It’s a BREEZE!

Darling’s work clothes and Ethan’s play clothes are always the toughest to clean. It has stubborn stains on the collar, handcuffs and basically everywhere! Darling is on the go at all times and Ethan is forever an active and curious kid, exploring every little details. I can’t stop them from their daily routine but I need to ensure that their clothes are washed clean.

I always apply and rub liquid detergent onto the stains before dumping those clothes into the washing machine.


The clothes usually come out clean because I use BREEZE! Cheh wah! :P

Ethan always sees me doing laundry. Today, curiosity gets into him and he asked me why I always apply liquid detergent onto the stains before washing.

To let him understand better, I let him conduct an experiment. It was our little Science project :D


I cut my old school uniform into a mini shirt shape and let Ethan draw lines on it using a crayon.


Then I gave him a pair of gloves and a ¼ teaspoon for him to scoop and rub the liquid detergent onto the stain.


He enjoyed rubbing the cloth together and sees little bubbles forming :)


He then placed the cloth into a shaker.


I can move it, move it!


Use a pair of tongs, transfer the cloth to another container (pre-filled with 300ml tap water)

And finally, rinse it.


The cloth is CLEAN again! MAGIC! Haha.. He was very impressed at how the crayon stains can magically disappeared!

It was so fun that we repeat the process using cotton t-shirt this time.


Again, the stains magically disappeared! The cloth is CLEAN again without any residue left!


Happily he hung both the shirts to dry :)

He enjoyed that little science project so much that he volunteered to help me do the laundry.


He poured a capful of Breeze liquid detergent into the washing machine.

Did I tell you that I’m a sucker for fabric softener? I can never have too much of them as they give our clothes up to 14 days of long lasting freshness. I also find it easier to iron the clothes if they are rinsed with fabric softener especially Comfort Ultra’s as it prevents clothes from losing its shape.

Comfort ultra

Here is Ethan trying to decide which fragrance he should use.


He picked the Comfort Ultra Morning Fresh softener as he loves the refreshing fragrance. I love every scent but always use only the Green Comfort Ultra if I wash our bedsheets and towels as it has anti bacterial properties.


Just pour the softener into the compartment and the washing machine will automatically rinse the clothes with the softener during the last cycle of rinse.

Now that stains are no longer a barrier to Ethan’s learning and development, he’ll get to be curious, explore, develop and ultimately unleash his human potential.


Dirt is experience, dirt is good. It is only when you are free to get dirty that you truly experience life and develop.


breeze giveaway

Okay, here’s how you can get hold of one of the 6 sets of Breeze products.

Tell us what is the toughest stain you’ve successfully tried removing and 6 lucky readers will walk away with a set of Breeze products each to combat your toughest stains! (Winners will be announced after 7 days)


The contest is now closed and congratulations to the winners:

1) siew lai ching
2) Jovin
3) Jess
4) Shahzeeq Shahren
5) J_Fish
6) lim yee pee

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  • //

    There’s one stain that I’ve never removed.. It’s a latex stain.. I mean, as a rubber tapper, the latex will always sticking to the clothes, and there’s no way removing em.. -_-..

    Wey, child labor ke?? :p..

  • //

    Wahhhh!!!! So good kah! Must go and buy now…

  • //

    Happy New Year, Merryn!!
    The toughest stain I’ve tried removing is those red red thingy that we get every month!!!
    Especially when it’s left for few days then cannot remove ady so sometimes I just bleach them LOL

  • //

    The toughest stain? the ‘marker ink’ that my princess love to play those chop chop and she love chopping on her baju and hands!!!

  • //

    Happy new year Merryn!
    This is also a good activity to involve the kids hor? ;)

    Hmm, toughest stain.. My son’s poo poo.. =_=

  • //

    Oh, I have three Grown Up kids but that doesn’t mean they don’t dirtied their clothing.. They can be much worse than the smaller ones.. hahaha.. My son keeps asking me for a solution to bleach his favourite creamy colour pants which was “tragically” stained with Chocolate Matte! The whole cup was spilled over all on the table and onto his beige pants… sigh.. so far, the patch is still there.. wonder if the Breeze can send its solution to his “dilemma?” :)

  • //

    Happy New Year to you and your family Merryn!!

    The toughest stain that I have ever remove is INK stain. It is normal ingredients that you can get it easily from your kitchen. Vinegar + Baking Soda…. Just rub a paste of vinegar + Baking Soda on the stain and let it dry and wash it.

  • //

    Toughest stain is the red red thingy that we get every month. Sometimes I almost fed-up removing it and just use bleach to remove it. If really can’t just throw it away. Hope breeze can help me with this :)

  • //

    The toughest stain ever is the sweat stain (same like you), i always facing this problem washing my husband sweat stain behind the neck and the armpit area. I also try to rub many times before putting it into the washing machine, end up still the same result the stain remaining there.

