Exhilarating Exora

While others prefer retail therapy to calm them down, I like to rant in my blog! Blogging is therapeutically beneficial to my soul! Just the other day I was whining on how we needed a bigger car and just like magic, Proton Exora offered me to test-drive the Exora, Malaysia’s first home-grown MPV. Aiyo I tell you, if you followed me on FB you’ll know how I jumped at their offer! Terangkat babe! Macam tak percaya! Terus I blurted out to the whole world that I’ll be driving an Exora!
Okay, cool… cool. Be still my beating heart. Appointment was made and fellow blogger friend Kelvin drove us to pick up the Exora.  I’ve never imagined me driving an MPV. You know-lah, me kan CUTE?  Below 5 feet short tall lagi! How to drive such big MPV?
When we first got the car, I dare not get near it for it looked very BIG compared to the petite little me :P  So I let Darling drive..
Haha.. so funny! The first few times he needed to use the signal lights, he accidentally triggered the wiper instead! He’s so used to having the signal lights stick on the right hand side that the left hand signal in Exora confuses him for a while. After the 3rd attempt, he’s pro already! Mou man tai! :D
Darling kept on raving on how stable it was and unlike some other MPVs, Exora doesn’t feel like it’s floating nor bouncy. He was also surprised to find that for a 1.6cc, the Exora is indeed powerful! Darling also loves how precise and responsive the steering is!
He was full of praises for the Exora that I HAD to try it out myself! I defy all odds and took the wheels in the end.
Cheh-wah! Do I feel small in it? NO! I felt great! I felt powerful for I can see EVERYTHING! Well, I can see MORE things-lah compared to my kecik little car! I love how the steering weighs and feels, how responsive it is and the brakes are also grabbing fine.
So I took it for a spin on the highway..
And the inevitable had to happen! A lorry overtook me carelessly that I was forced to drive to the far left lane immediately! Ish! Road bully! But thanks to Exora’s Lotus ride and handling, I got back to my lane SAFELY without skidding! Talk about STABILITY! *thumbs up*
On other note, Ethan noticed the DVD player and fell in love with it immediately. It kept him occupied and entertained throughout our ride! Tsk tsk :P But I have to admit how I love the DVD player is occupying Ethan as it gives me more ME time during our ride. Otherwise I just can’t fully focus on the road as Ethan will be so noisy vying for my attention!
Note to self: DVD player is a MUST have for long distance journey!
He also loves the SPACIOUS interior!
Be it at the third row or..
The second row, he totally loves the spaciousness of the Exora!
Ethan also loves the independent cooling air conditioning for the 2nd and 3rd row. It makes travelling such a breeze and I love the fact that I have the power to adjust the ventilation on MY side without interfering with the rest of the air conditioning since my TWO monsters are such a cool freak! I kenot tahan sejuk! Brrrr……
One thing about travelling with cookie monsters kids is the mess that they are capable of making. Imagine having cookie crumbs all over the place! *Horror* That is when the 12V power socket comes in handy.
I can bring along our little vacuum cleaner and charge it whenever it runs low on battery! Brilliant! I can also charge my phone as and when I needed too. I can borak lama-lama on me phone with no worries of the battery going flat! :D
Talking about phone, you know or not the integrated Bluetooth feature allows me to speak on my mobile hands-free and stay safe while I’m driving?! Awesome!
Remember how I have difficulty transporting Ethan’s alligator?
No problem THIS time around! I can fit EVERYTHING in and still have AMPLE space to spare!
We even brought my fellow blogger friends for a ride around town.
There were five of us adults – Carol, Eric, Kelvin, Darling and I and my boy, Ethan.
The Exora is capable of driving all five of us plus a kid with no problem at all! With that, we took it for a joyride and ventured further!
We drove to Malacca.
We bundled my entire family members into the Exora. There were seven of us – My dad, my mom, Darling, my two nieces, Ethan and I. Surprisingly the Exora managed just fine transporting a full load of seven pax!
My dad drove the Exora and brought us around town :D He loves the feel of the Exora and I dare say that he is highly impressed!
We drove to Seremban the next day.
Drove through winding roads…
Up and down hilly roads.
I love how the brake is grabbing really fine through those winding roads and how the gear automatically switched to lower gear smoothly and efficiently each time we went downhill.
We are glad that everyone enjoyed the ride. It is now time to return the Exora. Honestly we are very heavy-hearted. We never realised that we actually needed that extra space during travel but now that we have had it, it will be quite impossible to be travelling long distance in a cramped sedan ever again :(
Wanna know my verdict for Proton Exora?
The Exora is highly recommended for those who don’t want to spend too much on an Mpv that has EVERYTHING; especially space and comfort.
Still uncertain if the Exora is meant for you, fret not! PROTON will be hosting it’s first-ever Exora VIP Test Drive Sessions starting from 7 May 2011 (Saturday). If you are considering getting an MPV and would like to test drive the Exora, do register yourself at www.allaboutexora.com to be one of the participants of this first-ever VIP Test Drive Session. Why VIP?

