It started with a tweet that got into a ROAR!

Let’s see, I think it all started when QuaChee happily tweeted that he got some mooncakes back from Singapore and Panda responded to it, then Carol, then Eric and then Erika.  Right Carol? Tweets were flying everywhere on the issue of that mooncake and how they gonna get it or something when out of no where yours truly here joined in. And then Witch and then… it got out of control! Muahahahahha…
 #1 Tweet and the WORLD will tweet with you :D
 #2 Got expensive mooncake, DON’T tweet coz we are like piranhas.. waiting for a BITE :P
Since it is already out of control and EVERYONE seems to be wanting it, QuaChee suggested a meet up so meet up we did :D
The regulars on tweeters QuaChee, Panda, Witch, Saucer, Grey, Eric and I (with Darling and Ethan) met that Saturday evening. Outstation gals Carol and Erika couldn’t make though :( Sobs… 
THE mooncake that made the meet-up possible :) So you must be thinking, what’s the BIG deal with mooncakes right? So what if it comes from Singapore?
THIS is why! We are talking about Snow-skin Mooncake with CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE & GANACHE baby! I sure WON’T want to miss THIS! :D
And the gang got together… It was extremely comfortable like we have known each other for ages! Wait a minute, we do know each other for PAGES! Blog pages and tweets that is :P
He was the first to arrive. Sitting quietly alone at the corner like an underage kid. One look at him and I know he’s Grey or conancat on Twitter :) Boy, you seriously look barely out of school!
After Grey, we arrived. Next to arrive are Witch and her Sauceror or better known as .. err… Witch and Saucer :P
QuaChee da MAN came next and I so love his blur look as he has NEVER met any of us except for Panda. We gave him several minutes to browse through Twitter and try identifying US :P Itu~lah QuaChee, lain kali baca~lah our blog :D
Thank goodness Panda arrived soon after and QC can breathe again. You see Erika? If only you were around, QC won’t be so lonely :P
The last to arrive was Eric. This poor fella got lost! Dinner’s on YOU dude! :P
He is there BUT the heart and soul must be somewhere else. Caught here on the phone with Carol :P Well, at least he did pass the phone around and Carol did manage to speak to everyone :D There goes his phone bill! (Not to mention da first salary! :P)
Chow time! QC officiating the mooncake after our dinner. Oh yeah, I did not post any dinner pic here as I leave that to Witch, the food blogger :)
Saucer cut the rest of the mooncakes
And butchered one along the way :P Can’t blame him. Blame the lack of utensils :D
Eat, makan, chiak… Ho Ho Ho~Chiak! Very da sedap, very da fun! Oh yeah, that is Adrian the magician. We went to Starbucks after dinner to meet up with him to view a LIVE magic show! Awesome! (Side track a bit: I love the aroma of Coffee Beans but I don’t drink coffee)
He made a STRAIGHT fork turned umm… gay? lol…
Ok, so what did Ethan do while we were having fun with dinner, chatting LIVE instead on twitter and all? See for yourself…
He kept himself busy making funny faces… Singing to himself… Admiring Witch.. YES! He loves that cute Witch!
And… playing with the camera :P Look at his shot. NICE leh?!
It was ONE interesting night we had and I wish to have this again… SOON coz I went home with a smile still carved on my face :) Next time make sure Carol and Erika will be around too!

Read Witch’s version of the meet up here.

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  • //

    hahha!! omg! so damn nce!! wait me on TUTTTTTT. mwahahaha!!

  • //

    omg! eric talk on the phone! yea! i managed to talk with EVERYONE except saucer n adrian, but nemind la. same oso taalked to witch. :p n adrian lte come! :p

  • //

    wei! where's our mooncake?! hmph!! so bad la!

  • //

    Good for you guys. :D I wish I can join too. But I am too busy with my little one. :p

  • //

    eh where's foong's basi mooncake?! mwahahha!! his voice like tweetie bird! CUTE! :p

  • //

    LOL….I love the moment ethan merajuk n o one clap hands for him…so darn cuteeeeeeee laaa….LOL and he kept posing there for photos!!! LOLdefinitely fun!! must have NEXT TIME hahaha

  • //

    Carol – Where got basi? that is vinegar infused flavored leh! don't play play :P

  • //

    So fun…

  • //

    ayam so happy lar someone say me underaged, wahaha!! xD and LOL! gay fork!! hahahaha!!awesome post merryn thanks for putting this together! :D tekkaus: be like merryn lar bring husband and kid out together oso :P

  • //

    really cool meetup.. hopefully one day i can do smth like this as well =)

  • //

    Haha!! So funny this post! Love it!! : )

  • //

    Yeah la! What is this! I am supposed to get free mooncakes from QC now have to share with everyone!! : ( But it's OK I think it's worth sharing with everyone!! : D

  • //

    Lesson for QuaChee – when you buy expensive mooncake from Singapore, do not tweet about it, just give Panda a call! LOL!!!