    And also those stain from the Mangosteen, when kids accidentally drop it on the sofa which is white color then you never can get rid of it.

  • //

    Wow! Ethan can do all the laundry now!

    The toughest stain I’ve successfully tried removing was oily stain. I just pour some powder on the oily stain before I do the normal washing……

  • //

    Hi Mak Ethan,

    the toughest stain? My baju kena engine oil kereta. Last week pi workshop dan terduduk atas kerusi yang tertumpah minyak hitam, rasa mau nangis already.

    So I cuci 2 kali dengan clorox colour + 2 kali Comfort softener. Ermm hasilnya? teriffic moi. Dah payah iron lagi, terus je pakai.

    Licin dan wangi plak tuh..


  • //

    The toughest stain i’ve ever removed was spillage of sambal tumis on my shirt and my table cloth! After soaked it overnight with Breeze Liquid Power Clean & Vanish stain remover. Second morning, just rub it and da lang~ no more stain, solve the pain! :)

  • //

    Wow! Ethan can be super great helper at home!! :-)

    The toughest stain I’ve successfully tried removing was chocolate ice cream and brownies Kyle just love chocolate everytime when we are having meal outside. Cant get it done on the spot as need to wait till get home. Sometimes forgot to remove it immediately when we reached home. Imagine, after a day, the stain so stubborn!! :-(
    I will still put some pre-wash on the stain before I do the normal washing, and yet sometimes need 2 times washing!!

  • //

    Haha, I guess your supplies for laundry is pretty much covered? hehe. Parental Guidance movie review

  • //

    the toughest stain…

    ialah bila anak balik dari asrama baju kurung putih ada calaran pen marker..tension nak bersihkannya. Kena bubuh minyak gas dulu..pastu gosok kemudian baru rendam.
    Rendam pun kena 2-3 kali baru hilang bau minyak tu.

  • //

    I use TOP.. make sure the clothes not “chow suk” lol
    happy new year to you and your family

  • //

    the toughest stain is pet stains.The odour is super duper bad odour and hard for me to clean.I must close my nose then clean with water first.then put some detergent..brush it..clean with water again..until no odour ..so hard..

  • //

    Been using Breeze & Comfort like forever because they are great & affordable

    The toughest stain would be those engine oil that I got from public bus when I took them to go for class. Worst still its my favourite white dress.So I rub breeze for like few minutes before soaking them. I usually soak it overnight! And it works wonder seriously! And I have been using this method to clean off any stains, be it food, dirt, sweat, blood and red wine.. never once I fail!

  • //

    Happy New Year!

    The toughest stain I have successfully removing will be definitely permanent ink stain. Firstly I would spray the stain with HAIR SPRAY (yes!…it works). Then immediately dry it with a clean cloth, repeat until the stain disappears. Finally, just proceed to wash the with ever trusted Breeze Liquid detergent. Hope this will spark an idea!

  • //

    kunyit powder stain … managed to clean with chlorox but have to really scrub.
    Any other alternative? I believe Breeze CAN :)

  • //

    hmmm, you have now a reader who doesn’t even know how to operate the washing machine at his home, hahahaha!! but i think we are using breeze at home, if not mistaken..

    eih, that little baju so cute lah.. i was thinking maybe my Fing-Fing could have one, hahaha!! :D

  • //

    Nice write up, Merryn.

    Both my husband and I were doing sport, so obviously the worst stain and the most stinking smell would be from our heavy sweating sport attires.

    I have to soak our sport attires with detergent separately over night, then only I put them into the washing machine to rinse again.

  • //

    The toughest stain would be rust stains that got on my white shirt as a result of hanging things on the outdoor line. I realized that using bleach will make your white shirt turned yellow so the only way I could think off was to send it over to Jeeves at intermark. They took the shirt to their HQ and threw in some treatments and it came back much better. There is still a stain though but not very visible. Another one would be stains from eating sizzling steak !! The sauce start sprinkling on your shirt and gone case redi. All i did for this was a quick soak and its good to go! I think the type of twill matters as well when it comes to stain removal.


  • //

    Toughest stain? It has to be old blood. Or even a day old blood stain.

  • //

    Oh, and milo stains are hard to wash also… So you can imagine how I scream at my boy for wiping his mouth on his sleeves after drinking milo!

  • //

    Toughest stains? I think mine is the sweat stains on the collars. Must scrub to remove them! Can they be removed without scrubbing? : )

  • //

    The toughest stain i’ve tried removing are those ink by the pens and markers left on the clothes when my boys finished their drawings. Not only they drew on paper, they drew on themselves and the shirts they are wearing!

