Scorching HOT!

We were in my in-law’s place yesterday until this morning. Went back for some kind of prayers held every ninth day of the Chinese New Year. If you know what that is, then tell ME! lol..

What I ‘dislike’ about going back to my in-law’s (besides the Chicken and Duck talk) is the lack of a cooling system ie. air-cond! In the afternoon, it can be scorching hot and without air-cond is ‘a little’ uncomfortable for me. Each time I’m there, I’m like an over-baked lizard. Don’t ask me how an over-baked lizard looks or feels like.. just bear with me here :P

Night time is not much better with our humid weather. It’s hard to fall asleep when I’m soaking wet (as in sweating ok? Fairy.. keep your dirty thoughts off your head now! :P) And I think I’m not the only one for my ‘mini me’ is having a boiling time there too :)

This is how he ended taking his milk; topless.. just like Daddy.

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    It was hot alright. I wanted to peel my skin off but had second thoughts. :-)

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    It's ok. After all they are your in-laws place. :p Enjoy it.I wrote a similar post too today.

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    Tekkaus – Really? I'll go read after my class.. now.. need to go to class :DGallivanter – If I can peel my skin off, I'll do it! After all.. snake do shed skin :) (I'm a snake.. haha)

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    Ya…so hot over there! Just standing on the pavement, my sweat would be dripping onto the ground. Not so bad here…and we do get quite a bit of rain! More jungle, more trees…I guess!

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    STP – I want to go grow a forest around my in-laws house.. can ah? hahaha..

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    yup it's really schorching hot these few days…………… drink more water!

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    Wah! So hot! Going topless!

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    Goodlah! Everyone can go topless in your in-laws place lah. Haha!

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    Chicken and duck talk? Maybe it's time you learn some duck talk. Or is it chicken talk? Who is chicken and who is duck now? LOL!

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    Aiyo! I also cannot tahan without air-con! I think we are too pampered already living in the city with air-con! I think I know how an oven baked lizard looks like, haha.My suggestion? Skip your in laws next CNY! Stop following CHinese tradition of visiting in laws during CNY! Who's bright idea was that?! Go for a holiday to Bali, or Phuket or Tokyo next CNY! *evil smile*

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    i was sort of a hermit during cny, stayed inside my room with tv, pc, ac on.. cukup.. can go dressless as well :)

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    at least the little mini you can take off his clothes.. I thought you would do the same too.. :p and my dear friend, the celebration over the last weekend is call 'pai ti kong' which is an annual affair for the hokkiens.. they have to pray to the god of sky (the emperor la).. :D

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    LOL… Ethan looks so cute. =DScroching hawt? No problem… just striptease, O Lost one! Wahahahahahahahah! Can get rid of da heat… ohhh yeahhhh bebeh….come on now!!!(I'm praying hard that William duzzin read this… *sigh* finally ur hubby saw the horny fairy, and probably had a heck of a time laughing… on why such a small girl like me can have such a big otak kuning!)

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    Ohh yeah, the event is called Bai Tien Kong, praying to the Jade Emperor? Beats me… aku kulit kuning!

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    "This is how he ended taking his milk; topless.. just like Daddy. "Just like daddy?? Daddy minum sus cap gantung ya :p kekekekeke

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    Wow! It must be hot over there. According to my parents, over here we have rain from Day 1 till Day 6. Yesterday was clear and hot!! Phew! My dad and mum also did some praying last night. Today is also very hot. I am still not used to the weather after back from a winter. :p

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    New year eve, i need to back to IL's kampung too and the condition is exactly like urs one…end of the day my hair, face got so oily and whole body soak in sweat too…and I salute you, u still can overnight there…so i know hows the over-baked lizard like.. :PIt is really hot these days…making all of us uncomfortable..

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    *blush* This smallkucing… I wanted to remark the same thing, but den again, sked William see my comment, den if next time meet up again, I no face see him liao! Wakakakakakak!

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    Yes, this CNY is extremely hot. We went & check in Istana Hotel (powerful aircond), walk to Pavilion at night is cooling, enjoying the buffet breakfast BUT once back at home : Hot, hot, really hot!

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    errr…you guys go topless too? hahah

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    weather is really hot!!! next time, bring your own private fan or air cooler along. since u can't change d fact that u hv to visit your in-laws hse, hence, do something about it yourselves *hehe*

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    i hate the scorching heat too and it was really bad in ipoh. must be all the limestones :)

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    u guys all otak kuning siot! ROTL laughing at smallkucing's comment! hahahahhahahahahahhahahahah!

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    I cant help it mah…It's the way the sentence was phrase wor. Can't blame mefor assuming someone having susu chap gantung lor… :p Iam very "innocent" one.

