My unexpected Merdeka Baby!

Hello! I’ve been away unexpectedly as my baby decided to pop out 3 weeks earlier into this world.

What to expect

See, my ‘watermelon’ is not supposed to be born yet…

Just on Friday, 30 August 2013, I was at my sister’s place as my parents were in town for a wedding the next day. As usual, whenever my mother comes to town, she’ll cook up a storm for us. I was happily eating with every single family members present in my elder sister’s place. We went home close to midnight when I got the news that Klang Valley is under the threat of diesel spill and water supply being cut off. I checked my water supply to see that we still have water so I quickly proceeded to wash Darling’s working clothes in the washing machine. 

I went up to bathe while the washing machine was still running when I suddenly felt warm water gushing out from ‘down’ there. I panicked thinking that I just peed without realizing it! How embarassing I thought! Just as I was telling Darling what was going on, I ‘leaked’ again. I called my sister asking her how it felt when the water bag burst but she has never experience it before. I googled and the first thing I got was Google telling me – The Baby Is Screaming “Mommy I’m Ready To Come Out!!!” That wasn’t helpful at all. So I stood up to tell Darling when colorless and odourless water flowed SO MUCH wetting the entire floor! 

It was 1am. We panicked and immediately Darling told me to prepare to go to the hospital. He woke Ethan up and thank goodness I’ve already prepared my hospital bag just a couple of days earlier!

Darling drove me to the entrance of the Emergency ward and they offered me a wheelchair but like bodohs I insisted to just walk in! When they heard that my water bag burst, they insisted for me to sit on the wheelchair and wheeled me into the Labour Room. 

Monitor Heartbeat

Immediately they monitored my baby’s heartbeat. 

Baby Heartbeat monitor

The monitor. They also monitored my contractions. They asked me if I’m feeling any contraction to which I answered, “NO” but they said according to the chart, I am having contraction every 10 minutes! OMG! I don’t even know how contraction supposed to feel like! >_<

Finally after checking and confirming that my water bag has indeed broken, they told Darling to do the necessary to admit me as the baby will need to be taken out within 24 hours. 

Hospital Tag

At 2.55am on the 31 August 2013 I was officially admitted waiting for labour. 

Birthdate Merdeka Baby

I was put on drips. By 10am, they checked again and though I was having contractions and all, my cervix wasn’t open for labour. By 11am, I was wheeled into the Operation Theatre for a C-Sec. 

Thank goodness my eldest sister brought my parents over and all of them accompanied Ethan while Darling went into the OT with me. 

My little prince

After what seemed like an eternity in the OT, I finally get to kiss my little Prince. We are not actually that fair skinned, it’s just that the lights in the OT is extremely BRIGHT! 


My niece took this photo of my second baby boy shortly after birth. 

Grandpa, Ethan and Baby

Ethan and his grandpa with baby.

This little boy is an exact replica of his big brother. 

Everybody was shocked when I announced the arrival of my second son on Facebook as not many are aware that I was pregnant. Some even asked me why the silence. I shall stop here as I have to go get some rest but I’ll definitely continue with the story of why I kept the pregnancy to myself and only announcing the birth of my baby. 

Till then, I’m sorry if I don’t hop into your blogs for the time being. I’m still trying to adjust to the sleepless nights all over again! 

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  • //

    Congrats! I definitely know which hospital u went to! Welcome cute baby!

    • //

      Thank you Aileen. How do you know? What gives the answer? :)

  • //


    • //

      Thank you Sasha :)

  • //

    Why you sound like first time give birth 1 isk isk

    • //

      Coz with Ethan I tak experience all these mah…

  • //

    so your FB handler is ur niece all the while?

    Congratulations anyways! :) I am so proud of you hahahah jk jk**

    • //

      Kian Fai, nope. I was still the one updating my FB. My phone was with me all the time (except the part where I was cut open) and I was concious at all time wat.. Who says you cant beranak and FB at the same time? :P

      • //

        when u were cut open? >.< *i ada nightmare*

        • //

          As gory as the ones in Halloween that day? Muahahahahahaha.. :P

  • //

    Congratz! Blogger being blogger, can’t stop taking pictures even though she was in hospital LOL!

