Choosing your baby’s sex : Boy or girl? The truth to be told

These days, is it THAT easy to choose your baby’s sex? If that is so, why are there still families with all boys or all girls? But it MUST be some truth in there for I see many families having a boy AND a girl! If it is so easy to choose your baby’s sex why was the Japanese so worried not being able to produce a Prince? Well, they finally produced an heir but after so long??!

So here are some facts I found on the internet about choosing your baby’s sex:

#1 If you want your baby to be a boy…

* you should eat more red meat?

I’m practically a vegetarian. I hardly eat meat unless it’s a special occasion. I eat fish a lot but not red meat. So how come I got Ethan?

#2 If you want a boy…

* Lie down after sex and stay there for a while. Supposedly that gives the boy sperm a chance to beat the girl sperm to the egg.

– Of course we lie down after sex and stood like that for a while. After all, we did want the sperm to reach the egg right? Doesn’t matter if it is a girl sperm or boy sperm, all we wanted then was a BABY!

* Make love standing up. Try the rear-entry position.

– Make love standing up? Rear-entry position?  Tee hee hee.. we tried ALL the positions in karma sutra that we were unsure WHICH one HIT the JACKPOT! :P

* Focus on his pleasure — if the male partner climaxes first, supposedly you’re guaranteed a boy.

Focus on his pleasure? Sounds SO like that OBEDIENT WIVES CLUB! Duh!!!!

* Give in to seduction — if the man is the one to suggest some baby-making, you’ll get a boy

– Hmm.. as I can recall, I was the one who seduced Darling like crazy to force him to GIMME some SPERM! *blush* LoL! Come on.. I so wanted to get pregnant so badly then okay? @[email protected]

#3 If you want a boy…

* Make love when there’s a quarter moon in the sky.

– Oh dear, we were in a foreign land then we don’t even know where’s the moon! ^_^ Anyway it’s not relevant.. why? Read the next point…

* Have sex at night.

– WRONG! I remembered CLEARLY we had it the FIRST thing in the mornings (hence NO moon involved) as I read somewhere that the early BIRD catches the WORM? In this case, the early BOY SPERM catches the EGG! :D

* Mark your calendar — more boys are conceived on odd days of the month.

– Seriously can’t remember. I only remembered doing it every other day but can’t remember if it was odd or even! @[email protected]

* Follow the compass — one of our users swears that pointing the woman’s head north while you make love guarantees a boy.

-LoL! What?!! Totally irrelevant..

#4 If you want a boy…

* According to some stories, being relaxed when you conceive means you’ll have a girl. If you’re a worrywart, a son’s in your future

– Is it even possible to be worrying when you are having sex? I thought it was suppose to be pleasurable.. o.O

#5 If you want a boy..

* Some say a man’s testicles should be cool before you have sex if you want a daughter; for a son, warm them up.

– LoL! Warm them up? I don’t remember taking a hot towel to wrap Darling’s jewels! So farnee-lah! hahaha.. So next round I should put his jewels in ice? @[email protected]

Okay-lah, I’m so gonna stop here. It is already proven that I did totally the opposite of almost half of the above and still got a baby boy. I’ve never believed such things before and still don’t believe them now. What matters most to me is that my baby is being born strong and healthy.

Do you believe in all these? If yes, got tips on how to get baby girls ah? Wink wink! :P

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    this is too much knowledge in here! LOL you too free ar?


    Merryn Reply:

    LMAO! Why are you even reading this?! Muahahahahha.. u r not even married! :P


  • //

    wah.. so adult rated ur comments :P


    Merryn Reply:

    LoL! Why are you SINGLES reading this? haha… facts of life Ken.. facts of life! :P


  • //

    Well…it all boils down to…luck maybe? :p or destiny?


    Merryn Reply:

    50% boy 50% girl… gamble in Genting lagi easy to win :P


  • //

    lol!! Merryn! Info overload :P but interesting la.. guess my time will be coming really soon. :)


    Merryn Reply:

    hehe… first one tak payah lah…


  • //

    Yay!!!! You're gonna have a baby!!!! Congrats, William! You did it! Muahahahaha!!!!


    Merryn Reply:

    STP NOOOOOOOOO! No baby in the oven yet! Just writing coz suddenly that topic came to mind lah.. @[email protected]


  • //

    Haha. There's an accurate method according to ancient Chinese calender. My case is correct, a baby girl. I had share this method with few friends who want a boy and they got boys! Before I start production again, I'll got to check the calender first *wink! You can google for Chinese gender predication calender.


    Merryn Reply:

    Ann Khee but for me kenot lah since I'm not 'regular'.. very hard to calculate one.. the most canggih calculator oso kenot work! :D


  • //

    should eat more red meat? i love chix , so that`s why i got baby girl?? aiyoo i don`t like red meat ni :(


    Merryn Reply:


    Then how? tee hee hee.. me oso tak makan red meat.. my hubs oso tak makan red meat.. dapat jugak ethan.. haha.. tell me how u make baby girl! :P


  • //

    sound like you banyak senang kat rumah.. LOL! Time to make a girl la… reading won't give you a girl…


    Merryn Reply:


    Ini lah kerja nyer Submerryn when she's not eating Snowflake.. hahahaha..


  • //

    Reading these is one thing.. but how to remember ah… makes making love a biology lesson.. :)


    Merryn Reply:

    u no need to worry lah Claire, so clever got boys n girl dy.. :D


  • //

    I wanted a boy, so when we were trying to have a child, I follow the Chinese calendar to pinpoint the time good to try and conceive and *ahem* do the "project" XD


  • //



  • //

    You almost make me fall off my office chair with the myths :P

    My family genes, majority girls. My elder sister got 3 charlie angels…..


  • //

    Merryn, i don't think is all correct…but no harm to try!


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