Snorkeling at Redang Island

Our 3D/2N Redang trip is inclusive of 3 snorkeling trips – twice at the open sea and once at the Marine Park. Rental of life jacket and goggles are at RM15 respectively. RM5 Marine Conservation fee per person is to be paid for the Marine Park visit.

We went for the open sea snorkeling trip first. We did not bring our camera with us to the open sea hence no pictures of the journey whatsoever. However, we got our pictures taken underwater by the photographers there. We paid RM5 for each pictures that we like. Ethan did not go down for the open sea snorkeling. The large open seas is a little over-whelming for the little guy…
Open Sea Snorkelling

Here’s da Submerryn attempting an underwater pose! Say ‘Cheese’! Click!

Open Sea snorkelling

Here’s Darling having his ‘parts’ eaten by the fish! Hehehehehehe… Ticklish-kah Darling? :P

Open Sea Snorkel

And then he tried to be Superman and got rid of his goggles and tried opening his eyes in the saltwater! Hah! This is the result! Tsk tsk…

Then the next day, we ‘One-Happy-Family’ went to the Marine Park. This time we brought along our camera :D

Ethan getting on board the boat. It took 15 minutes from Laguna jetty to the Marine Park.


He had fun throwing bread into the sea and watching fish eating them until the fish came too close…

Feeding the fish

Then Darling had to take over as Ethan doesn’t like the ticklish feeling of the fish nibbling his feet.. haha…

feeding fish

The higher Darling carried him, lagi clear he can see the fishes! Lagi he geli

feeding fish

Lagi jadi koala… clinging on for dear life..

Hehe.. I’m so bad. I told him if he clung on to Daddy like that the fish will jump and bite his backside… Sigh.. LAGI-LAH he SCARED!!! @_@

So fish doesn’t fascinate him. Too big and too ticklish he said!  Should have just shove a muray eel to him! >_<

So Darling went snorkeling in Marine Park while I played sand with Ethan. The sand at Marine Park is not as fine as the sand at Laguna but still okay.


Back at Laguna Redang Island! He loves best playing the fine, white sand.. The sand is so fine and fluffy, I love it too! :D

Darling playing with Ethan.

I made him a sand birthday cake as he will be celebrating his birthday end of this month. My boy’s turning 4 soon! :D

He loves his cake so much he wanted a hug! Aww.. <3 <3 <3

Then suddenly he turned and.. MUACKS! He gave me a KISS! Awww….. *heart-melt*

Love you so much Ethan! We had lots of fun on the beach and wish that it will never end…

Coming up next – Darling went scuba diving!

Check out our earlier post on Laguna Redang Island Resort here.

Before I go off, check this out!

Submerryn sandcastle

Boo! Hahaha… Ini-lah kerja Darling! :P

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  • //

    Hey… The shop at the resort next to Laguna sell disposable underwater camera for rm50.

    The photo of the family shadows is very creative….

    Last time I put additional arm float on both my daughters when we went deep sea and marine park. Arm float will help them to balance better in water. They enjoy swimming while we adult enjoy snorkeling and stay together… Hehe….

    • //

      Hi Linda,

      Yeah we know but I've never liked using disposable cameras. The one taken by the photographers are very sharp and clear and we don't mind paying RM5 for each ;D

      We brought along the arm float, but Ethan just doesn't like the fish nibbling him! sigh…

  • //

    wah! I love the last photo! haha :P

    • //

      hehe… hubs been notti! :P

  • //

    What else did you do there? Wink! Wink!

    • //

      STP!! The wink wink part kenot blog about it lah! aiyoh…. :P

  • //

    So Ethan dislikes fish spa huh. Errr… the last pic, is that ur Darling's fantasy? :D

    • //

      hahahahhahaha FANTASY!!! *faint* must tell him this! lol

  • //

    Your darling very "creative"

    • //

      We are one creative family :P

  • //

    The kissing pic is so sweeeeet :) Eh, the last photo of you, I did that too, also in Redang hahaha! The fishes at the Marine Park are quite ferocious. I got bitten until my leg bled… blood dripping and all! :(

    • //

      aiyo, so ganas kah the fish? luckily they did not do that to ethan lah.. nibble nibble a bit only..

  • //

    Hahaha…your what not big enough izit? Your Darling is hinting I think!

    • //

      If mine is not big enough, I dont know what is! LMAO! *perasan mode* :P

  • //

    LOL at the last photo =)

    I dint take any underwater shoots when I was there, all underwater cameras were fully booked =_= Such a waste right.. we even see baby sharks…..

    • //

      aww.. rugi nyer! Sharks lagi tu! sigh… wat a waste… :(

  • //

    Aww…the photo of you and Ethan is so cute. The last photo make me laugh lah..haha.

