Laguna Redang Island Resort

We went for some sun, sea and sand over the weekend :D

The water is still amazingly crystal clear in Redang. I love it!

When I think of Redang, I can only think of Laguna Redang Island Resort. I don’t know why..

Ethan @ Laguna Redang Island Resort :)

More More Tea
Ethan @ More More Tea

Ethan ‘bersantai’ ^_^

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool.

Now let’s take a look at the room we stayed :D

Lovely and spacious room.

The King sized bed.

Comfy rattan chair.

Coffee and tea making facilities and four bottles of complimentary mineral water. Water from the tap is not safe for consumption even if we boiled it. We are encouraged to boil bottled water for drinking.

Wash basin.

Flat TV that plays the movie “Summer Holidays” or “More More Tea” (aiyah I dunno what’s the title-lah!) over and over and over again.  Not all rooms come with flat tv though.

What is best is when we open the door that leads to the balcony. The view is simply awesome!

I was so at awe with the view and the sound of the waves that I felt like just lying there whole day doing nothing..

and I kinda did.. it was nice lying at the balcony with the sound of the waves to lullaby you to sleep nap…

We wake up to this view every morning.. Heavenly!

I found out that our Premier Sea balcony is longer than our neighbors’ Deluxe Sea and they don’t have the recliner chairs that we have. They also don’t have flat tv as I saw bulky tv in their room. Yikes! Resorts actually still use bulky tv these days? o.O

That is how near we are to the sea. Love it, love it, love it!

Our room! :D

The recliners are very comfy because they can actually rock as you move your body! <3

Star Cruise Virgo
From the balcony on our first day, I saw Star Cruise Virgo.

Darling and Ethan spent a considerable time at the balcony. I did not suspect anything until I went to have a look and found out that they are actually enjoying the ‘view’! @_@

Ethan and his thumbs up lagi!

What’s nice about our Premier Sea Room is that we get House Keeping service not once, but TWICE a day! Pampered to the max! :D That’s all about the room we stayed. Activities and more in future posts to come :D

Click here to find out the varieties of rooms Laguna Redang Island Resort has to offer and their respective rates.

Laguna Redang Island Resort
Pasir Panjang, Redang Island
Tel: +609-630 7888
Fax: +609-630 7878

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  • //

    Premier seaview…Da best in da house…. Last time we only got to stay at garden view….. The first pic looks very nice with the clear water and background…

    Ahhhh… I want to go back to redang again…. But I will choose to stay at the resort next to Laguna… Less crowded :) and they have hot outdoor disco at night…. I saw young kids to ahmah ahkong dancing to the beat….

    • //

      Linda, we saw the outdoor disco too at night and that is the very reason why we don't want to stay there. hehe.. so noisy! But then kan, we very jahat. We don't want to stay there yet we GO there for the disco! hik hik…

  • //

    wah, sexy! lol, i was wondering why you put your watermark over your body in the 1st and 2nd picture, scared later ppl use the pictures to promote some beach offers? XD

    • //

      u din say i also wont notice..

      no lah.. to block "smth" la i guess :D

    • //

      erm… erm… lol! bluek! :P

      • //

        erm..yeah definitely to block something..:P Wah so flat tummy even after having Ethan. I think must jog like you already. After seeing your post. I can feel Redang is calling me for the second time..:)

        • //

          elo! U have two and flatter than me okay? wanna bising lagi … tsk tsk…

  • //

    Nice room..

  • //

    You made me wanna go there too but the problem is i don't like driving there,, so how lah, i don't think we have got flight out Penang to Redang,,,sigh

    • //


      Of course we don't drive there. It will be crazy to drive all the way to Terengganu! Taking a bus there oso will be a nightmare due to the distance so we chose to fly. We flew from Subang Airport to KT.. :D

  • //

    Wow, I didn't know Redang waters are still crystal clear. Was there many many years back, before the kids. I thought it'd be polluted by now. Why that photo of yours so black ah? You're so funny putting your watermark over your you-know-what.

    • //


      Why so black? Erm… sun-burnt? Muahahahahhahaa… HANGUS! :P

  • //

    Wow…I have never been to Redang before ler. It is still clean huh! :D

    • //


      You better make a trip soon before the corals are all gone :(

  • //

    I stayed at Laguna during my last trip (which is like 2 years ago), the resort is really comfy! And their buffet meal is superb! I think its worth the money… =)

    • //


      Totally agree with you! With buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout our stay, it is really SHIOK! :D

  • //

    Cant tahan… Plan my trip go redang island..

  • //

    Phewit Merryn you look hot. Nice resort and so nice to the beach. I never been Redang before.