Because during the VIP Test Drive Session, not only will one get to learn more about this amazing MPV but they will also get to:
• meet experts that can help one feel as stylish as the Exora,
• gain budget tips to be as economical as the Exora,
a spa session to feel as relaxed and comfortable as one would in the 7-seater MPV,
• and win cash prizes of RM6K!
Only a select few will get the chance to be a part of the Exora VIP Test Drive Sessions, so hurry up and register NOW at www.allaboutexora.com

 Click on ‘Get Exclusive Treats with Proton Exora’
Click ‘Register here’
Fill in your details. Click on ‘NEXT’. Be sure to fill up every details for you won’t be able to proceed to the next page if you don’t :)
Done filling up your details. Click on ‘Submit’ and you are done! Simple as ABC.. :D
See you there!

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  • //

    aiseh! so much fun! haha i like exora too!! :p

  • //

    tak sangka u really drove it eh! hahaha

  • //

    wow…..your hard sell for exora definitely shaken my faith, to buy exora too……:P

  • //

    syioknya~~ I filled up the form & hope get chance to test drive :P

  • //

    wow, the exora experience!! nice car and most importantly can pack in so many things and people, and of course fun and happiness.. haha.. :)

  • //

    I no like Exora lah,, bad experience with Proton before..so how… but looking at you so happy i also happy lah,,,,

  • //

    Just wonder how many would read the sign on a hi-way and just almost at the corner "Selekoh Merbahaya Di Hadapan; Kurangan Hadlaju"? Thought during driving test seeing this zig-zag sign will tell us to slow down? Maybe proximate cause of accidents is when drivers tend to read the long sign and not focused on the road hehe. Nice write up on exciting Exora sorry still will not change my MINI mind haha.

  • //

    Sound fun…ok..submited to try my luck.

  • //

    wah test drive and at the end granted your wish for A BIGGER CAR haha. You look so happy and satisfied with this MPV. Good lah…

  • //

    sounds like u are having a great fun! is it a nice car to drive? ;)

  • //

    test drive finish di? or you got the car already =P

  • //

    Choi Yen & Yee Ling – Hope to see you there! Looking forward to the SPA session! Bliss! :D

  • //

    Alice – Sign up for the Exora Test Drive Session.. you'll not regret it :D

  • //

    Nick – I'd say it was an exhilarating experience :DKian Fai – Returned dy lor :(

  • //

    My colleague has it and it does feel comfy inside! Faster get this car so that I have a chance for the joyride too!! hehe

  • //

    Woohooo! Don't be sad that its over, be glad that it happened! And you're so so lucky to be able to get a car to review!Nice detailed writeup, with so many pictures leaving no stones uncovered. :) Isaac Tan likes this post. +1 My eXperiences – <a href="http://www.isaactan.net” target=”_blank”>www.isaactan.net

  • //

    it is big car for family. Goodcan bring all ur family member.when u bring me around?

  • //

    So you're buying one? You terror lah…I'm scared of big cars. Prefer to drive small ones…but not too small, or I cannot get in! LOL!!

  • //

    Good… I like exora too.. but but.. don't like the service centre.. very expensive.

  • //

    wah nice ar.. get to drive nice nice for a few days! haha.. * envy* :P

  • //

    Wah, fun leh, drive MPV! Now can have have more kids liao…he he he!

  • //

    lol I thought you got yourself a new car for a second! lol!

  • //

    We've been thinking about getting a bigger car too! helps when family from Msia visit. This Exora looks good! I don't think it is available in Sg though?

  • //

    Good things come to good people. I've not forgotten our friendship in case you don't remember.

  • //

    Is it really that good? I don't like Proton..hehe.

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