Little Best Dresser

We got Ethan some Trudy & Teddy apparel some time ago and I blogged about it here. That post (I think) got us invited to a Tea Party with Trudy & Teddy.

It is a BIG dress up party! The invited boys and girls can take turns dressing up in pretty dresses, coat, smart shirt with tie, hair band and shoes.

Trudy & Teddy, Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya.

To get the ball rolling, we were given a budget of RM300 to dress Ethan up. Darling, being a true shopper that he is, managed to do just THAT! The apparels he picked totalled exactly RM300! Not a single cent MORE or LESS! :D

I really love Trudy & Teddy’s apparels. I just can’t get enough of their classic European style. We were so spoilt with choices that I just let Darling decide! :P

Ok, so I don’t know why I was looking at girls’ apparels but.. nvm.. NEXT!

Darling lend a helping hand during the fitting session. I’m so relieved that Ethan was cheerful throughout the entire event!

We were pampered to the max by being served food while fitting on clothes!

Trying on shoes. No Cinderella story here :P

Now let’s take a look at Ethan’s fitting session..

My boy’s going to college! Aww.. <3

This is definitely too much Kung Fu Panda influence dy! @_@

All prep up for the show! But then.. it’s not time yet so he went to participate in the activities arranged for that evening.

He did some clay craft which he loves to bits!

Tah-dah! His door hanger! Lovely! I love it too! :D

He then got his caricature drawn by a caricature artist. Look at Ethan getting himself busy. What is he doing?

Owh.. he’s writing his name! Hehehe..

Ethan and his animated self :P

And then it’s time for the parade.

Hands-in-pocket pose.. hmm..

Senget-senget here. What happen dear? You flirting or what? :P

And then he decided that OK, one hand-in-pocket again! :D

This is the time we have all been waiting for! Take a look at this video of Ethan’s very first fashion parade!

I did not record the next participants as I was too excited that Ethan completed his parade effortlessly that all I wanted to do was to go give him a BIG hug! (Which I totally did coupled with lots of kisses!)

The participants for the parade are actually in the running for the Little Best Dresser title with prize worth RM500 to be won! There will be only ONE winner they announced and to our surprise…

Ethan WON!

OMG! I nearly dropped my camera and aww.. my baby WON!

Ethan and his prize :D

It was a very fun evening. Every child went home a winner as it is truly an experience to treasure.

Thank goodness we bumped into Rachel on the road. We trailed her as we did not know where Alamanda was! hehe.. And there I was, with Sumijelly and the Pink Stilettos :D


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  • //

    woah…Ethan really cute and handsome and congrats for winning the top and only prize! I just saw him a day ago and he won a contest today! Bravo!! :D

    • //

      haha Chris.. so you are the lucky charm? :P

  • //

    Ooooo…so handsome…like the father! Muahahahaha!!! Such a natural. Better get your shotgun ready – keep all the girls away. LOL!!!

    • //

      :D now u know why I'm smitten by william? :P

  • //

    whoa… congratulations Ethan yay!

    • //

      Thank you BD :D

  • //

    Well done Ethan! You look so handsome :D

    • //

      Thank you 2ma :)

  • //

    he must be a celebrity in the making huh

    • //

      Just a fun exposure into the fashion world BD :)

  • //

    so cool ah.. rm500!

    expect the unexpected! congrats on winning! :D

    • //


      We can buy LOTS and LOTS of Snowflakes dy! Yeay! hahaha..

  • //

    CONGRATULATIONS MERRYN, WILLIAM AND DEAR ETHAN!! WOW.. you must be very proud of him… he is so natural… hahahaa… Good job, Ethan!

    • //


      We are, we ARE! :D Still beaming with pride :)

  • //

    I just love the two hands in the pocket pose! Ethan is so 'Yeng' and I think he is gonna break a lot fo hearts! :)

    Congrats to Ethan, Mommy & Daddy!

    • //

      Eh, don't want lah. I dont want him to be breaking hearts. I want him to be happy. hehe.. :D

  • //

    congrats Ethan….Aunty super happy for you.

