Holiday Villa Subang – New Year Eve Carnival BBQ Dinner 2010

Continuation from my previous post.
5 years ago, Darling and I said our vows and feasted our guests to a wedding banquet at Holiday Villa Subang Hotels and Resorts. 
A couple of nights ago, Holiday Villa hosted a group of bloggers to a preview of their Poolside New Year’s Eve Carnival BBQ Dinner. Darling walked me to their Olympic-sized pool, along the way reminiscing every minute of our BIG day five years ago. 
The only difference now is we have a pair of extra hands to hold – our precious little Ethan :D
Mr. Tony Sabastian, Executive Assistant Manager came to welcome me at the poolside. I said my goodbyes to Darling and Ethan but upon learning that we got married there five years ago and since Darling had ‘lovingly’ walked me to the venue, Tony invited Darling and Ethan to join us for the dinner too. Thank you very much Mr. Tony. We appreciate it a lot :D
A cheery balloon arch greeted us as we walked to the poolside
The set-up was beautiful. Imagine this – BBQ by the poolside under the moonlight. It was ROMANTIC to the max yet happening enough to bring out the party mood in us. We couldn’t help ourselves from swaying our body to the great song choices and Ethan was dancing in his seat all night long!
Amazing isn’t it? Beautifully sculptured ice with frozen fruits inside
Now, let me take you to a tour of my ‘makan journey’…

The Tandoori Clay Oven
What caught my attention that night was this huge clay oven. They take pride in this original Northern Indian Clay Oven. With that oven to boast, you are sure to get the most authentic tandoori dishes to spice up your tastebuds!
 The succulent marinated chicken meat is a MUST try! My favourite!
The mutton curry is another favourite of mine. 
Pair it with the Tandoori Roti I just can’t have enough of it!
But of course I can’t have too much of that as there are SO MUCH more food to savour! 
The Carvery Station and Charcoal Griller
What’s Christmas without the turkey right? Here’s the Chef making the first ‘plunge’ into the turkey :P With Cranberry sauce to go with it, the tender and well marinated turkey is just heavenly! It wasn’t chewy so rest assured that Grandma’s and Grandpa’s dentures won’t fall apart chewing turkey this Christmas! 
Holiday Villa is selling turkey for Christmas at a reasonable price of RM55/kg (inclusive delivery)
The marinated barbecue whole lamb is another hit of the night. Do you see any blazing flames around? I don’t. That is what I really like when it comes to BBQ. Slow and steady over controlled charcoal fire to get the most authentic roast! Yummy!
With a selection of Black Pepper, Giblet, Rosemary and mustard, I totally enjoyed my trip to BBQ land! :D
Marinated crabs with ginger paste and peppers
Cajun Chicken and Brautwurst sausages
The steak, taken with mint sauce is simply awesome! I could have taken more than two.. but my stomach is only that big and I have lot more to savour!
Seafood Cortoccio. A must try too! Freshness you can taste :D
The Ocean Wave
Talking about fresh seafood, let me take you to a journey into the ocean.
You guys know how much I love oysters right? One look at the spread of oysters is enough to make me squeal in delight as the oysters looked so good and true enough, tasted better! Fresh from the ocean, I ate and ate until Darling rolled his eyes at me! Hmmph!
Fresh seafood prepared a’la minute poached, retaining their freshness and juiciness. With varieties such as crabs, mussel, prawn, bamboo clams, salmon and live Yabbies.. Ooo la la.. seafood frenzy! :D
December 19/41
Chef Takashi’s pride – Hand Roll. Can you see the generous amount of tobiko spilling out? THAT is what I call a superb Hand Roll! 
Californian, Sushi and maki
Sushi ginger. I can’t have enough of this!
My first plate from the Japanese station – Hand Roll, sushi and a selection of tempura. Let’s not show my second and third plate… @_@ You might think I’m a cow or something! :P
The Poetic Salad
Ok, so I’m weird. I know I was suppose to start off my ‘makan journey’ with salad but like I said, the Clay-Oven just overwhelmed me!
I finally take a trip to the salad counter and oh my, what an amazing encounter I had!
Assorted Mesclum lettuce
Grilled beef, chicken, smoked salmon, kurau fillet, mussels, anchovies, pickles, aubergine, boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, onion ring, feta cheese, olive, sun dried tomatoes, mushroom, celery and lots more!
  Served with choices of Caesar, Italian, French, herbs and Cheese dressing
I was swept away! Ethan and I love greens! Suddenly we felt so healthy and ‘colourful’ :P
From The Wheat Farm
I’m a bread person. I can have bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner so imagine my delight when I arrived my next destination..
The Wheat Farm looks too good to be true. The selection of French baguette, farmer bread, crusty Italian, whole wheat fruits and nuts, sun dried tomato bread, foccacia, roasted garlic bread to name a few looks so tempting that I just had to sink my teeth into several of them! But of course I do so with caution as bread tends to ‘expand’ in the stomach and I am just in the midst of my journey!
Selection of curried, herbed and salted butter
and unsalted butter
All those bread and butter just transported me back to 2006 when Darling and I toured Europe for our First Wedding Anniversary! Reminiscing again.. LoL! Lots of memories flooding back throughout our dinner! :P
The Five Asian Wok
Enough of reminiscing Europe, we came back to where we belong – Malaysia. The buffet spread includes selection of Asian noodles with different style of cooking.
Fried kuey teow. Never thought kuey teow from a hotel can taste this good! 
Fried Loh Shu Fun. This is the BEST! Ethan had the whole serving of it and requested Darling to go for seconds! I love it too :D
The Yee mee had a generous serving of prawns! We counted at least 10 of them? Whoa! Super shiok!
Thai Hot Stuff
Kerabu stall
My plate of mango kerabu. I think I bit into one of the chilli padi there that made me want to jump into the Olympic-sized pool! :P Spicy but I love it! Me spicy lover! wink wink!
Just take a pick of what you want and the Chef will dish them out in yummy Tom Yam broth
My plate of spicy tom yam. This is definitely another MUST try! I felt like I am in Thailand! A blend of hot and sour, it jolts me back to life! haha.. I was almost going to snooze after all those glorious food you see. This tom yam broth woke me up! And I love it! :D Man! I can even taste it NOW! Grrr… 
Sweet Agent and The Snow
People with sweet tooth will LOVE the dessert counter – a selection of fresh fruit tartlets, miniature French pastry and creme caramel, assorted cakes and festive pudding. It’s every dentist’s nightmare! LoL! :P
Fresh fruit tartlet

