Hot Gossip @ Parkroyal KL


It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the gang and I felt like we needed some sizzling hot gossip to perk up our day. So we got into our cars and drove all the way to Parkroyal KL.

Hot Gossip café, Parkroyal KL

Hot Gossip café, Parkroyal KL.

Main Lobby, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 2147 0088 Fax : 03 2147 0099
Website: http://www.parkroyalhotels.com/
Operating Hours:
Daily – 8.00am to 8.00pm

Hot Gossip is a trendy café that serves hearty sandwiches and pies. Besides sandwiches and pies, Hot Gossip café also serves a Japanese selection of ‘makis’ (ideal for a healthy snack) and a  fine selection of cheese. It also serves ice-blended coffee drinks, espresso, specialty latte, high-grade teas and fruit smoothies.

Ethan with our spread of sandwiches and pies (^_^)

The first thing that caught my eyes as I stepped into the cafe are the chocolates. Trays and trays of mouth-watering chocolates entices me from behind the window panes..

White Ganache with Fresh Raspberry

White chocolate with a Tart of Passion Fruit Zing

Bursting Berry

Creamy White Chocolate Truffle

Priced at RM2.20++ each, they are really too tempting to resist.

Look who is extremely happy to get FOUR chocolates?  Sugar high on a Sunday morning ^_^

I’m a bread person. I can live having bread and not rice the entire day. Sandwiches are my favourite and since Hot Gossip’s Hearty Sandwiches are the newest gourmet sandwiches to hit town I just have GOT to try them.

Curry Egg Mayo Sandwich

The oversized sandwich looks so good that I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into them. I was puzzled at the word ‘curry’ in the menu and when I took a look at the sandwich it doesn’t seem like it has any traces of curry in it. But one bite and burstful flavors of bombay curry exploded in my mouth. Savory to the end, this is easily my favourite!

Chicken Cilantro

Cilantro is the leaves of the Coriander plant and also known as Chinese Parsley.

Ethan loves this chicken cilantro sandwich. The chicken is very tender and moist. I’ll definitely get this again for Ethan on my next visit.

Crab Mayo

Darling is a seafood lover so I know he’ll love the crab mayo and also Thai tuna sandwich and I’m right! With crisp iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and some secret ingredients, this has got to be the crab sandwich of your dreams.

Thai Tuna

Same goes with the Thai Tuna sandwich. If you are bored with just another tuna sandwich again, Hot Gossip gives the tuna sandwich a new twist by bringing a taste of Thailand to it. Tasty and very appetizing I don’t mind having seconds or even thirds of this.

Chicken Tandoori

This aromatic tandoori chicken sandwich is a pleasant surprise. We Malaysians just have GOT to add spice in everything that we eat and even while having sandwiches we MUST have tandoori to go with it :D

Good sandwiches need good bread and all of the above sandwiches are deliciously satisfying because of their thick, soft and moist bread. I love my sandwich bread to be soft and not those hard as wood type so the breads here goes very well with me and the rest of the gang.

Now let’s take a look at their pies. Hot Gossip’s Hearty Pies are a medley of generous hot piping fillings in a ‘blossoming-like’ pastry.

Chicken cream pie

Moist chicken pieces drenched in cream served with fresh salad and coleslaw. I like it!

Beef & Mushroom pie

Darling doesn’t take beef so he really missed out on this as this beef and mushroom pie is awesome! I love the thick and tasty gravy so much that I kept on dipping the pastry in it. So yummy!

Irish stew

Irish stew is a traditional stew made from lamb or mutton. The basic ingredients are simple – lamb, potato, onion and carrot, but the result is a hearty and warming dish which the Irish have enjoyed for generations. Now we can enjoy it too and having this in a beautifully blooming pastry is simply delightful.

Exotic watermelon fruit smoothie

While I enjoyed the sandwiches and pies a lot, I don’t really fancy my watermelon fruit smoothie. It is too sweet for my liking. I wish they could cut the sweetness level by half..

Caramel chocolate

 Darling’s caramel chocolate which he thought to be a tad too sweet too. Guess we are just not a sweet tooth person.

I love how the sugar look like. These are sugar for your tea. I don’t take any of those as my drink doesn’t require them :P

They also have a wide selection of cheese. Though I love cheese a lot, I just can’t take blue cheese. Try as I might, I just can’t digest it. The rest of the cheese are yummy though :D

Sausage Roll

I just can’t have enough of the sausage roll. The sesame seed is what nails it. I super love this!