    • //


      Plan a trip there soon yeah :D

  • //

    wow, so envy you leh, going to Pulau Redang!! i've not been there yet and very much wanted to go there for at least once lor.. i also want my sun, sea and beach holidays~~

    • //


      After your assignment… your assignment… you can go dy! Dah habis kah your assignment?

  • //

    so nice!! i need some vacay!!

    • //

      go lah! U work in a travel agency wat.. @_@

  • //

    wow!! you betul betul kecik kecik cili padi ya… *if you know what i mean*..LOL!

    so, you enjoy kat beach when we have our hot sun in the field!!

    • //

      so in the end we ALL had fun in the Sun lah ? :D

  • //

    I like the 3rd pic, Ethan walking. If got some effect sure gonna be nicer

    • //

      alamak, how to make effect? Me not good in this kinda stuffs… next time u teach me lah! but then again, u'll vomit blood! hehe.. :P

  • //

    Beautiful view.. love the colours of the sea…

    • //

      ooooh… i love it too! I just can't believe how clear the water is and how blue the ocean!

  • //

    Never been to Redang before…probably i am not so into water thingy…**cannot swim la**

    • //

      Me oso can't swim !! Put me in water, i tenggelam macam a submarine! :P

  • //

    Oooooo….sexy! But too bad not skimpy enough. LOL!!!

    • //


  • //

    WOW! The sea is still very blue and crystal clear. The last time I went there, this Laguna Resort was still under its final stages of construction. Must bring Chloe to Redang one day and hopefully get to stay in this beautiful resort :)

    • //

      Oooh… Chloe will LOVE this place! The sand so fine and the water so clear… i wanna go again too! :D

  • //

    I want to go there and enjoy the 'view'! Must bring zoom lens!

    • //

      @_@ u can go together with william next time… >_<

  • //

    Ahh I still haven't gone!! My initial trip was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances :S I wanna go!! :P

    • //

      oh no! What happened? you shud make arrangement to go again.. but then I think too late dy eh? Next year then..

  • //

    Aiyoo so cantik….i feel nak jump to water now :D

    i want this…i really really want !!!!

    • //


      Tell your hubs and your wish will come true :P M'sia only sure boleh, bukan Maldives pun :D

  • //

    I havent been there before.. heard it is expensive so never go yet…. if someone were to sponsor, then lain cerita! hehehee…

    • //


      Expensive? No leh, quite reasonable what. Now everyone can fly… no problem!

  • //

    so sexy lah the picture of you lying at the balcony. :P I don't like the beach coz i takut sunburn ..haha. The hotel you stayed is awesome. The rate must be very expensive.

    • //

      i love the sand but a bit scared of the waters as i don't swim. but still love it! after all, i am a submerryn! :P

  • //

    lovely holidays! makes me wanna go like NOW :-)

    • //

      GO! :D

  • //

    Wheewhit! I spot a sexy gal in pink bikini. ;) Hv nvr been to Redang b4. The clear water is vy tempting!

    • //

      wheeewit! lol… go lah! go shake your bon bon in a yellow polka dot bikini :P

  • //

    Why blocking? Nice thing must share mah ^_*

    • //

      oit! sharing lah nih.. but discreet is the key. hehehe… :P

  • //

    First pic looks like you both on Honeymoon!! :P

    The resort looks awesome… and so do you! :D

    • //

      aww… *blush*

  • //

    Eh Redang not hot ah? If hot, how come cannot allow Ethan go Angkor Wat ij Cambodia? Hahaha!!!

    • //

      Erm… Redang lain lah. Hot can go dip dip in water and no need to wear so much clothes! Angkor Wat… err… lain cerita lah! :P dun brain wash Ethan you notti!!!

  • //

    Love the hotel! So near the beach and balcony facing beach is the best! LOL at Ethan giving two thumbs up!! XD

    • //

      I love the room too. Can just jump down to the beach! :D and about that thumbs up… when the father's william.. anything can happen! haha..

  • //

    ahhhh More More Tea Building!! I use to watch that movie always on TV :P

    ahhhh XD

  • //

    Love the ultra natural shot of u and Ethan!

  • //

    so..mana 'cenderahati' I?? hehehe

    bestnya dah pergi Laguna Redang……. I tak pernah pergi mana2 pun pantai…

    last pergi pun kat cherating..hehehehe

  • //

    Laguna Redang Island Resort is very nice. We stayed there before.

  • //

    Merryn, Thank you for the fantastic sharing about this child-friendly resort in Redang. Do you know if they have an in-house babysitter? I feel the sun, beaches, sea and underwater creatures are calling us to be back :D and we'd love to take our barely a year old son there if possible :P
    What do you recommend?

    • //

      Hi Shirley,

      I'm not too sure about that as Ethan was with us the entire time we were there. You may want to check with the resort directly :D

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