    • //

      Ken I was alone the first night so take some pics lor. But then again, I wasnt alone the rest of the days and yeah, still take pictures! LoL!

  • //

    So happy for you. Congratulation!!

    • //

      Thank you Anne

  • //

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read about the Part 2 of the story :)

    Latest: Pedas Springs Vacation

    • //

      Thank you Fish :)

  • //

    Congratz, it is a good news :)

    • //

      Thank you :)

  • //

    Congrats hehe..

    • //

      Thank you Sherry :)

  • //

    Take a good rest

    • //

      Thank you Angeline

  • //

    Congrats, Merryn! I tried commenting on your FB but somehow it just didn’t appear although I tried a few times. It’s amazing how you managed to keep this a secret for 9 months! Anyway, enjoy your confinement and rest more (although I’m eager to read more about your pregnancy and new baby hehe).

    • //

      Oh really? FB sot sot a bit sometimes :) Will blog more when I can squeeze the time :D

  • //

    Congrats once again! I didn’t know I was having contractions too when my water bag burst..hehe..but mine was natural birth. The nurse asked me tak sakit ke..haha,.

    Yeah..I’m very kepoh to know why you keeping yr pregnancy a secret.

    • //

      Wow! Yeah la, u tak sakit kah until can terus natural birth?

    • //

      Oh btw, Gwen was born in June while Ethan in July. Now Faith and my baby birthdates are just 1 day difference kan? :)

  • //

    Congrats! Very good news indeed. Merdeka boy

    • //

      Thank you Suria :)

  • //

    Congrats again! You didn’t feel any contractions but the chart says you were having contractions every 10 minutes? LOL!!

    • //

      What I felt was some ‘hardening’ of my stomach every once in a while la.. Didnt know that was contraction -.-

  • //

    Congrats! Ethan must be very excited to have a ‘didi’ to play with him from now on.

    • //

      Thank you :) Yes he is and he cant believe how his ‘didi’ looks so much like him!

  • //

    Your labour sounds like my first one. My water bag burst and I was not sure what it was. I was on drips too and I delivered my baby after contractions for almost a day.
    Anyway, you take care and enjoy your confinement!
    Very happy for you!

    • //

      Thank you Wenn. Though this is my second child, it’s my first time experiencing all these :)

  • //

    Congrats again. Ethan certainly looks happy – he must be thinking – good, now there’s someone I can bully…or great, now I can get my mummy out of my hair sometimes. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    • //

      Thank you Arthur. Well, Ethan is definitely happy. He has been asking for a brother for ages!!

  • //

    congrats!!!! wow baby merdeka….


    • //

      Thank you :)

  • //

    What an experience. But glad everything was alright. Congratulations again on your 2nd baby boy!!!

    • //

      Rose, and yours will be due soon right? I think ours should be around the same time if mine did not pop out so soon.

  • //

    I’m sure you have your reasons. Meantime, rest well and bond with baby. Cheers

    • //

      Thank you. And you know what? I dont drink coffee but when I was preggars, the aroma of coffee drives me crazy. Feels like taking a big, big sip but I always managed to refrained. Cheated on teh tarik instead.. -.-

  • //

    Seriously have no idea that you were pregnant until I saw the pictures on Facebook and I thought that was your friend’s baby and you were just joking. Hahahaha. Sorry Merryn. =X Took me awhile to realize that this is no joke. lol. Congratulations!!!

    • //

      Alo?!! We were in Genting when I was 5 months preggars and you dont know? LoL! Fuiyo…

  • //

    WHAAAAAAT didn’t even know you were pregnant! Hope all is well with you now. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! Now your new baby and my new baby can gang! :P

    • //

      Yeah can gang dy :)

  • //

    Reading your post makes me wonder…. How you give birth to Ethan? Hahahaha~~ You sounds like first time experiencing delivery..

