Rabbit Fun Land, Broga

City folks live a life full of stress. If you are willing to go a distance of about a half-hour drive out of the Klang Valley, you’ll discover a fun petting land in Broga just outside of Kajang town. Unlike the old days when the winding road will guarantee to give you motion sickness, the newly constructed road will give you a feeling of calm and serenity while driving pass Nottingham University campus and then to the Rabbit Fun Land. Yes, Rabbit Fun Land. That’s what I’m talking about :)

Entrance fee is RM5 for any human being above 2 years old :P

The first thing that caught our eyes were the ponies and the swinging monkeys! The monkeys swung with the chain dangling on their necks like as if they were about to commit suicide! I tried so many times to record it but failed. Apparently, they were not suicidal; they were just trying to have some ‘fun’ being chained up like that! And then there were lambs… Not as cute and fluffy as the one you see in story books :P
There are a variety of goats and then there are a couple of cows :)
Ethan admiring the tortoises
He got excited when this family went to feed the lambs. He quickly made a dash to them and joined in the fun. It was a little bit scary to see the lambs jutting their necks out through the wired fences just to get the fruits. I sure hope they did not hurt themselves!
Jeng, jeng, jeng! What he had been waiting for! There were so many rabbits in the enclosure for petting! They were so cute!
We got free rabbit pellets at the entrance and Ethan fed the rabbits :D
Oh please, you must remind yourself that you are not a magician, hence no carrying the rabbits by pulling their ears! Pet them, love them but do not hurt them :)
Watch this video of Ethan petting those cute rabbits..
After the fun time at the petting zoo, we headed towards the ponies. Ethan had been requesting to ride on the ponies the moment he spotted them at the entrance! RM5 for the pony ride. Not bad :)
Unlike the horse ride we had in Penang where I rode with him, this time he rode alone. My boy’s a big boy now :)
Here’s a video of him riding the pony :)
When I went to wash my hands, I saw this…
Goose.. or should I say geese?
We spent a good two hours exploring the place and all the animals before we got hungry. The funland has a good menu of rabbit meat products touted to be good for health as it is low in cholesterol. We ordered the house speciality Nasi Goreng Salai Daging Arnab and satay.

Fried rice – RM18

Satay – RM18 for 10 sticks
Coconut – RM5

It was my first time eating rabbit meat and I did not like it. I don’t think I’ll take rabbit meat ever again! We wanted to try the dried rabbit meat but it cost RM75 for 600gm! Very dear indeed. No pun intended.. :P

Endless rows of rabbits waiting to be eaten @_@ Eeeeek!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, you have GOT to check out the Satay Guy! Gaya! :D
Finally before we left, Ethan had a few rounds of fun at the ball net :)
Watch what he or rather the Daddy did at the ball net :D
To sum it up, we had a great time at Rabbit Fun Land. The owner David Wong was there personally to see that we are attended to. He told us that the place has been there for five years now and is starting to pick up due to the Nottingham University campus nearby. People are finally getting to know of the place.

If you are keen to go to Rabbit Fun Land, the place is only open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays from 9.30am – 10.30pm.

Up next.. Si Na Tok Chinese temple

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    woooohhhh… i never been to this rabbit land.. it is better to be born these days then those years, hor? my kids miss out all these fun! lol… Ethan sure enjoyed himself very much,looking at the pics.. and of course, mummy and daddy too!

  • //

    Ethan is enjoying every moment of it huh! :D

  • //

    AHHHHH!!! I SAW ETHAN!!! ROFL! getting obsess with Ethan dy! lol i want that moo moo cow!! here oso got aye! from new zealand one. :) omg d dried meat is more expensive than the dried pork meat at here. lol

  • //

    My daughter would love this place. She loves animals. Must find out from you how to get there – when she's back on holiday…or after her two years in NZ.

  • //

    This rabbit fun land looks so good…but so little animal only?He was so brave to ride on the pony by himself..Rabbit meat, if I'm not see the 'rabbits ready to be eaten' place, will find the satay so good…but feel like so cruel to kill and eat those cute pet.

  • //

    Heard that Broga is a nice place for hiking. Hope to visit one day.

  • //

    Didn't know such a place existed. Looks more fun than the one in Bukit Tinggi!