  • //

    I’m with Irene! Blood is almost impossible to wash off – one of my favorite white shirts was ruined coz it was stained by my own blood. :x

  • //

    hmmm for me, probably it would be pen ink! i dunno why, my pen always seems to be leaking in my pants, my shirts, my bag, my pencil case!

  • //

    Toughest stain? NONE! Never heard or seen any and also not even in Bananaz’s dictionary at all..;.

  • //

    The toughest stain I’ve ever had were caused, ironically by undiluted detergent. –_________–lll When I was in uni the washing machines didn’t have a special slot for detergents so I just poured it directly on my clothes. It took a few washes to finally realize what caused the stain, so that year, a lot of my clothes had white blotches all over. =/ It took about a year for everything to fade.

  • //

    Hai Merryn,salam perkenalan dan selamat tahun baru.disini ingin berkongsi bersama kisah kami sekeluarga dan Breeze.isnin adalah hari terakhir anak-anak bercuti sekolah,jadi petang tu 3 anak lelaki ku keluar bermain bola walaupun padang basah dan berlumpur.”kata mereka esok dah sekolah la ibu,nanti tak dapat main bola lagi…”balik petang tu mereka semua diam-diam masuk ke rumah takut dimarahi kerana seluar dan baju mereka penuh berlumpur.bukan tu saje,muka mereka pun berlumpur….lalu ku menyuruh mereka kumpulkan semuanya dalam satu baldi.mereka bertanya “ibu tak marah ke?”lalu ku menyambut “buat apa nak marah Breeze kan ada…”mereka tersenyum sambil mengucapkan “terima kasih ibu dan Breeze kerana memudahkan tugas ibu…”

  • //

    But I just bought top!

  • //

    The toughest stain that I’ve tried removing is the sweat stain on my brother’s shirt especially at the armpit area which makes me totally frustrated as the stain will still remain on the shirt even after rounds of scrubbing.

  • //

    The hardest stain to remove? My son came home and there were ballpen ink stains on the back of his white uniform shirt. Huhuhu… my worst fear… seems there was an “accident” in school and his shirt was the victim.

    Then I remembered that I had just purchased a bottle of Breeze. I rubbed a little of the liquid detergent onto the shirt and washed it the next day and Voila! The stain was gone… phew! Sure glad Breeze came into my life at the right time :)

  • //

    I’m a D-I-Y guy who loves repairing his own stuff, be it household items or even anything to do with my car.

    My wife always has this fear that my clothes would get terribly stained and that we’ll not be able to save my shirts or shorts. That day after I changed some car parts, I ate some curry mee and guess what? My shirt had grease and curry stains so I quickly applied some Breeze liquid detergent on them before washing.

    Luckily the stains disappeared!

  • //

    The toughest stain i have tried to remove is mangosteen juice stain on my daughter’s favourite dress. Used vinegar on the spot before placing it in the wash. My daughter still goes out in her favourite dress.

  • //

    The toughest stains I ever remove from my clothes was old curry and turmeric stain. Leaving it overnight with some liquid detergent then wash it yet the stain faded but not completely varnish. I try few more wash which might damage my favourite clothes, lucky I found Breeze liquid detergent, it easy to remove even the toughest stains. Now I let my children to explorer more and get dirty as I not afraid of stain anymore.

  • //

    Blood stain.. I actually use lux soap to wash it off.. =/ I tried using baking powder as well to wash it off. =D Happy new year!

  • //

    The toughest stain I’ve tried to remove was a single drop of clear lipgloss on my brand new white pants! Unbelievably, clear lipgloss stains are incredibly difficult to get rid off as it will seep into the cloth and discolors the spot. We don’t use Breeze at home so the stain took months of repeated cleaning to slowly fade away. What a shame. I bet it’d go off in one wash if I had some Breeze and a nice Softener to complement it.. *hint hint ;D

  • //

    My mother taught me this trick years ago, as early at the age of 10. I like to behave like a mechanic. I like to play with grease, nuts and screws.My mother put her hands off (tak boleh tahan)to get rid the grease’s stain from my shirt everyday. I found it very helpful, and don’t mind if you guys want to follow it.
    1.Once you saw your garments stained, quickly grab a talcum baby powder and pour onto the stain.
    2. Kindly use brush and flow thru water to rub off the stain.
    3.Then, i use Breeze powder detergent approximately about a size of 50 cent , rubbed it together for 2-3 minutes. Wala! You can have your nice shirt again.

    Well, after reading your articles, i am interested to use Breeze liquid detergent and ultra comfort’s variants for my cloths. We can mix the olden ways with new inventions. I believe with Breeze as it trusted for generations. 3times better remove stain that powder can’t. Plus, with the new fragrant of Ultra Comfort series, my cloths will fresh, fragrant all day long. No worries on stain anymore.