    • //

      hehe.. so happy tu William when doing that! lol! @_@

  • //

    i hate you… :p

    so fun snorkelling there, oh look at how nice the underwater is, i also want to go there already.. hehehehehe, so what did your darling want to hint with that two big sandy boobs on you leh?? wakakakaka~~ :D

    • //

      Don't hate me coz I'm a submerryn, don't hate me coz I'm a submerryn…

      haha.. back to my roots lah – da ocean! :P

      Hmm… must ask 'Darling' what he's hinting there lah… if he says a boob job, I'll slaughter him and throw him into the ocean! hahaha… :P

  • //

    I miss my diving days already. I wanna go diving in islands again… :(

    • //

      Go Tekkaus! Go! Before the corals are all gone.. now oso some gone dy.. :(

  • //

    Sexay ……:p

    • //

  • //

    Love the pics of you & Ethan! :)

    • //

      Thank you :D

  • //

    so fun…

    • //

      yes it is :)

  • //

    wow.. I love the under water pic.. nice!! ^_^…

    • //

      I love them too… priceless :D

  • //

    hahaha..i think i m like Ethan..scared of fish fish!! hey, i like the last pic.. very nice and sharp! hahahaa…

    • //

      sharp? o.O haha..

  • //

    haha!! Finally I see you in bikini!!! But Ethan blocking the view : D

    • //

      bluek! so apa macam? hahahahha… worth the effort? :P

      • //

        LOL! Boleh lah haha!!! Can eat Snowflake a few times in a week now until your next beach vacation! : D

  • //

    I still remember my snorkelling trip in Redang – scary lah first time jump into the deep sea and dun even know how to swim!!! But love the snorkeling! It's like in a different world underwater!

    • //

      Did you see any submarine in there? :P

      • //

        Too busy trying to survive swimming in water with my feet not touching the ground to notice any submarine haha!!

  • //

    Haha! Why Ethan so scared of the fishes? So cute!!!! : D

    • //

      Geli lah to have them nibbling on his toes! That poor boy.. haha…

  • //

    Wah! Your darling so naughty bury you like that with the twin peaks there some more!!! Haha!

    • //

      It's nice to feel the fine, white sand on my skin lah… cooling and exfoliating! As for the twin peaks.. hehe… which girl don't like to have that? muahahahhahaha…

  • //

    Btw, you can now add me in your blogroll. Instead of my blog's URL, try my blog's RSS —> http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyVeryFirstBlog : )

    • //

      done linking you :D

      • //

        Thanks! So it works! Yay!!! : D

  • //

    very sweet pictures of u n Ethan.

    • //

      Thank you Wenn :)

  • //

    You are looking good babe!

    • //

      Thank you Daphne :) *kembang*

  • //

    You both take turns to look after Ethan or how while snorkelling in the open sea? Always wanted to go for an island vacation but thinking if it's suitable for d kids or not…

    • //

      Yes we took turns to look after Ethan. It has to be that way lah to be able to travel with kids :)

  • //

    I enjoyed your pics very much but I'm still jealous lar..:P Coz I don't have 'sharp' boobs and flat tummy like you. Betul I tak tipu..

    • //

      I don't have sharp boobs too.. It is made of sand :P

      • //

        LOL. i know..just teasing u..:P

        • //


  • //

    your son has a really charming smile, and you r a hot and sexy mummy. What a nice trip u had with your family.. i'm sure Ethan enjoyed every minute of it.. except the geli nibble part. LOL

  • //

    looks so fun la!!!!

  • //

    Such a nice family outing! Ethan is so cute playing with the sand and hanging on to dear life! haha

  • //

    I am a girl….so I can say I love your boobs! The sand ones that is. Your hubby sure has a keen sense of humour.

    can imagine the fish nibbling Ethan's feet. So naughty this mummy go and scare him some more. Love the fact that he loved playing with sand.

    Nice holiday.

  • //

    Such a sweet muak from Ethan. Haha me too I like this last photo.

  • //

    Wow, lotsa fun!! You photos looks great, love most of your boy's photos. ^^

  • //

    walao so your darling want u to have . . . . okays now I understand :P

    Well it is so bad to tease your darling that he part kena gigit off XD

    and nice sharing :P

  • //

    i miss snorkeling!

  • //

    Love all the photos. Happy faces and sharp boobs. XD

  • //

    The last pic is hilarious! Your expression went very well with the twin towers shot!

  • //

    wow! so sweet la! Ethan is so cuteeeee! =)

  • //

    Very nice shot. You look so pretty in pink bikini.

  • //

    sooo much fun!! i also wan a beach vacay now!! xD

  • //

    Beach getaway is the best retreat one can have :)

  • //

    I like the last picture, really BIGGGG!

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