Chef’s special curry puff

The chef’s special curry puff is another must have! The secret is in the pastry. One bite and you are sure to be hooked and request for another…

Apple Raisin Danish and Banana Danish

The apple raisin danish is simply delicious. What can I say? I love pastry and having all of the above is just so heavenly for me. It is my dream come true having spent my Sunday morning like this.

Haagen Dazs – Strawberry Cheese Cake

Darling decided to spoil Ethan further by getting this for him. He made the right choice though as the Strawberry Cheese Cake ice-cream is simply out of this world. I know we have got to get this flavour again soon!

Fruit rojak

Hot Gossip boasts that their rojak is very famous so we can’t really leave without trying them and sure enough, the prawn paste used in the rojak is sinfully thick and tasty. The secret has got to be in the prawn paste!

Fruit yogurt

Last but not least, a bowl of Hot Gossip’s home-made fruit yogurt to end our brunch. The combination of jackfruit to go with the yogurt is superbly marvellous!

What a lovely meal in Hot Gossip on a beautiful day! Its casual atmosphere contributes to a perfect place for a quick bite or a small chat. The cafe also offers complimentary Wi-Fi for its dine-in patrons, perfect for people like ME! :D

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  • //

    *pengsan* … dont know which one to choose and eat.. i doubt i can finish one of them… but dont mind nibbing here and there… :)

    • //

      Claire, can finish one.. u bite bite.. gossip gossip.. bite bite.. gossip gossip.. without knowing it u've eating the entire sandwich PLUS a pie somemore! haha..

  • //

    yummy!! look so sedap ALL!! :D

    • //

      yeah… VERY!

  • //

    All look so tempting! So spoilt for choices. I'll be so confused and don't know which one to choose if I'm there. LOL.

    • //

      Don't worry lah. U go there, u see the ingredients and you can make your sandwiches according to your personal preference :) YUMS!

  • //

    wow, i just love it!! i love to see a lot of food for my breakfast, and big big portions too!! hahaha.. both sandwiches and pastries looks good, my point of weakness for resistance, will want to eat them all!! :D

    • //

      I breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper.. so this suits me VERY WELL :D

  • //

    oh damn they look sooooo good!
    especially the choco balls! yum! :D

    • //

      oh yes the balls are awesomely GOOD! :)

  • //

    I love the first pic of Ethan with all the food!! He is like saying… "Its all mine, mine mine!! Yay.. "

    Great day hanging out with you that lovely Sunday… we should do this more often. :0)

    • //

      we should really!! Am planning for that dip in the infinity pool.. let's do it ONE day! :D

  • //

    A lot of food o..

  • //

    oh my!!! i love those too! subway!!! TT
    hmm. but it must be expensive right?

    • //

      Henry u wanna kena lepok is it? ppl talking about Hot Gossip n u go Subway-ing here .. haha.. as a punishment, u must go get me a submarine sandwich now! bluek! :P

  • //

    I'm not a bread person but the pic in your post really looks very very tempting.

  • //

    You really having alot recently…Strawberry Cheese Cake somemore

    • //

      The Strawberry Cheese Cake is for Ethan :P

  • //

    Mmm, all the food looks great and yummy!! Definetely perks up your day~

  • //

    Alamak….banyaknya!!! The sandwich is really something to die for. I dont mind to have it everyday!

  • //

    Looks so yummy!
    Ha ha…..I"m like you. I like cheese but when it comes to blue cheese…..Yuck! Cannot telan at all. (Made the mistake of ordering salad with blue cheese in Chillis last time and ended up wasting it)

  • //

    Wipe my saliva away now. All look so good.

  • //

    The egg filling was really full to the brim, man!

  • //

    This is agreat place.. Food looks awesome… Huge… Must try.. :)

  • //

    oh my so many sandwiches and pies! they all look so yummilicious~

    Ethan got a fun day of sugary high? :p

  • //

    Fruit rojak was one seriously good local fare. The sauce is just so mesmerizing. Quite tempted to forget my manners and lick the plate clean:D

    Lovely that they even have cheese platter. *Burp*

    Its actually a brilliant place down town. Smack in the city centre but it was nicely tucked "up there" and quiet.

  • //

    wuaahhh!!!!! at those food

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