  • //

    Toughest stain so far – the “mixtures” that my kids created during their “free” time. I was letting the 3 of them playing inside their bilik mainan so that I can have some peace and quite time watching my movie (face palm)… They came out with colourful stains on their clothes. When asked, everybody just shrugged their shoulders…. It turned out to be a mixture of water colour, crayon particles, chalk dusts, marker pen ink and magic pen – that they happily mixed and all dumped in the plastic bowl. I spent the night scrubbing the stains from their clothes, to no avail. I soaked the clothes in detergent & softener for 2 days, and the stains came off. phewwwwwwwwww… now i will always conduct a spot-check when they are in their bilik mainan

  • //

    the toughest stain is the color that was transferred from a newly bought jeans ! it amazingly removes the stain

  • //

    The toughest stains I ever remove from my clothes was CPO (Crude Palm Oil). One day at my working places when i do my work the CPO spill on my shirt. My freinds told me the spillage hard to remove. I’m very sad to hear about that. When comeback to home i used Breeze liquid detergent rubbed it together and soaked it for one night. Next morning i just rub it. Now i can have a nice uniform again. I trusted Breeze liquid detergent because not afraid about stain anymore.

  • //

    The toughest stains i ever remove from my husband clothes was impurities caused by food.My husband was a chef.When he come back from work, i usually saw dirt on my husband clothes and the clothes was smelling food.When he come back, i used Breeze liquid detergent rubbed it together and soaked it overnight.Next day i just rub it. My husband can used the clothes again.I was not to worried anymore because i have Breeze liquid detergent which should eliminate any impurities.Breeze liquid detergent was awesome..

  • //

    The toughest stains I ever remove from my clothes was machines oils and grease. This is the common stains i saw on my husband cloth and pants after finish work. But don’t worry if you are facing the same problem like me. Here are some tips that can help to remove easier. Dip the cloth in warm water for about 20 to 30 minutes after that take out the clothes apply the butter for affected area. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash the cloth with Breeze. If you want to let the cloth or pants to become soft and good smelling, try to apply comfort ultra Pure..

  • //

    bagi saya kotoran degil adalah dr org yg saya sgt sayang anak dan suami. anak saya brusia 2 thn kalau mkn… nak suap sendiri x nak org tolong , dia paling suka makanan yg ada beasaakan coklat,apalagi kalau tgn dah kotor lap kat bajulah jawabnya kadang2 atas kepala adik, kesian adik. suami pula suka sangat memasak dan dia berniaga juga. masa memotong ayam,ikan dan kambing pakaian terkena percikan darah … apabila balik berniaga pakaian berbau asap dan hapak ,tp saya x kisah semua masalah tu. cara mudah pakaian yg terkena noda sukar tu terus d basuh bersama breeze. breeze boleh menangalkan kesan kotoran yg mendalam dengan cepat dan meninggalkan wangian segar.

  • //

    As a laundry operator, the toughest stain to remove got to be “a colour run” from other coloured clothing.

  • //

    The toughest stain I’ve successfully tried removing – the stain of rusty badge.

    I love to wear nice brooches on my t-shirts, my naughty lil’ girl thought I would love to have her old school badge hooked on my newly bought white shirt too. Oh my, imagine the rusty stain on a plain white shirt?

    I felt depressed, almost wanted to scold my daughter, but luckily I hold it back. My shirt was dirty, but I couldn’t imagine if my relationship with my daughter become ‘dirty’ with just a small incident.

    Next, for fun and for the hope to remove the stain, I found lime and lemon in the fridge, I cut it and my daughter squeezed the juice on the stain with mixture of detergent powder. Wow! after a fun ‘bath’ time with my daughter rubbing and brushing the shirt, the stain disappeared.

    I wonder what’s the cleaning theory behind, I was thinking, perhaps it was the special ‘power’ God granted me a present for having high EQ :)

    Merryn, you’re right, dirt is experience, dirt is good!

  • //

    working as a part time baker from home is a bless job.But normally after I done with the decorating cake the toughest moment is to remove the colouring stain from my apron or my wipe cloth.Normally I have to soak it with warm water and bleach ..but still the stains remain.. can breeze help?

  • //

    The toughest stain I have successfully removed was stain of tomato sauce. I used Breeze and soak it for overnight, and then washed it clean and I could see the stain is not that obvious….after cleaning a few times, the stain was almost GONE.
    Breeze has definitely do a great job for my cloth stains.

  • //

    it has got to be those machinery oil stains that my husband got on his shirt while doing his round and hands on at the customer’s site

  • //

    The picture just above “He poured a capful of Breeze liquid detergent into the washing machine”
    Is that really how we suppose to put the liquid detergent?
    I’ve always wondering what is that slot for…
    Never used that thing.

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