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    @Irene… we're all otak kuning, wud to do? Either jangkit from me, or jangkit from Merryn nia. LMAO…@smallkucing…I wonder kan… nowadays so hot… I wonder if William goes ding ding oso with Merryn's hawtness? *pengsan* Dun la say susu cap gantung… say la… pole dancing ka, strip tease ka… ahemm… dancing, anyone? Tak mahu? Tak mahu sudah, I go play strip poker wif my hubby. See who wins!

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    Eh, lizards are cool blooded la…. how to be overbaked??? he he

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    small kucing – PENGSAN! When I wrote that sentence, I knew it sounded 'senget' but let it there to see which of you dare to say something! True enuf.. the kucing the senget one!!! Meow!! :P

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    foong – In my own house, I can wear minimal clothe, but over there kenot. Must wear complete attire as to not appear indecent leh… lagi HOT!!!!I sudah pergi Tokyo. Bali tak berani Phuket oso tak berani…. Paling tak berani is going missing during CNY! Kena tembak left, right, front, behind!

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    Cynthia – I WISH! oh thank you for the info :P never took the initiative to find out what I was praying for.. hahahaha.. Claire – Shiok eh? If I can go around in my undies.. wah… shiok to the max leh!!! lol..

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    Cynthia – I WISH! oh thank you for the info :P never took the initiative to find out what I was praying for.. hahahaha.. Claire – Shiok eh? If I can go around in my undies.. wah… shiok to the max leh!!! lol..

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    cleffairy – Before your imagination goes any wilder.. we don't have a room for ourselves over there. We sleep in the living room.. How to get hawt??? Oh btw.. William BACA the comment with ME! He always does when it comes to Cleffairy's .. lol.. :P

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    mummychums – I thought in Ipoh shud be cooler.. I thought the limestone will make it cooler.. Malacca is the hottest leh! But then again.. in Malacca I ada aircond.. only in my in-laws tarak…

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    smallkucing – OK! William is laffing like mad at the susu cap gantung remark! If he gets any horny because of that.. lu jaga!!! :P

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    apa pulak I jaga? He ain't my hubi :p. You arethe one who have to jaga coz the first and only person he'll look for when he is horny will be you kakakaka. Haiz…pooor neighbors..last night wassound of fireworks that made them sleepless…tonight pulak…..

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    @ Merryn & William LOL…shhhh, shhhh… Merryn and William… wouldn't want to scare the neighbours with your 'fireworks'! Please make sure the room is kinda… err… soundproof! Ahahahahaha. And remember ok… play it safe, use condiments. Ahahahhahahahahah!@Smallkucing… ur rite… habislah merryn tonite! she got to jaga!

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    smallkucing – I told YOU to jaga becoz i'm not suppose to get aroused tonite.. got big thing happening esok.. must retire early tonite.. lol.. :P gosh.. u making me 'crazy'.. hahahahah…

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    cleffairy – soundproof alrite. that's the first thing we did when we got the house! but 'shake' proof it is not.. so neighbours still can feel all the banging, shaking and rattling..rattling?? apa tu? lol.. :P

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    Omigosh…. man-made earthquake!!! lol…

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    wakakaka…hope the man made earthquake wont be felt till my side of the taman..kakaka

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    *sigh* William must have thought I corrupted u… but den again, he must have known d la… u are oredi corrupted before u met me! LOL…

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    cleffairy n smallkucing – GO sleep lah! lol.. *pengsan*

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    cleffairy – tengok my muka lah. I'm so innocent looking! LMAO! *William loves me becoz i'm notti* :P ok.. i have to go to bed now.. or else.. really pengsan!!!

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    okie la…we go sleep la..you silow silow make the earth move la…fast also nevermind de..which way that ever makes you happy :pGoodnight

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    it is damn hot in KL… i also cannot tahan oledi …but i still keeep one trouser as my last defend la…

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    LOLs…!!Well, I can symphatise with you. My son was in Indonesia last december visiting auntie & uncle house, many has their home with no aircond. He was sweating buckets and constantly drinking (and never wee). Seriously, I think Air Cond inventor are genius :-)

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    Funny lah reading the comments. LOL. :P Yup..KL's weather is HOT sampai Gwen got the fever. We are spoilt here in Jakarta coz got air-cond in every room..hehe

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    Voon – consider urself lucky to have that last piece of pants on… I mean.. u can go topless.. we ladies kenot!!!

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    Oh, CNY has always been very hot, sunny and sweaty. There's no one CNY when it's not hot. That's what you call the CNY heat. :-)

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