  • //

    Ha ha, sure a fun place for kids! I use to keep 2 rabbits in my backyard. They help to keep my grass well trimmed all year round! LOL!

  • //

    @Pete – Two rabbits wont remain TWO the whole year round! They multiply faster than you can even start counting them! :D

  • //

    @Claire – OUR time better! More carefree… these days, kids kenot roam freely leh!@Tekkaus – Yup.. Next.. Malacca zoo :D@Caroline Ng May Ling – Oh dear.. YOU.. get away from Ethan! lol.. :P Yeah lor.. the NZ cow are cute eh? yup, the meals are very expensive!@STP – Can can.. just gimme a call I'll direct you until u reach the entrance :D

  • //

    @Lemonjude – It was suppose to be rabbits only but over time, they add in other animals. It is a family run place and it's just nice and cosy. Not too commercialised :D@Mei Teng – Oh yes! The hill, is just opposite the Rabbit Fun Land. Hike up there for about 30-45 mins. Can see sunrise leh! Cool eh? Must go!@ChloeRuoyi – Not as cold lor… But yes.. fun :D

  • //

    wow cute! Ethan sure looks like a big boy riding the pony alone :)

  • //

    thanks for sharing. we may check this place out :D

  • //

    Aiyo. Cannot sing "Mary had a little lamb…..It's fleece was white as SNOW" already !! ha hah.

  • //

    wow!!! Ethan so brave!!!Thanks for sharing, will check out this place!!

  • //

    Broga! new to me. Entrance fee is RM5 for any human being above 2 years old but Bananaz goes in for free? Oops eating rabbit's meat? Too lovely to be eaten not for me:p. [Pete] so bad, expliotation of your two poor rabbits at home instead of carrots eat grass haha. Oh Ethan having a swinging time there. tQ

  • //

    Have not heard of this place. Tks for sharing. Ethan is really cute :D

  • //

    Kids sure would love this place. Those rabbits are breed to be eaten ah..poor rabbits. I'm not eating rabbit meat ler.Love the pics especially cute little Ethan. ^_^

  • //

    @Kristie – Oh yeah..He sure looked like a big boy eh? :)@Mummychums – Go go.. it's worth the trip :)Ashley would LOVE it :)@Adrine – Baa baa black sheep :)@the little prince – Go check it out, you wont regret! Cheh wah.. macam me getting paid to promote them :P@Bananaz – NO outside food allowed. So YOU tak boleh masok! :P@Iriene – Thanks :D@MummyGwen – I don't eat rabbit meat neither.. but dunno why I makan that day.. lol..

  • //

    Wow..this is another place to be in my list to explore…Niceee..

  • //

    interesting place! But i won't not want to try the rabbit meat fried rice and the satay. I remember when i am still young, i use to have rabbits as pet, then one day my grandma kill and eat it, you know i cried, i feel so sad. :(

  • //

    My girl has gone there for her kindy excursion. Must bring ah boy there one of these days, since it's quite near to our plc. Is the plc well kept? Smelly or not? hehehe

  • //

    GREAT, another place to go!

  • //

    seems to be a fun place. maybe i should bring the boys there one wkend. thanks for sharing!

  • //

    hi merryn!we can't wait for our little one to be brought to such place too… ethan certainly had a blast there!

  • //

    Such a quaint little farm. So nice that there a place like that not far away from home, that Ethan can get to feed and touch the animals

  • //

    With a reasonable entrance fee, you all able to see so many animals and the best is, Ethan had so much fun!

  • //

    tis place sux!even the owner is really rude to tourist!

  • //

    Hmmm….. I will go went september I like to go there !

  • //

    I like to go there I will go there on September

  • //

    It’s a great place to go on weekends with family and friends, especially with young children as they would love playing with all the animals there, all are very tame… I bought the dried rabbit meat for Chinese New Year coz it’s only sold for RM 68 now instead of 75… Nope this place is not smelly , unless you have an ultra-sensitive nose :)

  • //

    Hello, I was there few weeks ago and I can tell you this is disaster the “animal fun land Broga” is animal prison, deers don’t have shade there so they are burned up alive on sunny days. Monkeys are in very small cages and also no shade. Animals are dirty it means there is no good care In America and Europe this disaster would be closed by law asap. I don’t understand why nobody is concern about that poor animals.

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