    Btw, could you keep all the clothes too? Maybe I need to pinjam from you for occasions la…ehehhehe

    • //


      Yes we can keep all the clothes! :D NICE right?

  • //

    Phewitt!!! Handsome and macho boy…He deserved the winning.

    • //

      Thank you Yee Ling :D

  • //

    oh… did you get lots of 'DIL' in the waiting lines? You are one proud mummy with such a excellent boy!! And the picture with Ethan posing senget, just simply looks so mini you!! Clap Clap!!

    • //

      My mini me eh? LoL.. I dunno why I don't see me in him leh? haha..

  • //

    congrats to Ethan! he was very cute and handsome with the outfit!

    • //

      Thank you Simon :)

  • //

    Ethan is super duper cute and hansem there…love the attired you chosen for him too…good taste…I bet he must have a lot of fun being little model.

    • //

      Elo LemonJude! Long time no see! :D Yes, he had lots of fun that day :)

  • //

    U have a handsome son.. haha

    • //

      (^_^) Thank you Nikel :D

  • //

    Ethan looks so charming and smart in his outfit, he's gonna be a hot guy in the future :P Congrats btw!! Like mum, like son hehe

    • //

      Hehehe… aiyo! Thanx Hilda :P

  • //

    Ethan always looks cool in every shirt he's decked in. You have a handomse little boy Merryn!

    • //

      :D Kembang dy.. thank you Isaac! :P

  • //

    hehehe…… anak I pemalu la nak jalan depan org… muka pun blur2…

    congrats atas kemenangan anak U! tak sia-2 U datang awal..hehehe

    I sampai rumah pengsan… sbb dpn parkson kan ada playground… yg kecik sudah lari ke sana…

    I terus cabut balik.. klau duduk situ, boleh beranak I tau..hahahaha

    Eh, Merryn, nanti emel u punya HP… I nak simpan if any emergency…

    • //

      hek eleh.. Sumi! Lupa nak bagi namecard hari tu! Cheh wah! my anak pengsan dalam kereta! haha.. jangan tengok hapi hapi macam tu, penat jugak eh? ok ok merryn email :D

  • //

    Ethan really got the English gentlemen looking huh :)

    Congrats!! Maybe I should start training Samantha now ;P

    • //

      Choi Yen,

      Dress Sam up in Trudy & Teddy! Sure very cute one! Their hats very nice! :D

  • //

    so cute~

    • //

      :D Thank you

  • //

    Congrats to Ethan! Looking so CUTE and handsome with the new clothes!! Nice choices! :)

    • //

      Daddy's got good taste :D

  • //

    wow…Congratulations Ethan boy. He is so brave to parade all by his own.

    Merryn, you must be very very very proud of him.

    • //

      Yes, am very proud. :D

  • //

    awww…what a dashing boy he is. congratulations ethan. definitely a model in the making. he is such a natural :)

    • //


      You know the feeling right? Ashley's done it before so.. yeah! Still beaming with pride! :D

  • //

    Well Done Ethan in the fashion parade. He is so handsome !

    • //

      Thank you Mummy Moon :D

  • //

    owww , anak u got style lah :)

    congrats Ethan boy !

    • //

      Thanx Luciana :)

  • //

    CONGRATS! Handsome Ethan definitely has great potential to be a model. Can bring him for ad casting already :)

    • //

      I tell you, the little girls' clothing lagi cute! If only I have a girl, I'll go nuts with all the choices there! :D

  • //

    whao….congrats Ethan….handsome boy!

    • //

      Thank you Pete :)

  • //

    congratulations to Ethan!! yeay!! looks so leng zai! :D

    • //

      Can match your Hayley dy not? Buy her a dress from T&T. Very nice, I likey!

  • //

    wow! love all of Ethan's pose. very yeng! congrats to you, William and Ethan :)

    • //

      Thank you Karen :)

  • //

    Ethan can walk and pose so naturally!!

    • //

      Thank you Chin Nee :)

  • //

    hi Merryn,

    What a handsome boy..;)

    So true, Ethan dah ada gaya model..

    My son love to give Kungfu Panda pose too..

    Congrats again dear ;)

  • //

    Wht a great event, so envy!!!^^

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