My sinful indulgence :P

Ice shaving

Wide selection of condiments

My bowl of ABC. A cool way to end my meal :P


But wait, you can’t call it a night without visiting D’Dusun where freshly slice Tropical fruits on ice with assam boi and chili padi soy sauce awaits!

My pencuci mulut

My plate of chili padi soy sauce to go with the fruits! YUM! 

What a great journey it has been and to think that what was served to us is only 85% of what will be available on the actual night – 31 December 2010! Great food, awesome ambiance, good company… it all sums up to a truly enjoyable night. A great way to end the year and look forward to what 2011 has to offer. Thank you Holiday Villa for having us :D
Make your way to Holiday Villa this 31 December as the Poolside New Year Eve Carnival BBQ Dinner  is selling at only RM111++ per person. For more info on Holiday Villa Subang click here.

We adjourned to their newly refurbished room after the dinner and it is amazing! Coming up next.. is my review of the room :D

Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites
Subang, Malaysia
9 Jalan SS12/1
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 03 – 5633 8788
Fax: 03 – 5633 4594

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    OMG I didnt saw Loh Shu Fun!Turkey and Taandoori Chicken and Taandori Lamb is few of the best of it.Sushi was great as well!Oyster and clams, the desserts. Unforgettable night and very very full XDYou shall be glad you have mini tanks and big tanks with you =PPeace**

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    Totally free? This is superb!

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    mouth watering!

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    wahseh, crazy man the food spread, so are u spending ur NY's eve at holiday villa subang? hehehehe…

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    am so damn hungry ord! grrr

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    eihhh i love the pic of u n william la!! n u look gorgeous in that pink dress!! :D

  • //

    Merryn, yesterday post about meeting those lucky winners, got nothing special than the food! Wow, look at those sumptuous food! yummy…drooling….

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    Yerrr…..I want to go too. :D

  • // u r so famous, Merryn! Congratulations!!!

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    wah as i scroll down, i am swallowing my saliva edi. :P

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    Happy Aniversary! Lots of nice food there……

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    Wah!!! Look at the food!!! *slurp*

  • //

    (Slurp)I' was drooling over the seafood, am an oyster maniac too! That's definitely a scrumptious dinner cum a nightmare for ladies(certainly put on a few pounds too)!>_<Yay, looking forward for the room review!

  • //

    Wow…that's alot of food. You look really pretty in the pink dress.

  • //

    No I spot something! You didnt taste the Pie! Dessert Pie =P

  • //

    RM111++ for that much food is so worth it! :D Nice review btw, very detailed and precised (:

  • //

    You and William look so different in the wedding pic – I think both of you look nicer now – like fine wine, gets better with age. LOL!!! Hotel food – always good (but I guess it depends on how much you pay) but when I was working, I used to attend meetings, sometimes week-long…so many times in a year…that I got so sick of hotel food. Would rather go to the roadside hawker stalls…

  • // much food to choose from!

  • //

    SO MUCH FOOD!! SO nice of the hotel to invite you and Ethan! I'm sure the experience wouldn't be the same without your loved ones ;)

  • //

    fulamak! so much food.. u got eat 1 a not.. if not you wont be so thin loh..:p

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    eerrr…banyaknya food, i`m not the lucky one,huh :(

  • //

    OMG! Look at the huge spread of food. *drooling* By the way, you look stunning in the first pic. :)

  • //

    very nice setup and i like the red colored branches, looks so artistic.. and there are a lot of food!! wow~~

  • //

    So many varieties of food! My mind is thinking of the food lah…aiyo…tummy growling already.

  • //

    Taufulou – I ATE every single dishes there are that nite leh! Serious! Ask Kian Fai, he jeles I ate more than HIM! hahaha.. :PBtw Kian Fai, I did try the pie.. at the very beginning… with ethan :P

  • //

    really regret reading this post at such an hour… arrrghh…btw…. both you and darling have baby face…. :)

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    Hi Merryn!Nice meeting you & your family that night!

  • //

    U did a great review. Really make me wanna go hv the buffet NOW. *wipe off saliva* :D

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