make sure you try the hot and sour dish *slurp*

      By the way, it starts from 1 November 2014 yeah :)

  • //

    Super yummy! I love the mince chicken with hot & sour sauce too. Can’t help having every bit of the broth!

  • //

    wooo… those dumplings look really good leh! :D

  • //

    Ayden boy must be very amazed by the knife shredding skill of that master chef huh :)

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