  • //

    Too bad no mooncakes left for Caroline and Erika!! How can there be any mooncakes left with us around? Muahaha!!!

  • //

    Haha! Conancat looks like a schoolboy! LOL!! Good thing Eric arrived last so he had no choice but to sit next to Witch and we can all see how tall or short he is!! LMAO!! Haha! QuaChee did look extremely blur when I arrived there. Poor QC!! LOL!! Haha!! My basi yam mooncake is there in your photos but wait…I thought we agreed to say that it is one of the complimentary dish from Sushi Tei? LMAO!!

  • //

    Haha! Me first time chat with Caroline on the phone!! So funny lah she! And she said I sound like Tweetie Bird? Excuse me?? Either something wrong with Eric's phone or her phone!

  • //

    LOL to Adrian Leong the magician making the fork change from straight to gay. Hahaha!!! But I am keeping the fork!! Yeah!! I still dun know how he did it!! Gosh!! Anyone knows?

  • //

    Eh, you all who went off early missed the ghost story told by Adrian. Scary man!!

  • //

    Haha! Ethan is soooooo cute!!! I know it's very bad of me, but I wish he won't grow up so fast, so that we can enjoy his cuteness longer!!! Hahaha!! : D

  • //

    Yes let's do this again!! I totally enjoyed our meeting together like this!! And thanks everyone for not revealing the location on your tweets and not taking my photo!! Appreciate it a lot!! : D

  • //

    Nice hang out with u all, looking back at the pics really priceless. We shd do it again!

  • //

    @Foongpc hahaha!! eh u memang sound like TWEETIE BIRD!!! :P MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • //

    @foong you guys are a bunch of chickens not dare to sit next to her!!! LMAOseriously?? Grey like schoolboy?? LMAO paling tak innocent is him over there!!! LOL dun judge a book by its cover!!

  • //

    LOVE this post! It was wonderful how we all just clicked even though it was a first time meeting for some of us! :) We definitely should do this more often!!And I love admiring Ethan too! He's simply TOOOO cute!! :)

  • //

    Foong – YOU've got to understand one thing. Those two's fon are made for each other only and when others use it, they'll sound like TWEETY BIRD! muahahahahhaa.. :P

  • //

    Eric – Doesnt matter if you arrive early or late, you'll STILL be seated next to WITCH! :D

  • //

    Foong – And I just realised that I did not even reveal the location HERE in this POST! lol… :P

  • //

    Saucer – YES! Definitely need to do this again :)Witch – Ethan is smitten by you! He only went asleep after you left! He even made a small commotion when u left.. He was asking us why you guys went home!

  • //

    Snow skin mooncake with Champagne Truffle & Ganache…. sound very rich and yummy.

  • //

    OMG, how can I miss such a great gathering? >.<" Hehe…luckily, even though Caroline and I are not there, we still are able to experience it through your lovely photos~ *Huggies* Thanks so much darling, you're the best~ xD Wow, everyone look dashing and just lovely that night especially Ethan! He's so adorable! Cutey to the max! *Huggies* xDP/S: Next time, in the next gatherings, I'll be there! Muawhahaha! xP

  • //

    Ah! So you've met Quachee… We've been friends for so long and yet we've never got to meet. Hope to meet him someday…and you too…and the rest!

  • //

    Oooo…my daughter would love witch's t-shirt. She loves cute green frogs, dunno why!

  • //

    STP – That's a snake NOT a frog! lol.. guess what? Witch wore that thinking that it is a frog.. and Saucer too.. they ALL thought that was a FROG! Apa lah! :P

  • //

    Merryn, i notice u guys twit here n there. All b'cos of the mooncake! You guys really have fun with it!

  • //

    Funny post, I enjoyed reading this!Er, can I have that gay fork? It look cute though. heheheh!

  • //

    wah…saucer and witch there too…so fun lah the gathering … hey carol, u miss all the fun…envy a not…hahaha

  • //

    Little photographer…

  • //

    So nice, my aunt managed to get a box too. Who says economic is not good? XD

  • //

    so panda is not there lo…. s

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