    Pandai-nya your baby, everyone in Malaysia will celebrate his birthday with holiday every year!~

    It’s a secret meh? I know you’re pregnant what.. :p Looking forward for your story then..

    Welcome to the world, little cutie + Rest well during confinement mummy Merryn…

    • //

      Kylie, with Ethan I did not experience all these. Everything was pre-scheduled and all I did was to admit myself and get cut open and Ethan is out in half an hour…

  • //


    • //

      Thank you :)

  • //

    I did know you were pregnant bcoz you mentioned it in one of your earliest post. I remembered that the contractions and pains came after the doc broke my bag. My cervix took a long time to dilate but the labour wasnt long. Usually, when the bag breaks, u shud head to the hospital. In my case, i went in after sighting some blood spots on my underwear. Congrats again. Take care.

  • //

    haha ya I’m so surprise when saw your message posted on your FB. Congrats again ya and take good care of yourself too.

  • //

    Congras!!! Ethan must be over the moon!

    • //

      Thank you Evelyn. Ethan’s over the moon and all over the planets! LoL!

  • //

    same here, dun even know u r pregnant, i tot i silap read someone’s fb… anyway a big congrats to u, take good care on your confinement..

    • //

      Haha. Silap baca FB.. Sorry la, my bad for not announcing my pregnancy ^_^

  • //

    Sangat surprise!!! hhahaha!! welcome new baby and Ethan is finally gor gor now!!! Rest well during your confinement period la and and… cant wait for the next post about baby! :P

    • //

      Sangat surprise? You didnt know kah? We met so many times during screenings? I tot u knew when my hair jadi mushroom that time :P

  • //

    hahaha… so I’m the few ‘lucky’ ones…. now let’s go some ‘roller coaster’ ride… :p

    Nanti we come visit ya..

    • //

      Lol! Roller coaster no problem. Joms! Haha.. Yep, you are one of the lucky less than 10 la :D

  • //

    seeee!!!!! Henry didn’t believe me when I told him you were pregnant…cos I saw you after a movie screening and you were pregnant that time!!! lol goes to show that women are definitely more observant than men >.< congrats on your new baby boy! So awesome that his birthday is a public holiday!

    • //

      Maybe Henry tot I had too much food and put on too much weight instead ^_^

  • //

    The watermelon has landed. Congratz. For Merdeka Baby you would be expecting tons of watermelons every year at your doorstep, compliments from gomen.

  • //

    Congratulations again~
    I definitely can’t forget the feeling on contraction, OMG, really can’t describe by words~

  • //

    A big congratulations, Merryn! No wonder you’re so, so quiet here. I reloaded many times and no new entry meh… Enjoy your confinement period and sleepless night again after 6 years? Same like my scenario, Abang and Adik has 5 years gap. Eldest one normal delivery, youngest one(hope so), kena bedah lor…Tak sakit kan? :D

  • //

    Congrats…now you have 3 superheros to protect the submerryn. Happy confinement..

  • //

    Congratulations! Merdeka baby ya :)

    Enjoy your confinement days & best wishes to your baby~

  • //

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

    So CUTE!!!!!!

    And a merdeka baby summore! How special is that? OK, all babies are special but merdeka babies so special. :)

  • //

    Even I didn’t know you were pregnant /___\

  • //

    Congrats Merryn! I didn’t know you were pregnant.

    After you announced your baby arrival, then suddenly I recalled that you mentioned your darling called you hippo.

    I was wondering why he called you hippo, you such a petite lady.

  • //

    Hi merryn!!! Not sure if u still remember me but hey, congratulations!!!
    And I just wanna tell u that I totally experienced the SAME labour story with u on 25 march 2013!!! Like 98% same!!! The only 2% different was I was overdue by 5 days n baby had a ‘BIG’ weight. LOLLLLLL

    • //

      Hi Jacyn. We met in 1U right? Congrats on your bundle of joy <3

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