Post Malaysia, where’s my ladybug?

*Latest* Foong corrected me.. it’s suppose to be POS Malaysia, not POST Malaysia :P Malu-fying…

My sister requested for a pocket calendar from me. As usual, every year I’ll be ‘supplying‘ it to her for her to mark her ‘important‘ dates. This year though, I kind of forget about it until she had to remind me. Since I won’t be meeting her until CNY, I decided to mail it to her.

I thought since I’ll be mailing it to her, why not include my trademark ladybug fridge magnet since she loves it so much too. And lastly, since I’ve already include that, I might as well include my name card for her too. So she’ll get the pocket calendar, the ladybug fridge magnet and my craft blog name card.

Yesterday, she told me she received my calendar. Ok. I casually told her the ladybug is for good luck as people say ladybug brings you good luck. She then asked me, “What ladybug?” OMG! What? I asked her if she had accidentally disposed off the ladybug and the name card but she said NO!

She also told me she wondered why the envelope was unsealed when she received it! Dammit! Somebody must have opened the envelope and ‘stole’ the ladybug and the name card! But why? For what? I posted it to her house and she is the only one residing there… So who stole it? Mr. Postman????

I was very upset last nite. Not because I lost the ladybug but because of the missing name card. I have Ethan’s picture on that name card! My sister was upset too, because she lost the ladybug! She loves that ladybug!

Now thinking about it upsets me again! How can such thing happened? Post Malaysia, wanna try explaining it to me?????

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    hmmm… the envelope is sealed le, then how they know inside got ladybug & namecard wor. strange.

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    ask yr sis, mebe others in the hse open & took the cute ladybug & the nice namecard de leh!

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    Irene – Nobody else live with her lah. Dat's why she wondered why the envelope was already open when she took it out of the mail box! geram!

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    Hmmm…that's very fishy. I would be upset too if I were you.

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    Maybe kids from her housing estate…

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    You use normal mail or poslaju? If normal mail then I think the Mr postman a bit curious or the staff in P*S office curious about the ladybug!!

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    like that also can ah.. on the positive note, that shows your ladybug is very nice and laku, merryn! oooohhh…Merryn.. I received your beautiful cny card.. gosh, forgot about my manners till now… THANK YOU DEAR.. MY FIRST CNY AFTER MANY YEARS!!!

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    If the parcel was opened, she should not have accepted it…but demand for an explanation instead…and compensation after checking with you the contents and making sure that nothing's gone missing! I use Poslaju mostly – expensive but reliable…or at least, so far!

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    Or maybe Pos Malaysia staff, upon checking the contents, didn't bother to seal it again properly (you know-lah, some people do things tak bersungguh-sungguh one!), so along the way, the ladybug and namecard slipped out of the envelope?

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    i am very pissed with them too. I think they have a bunch of thieves working there. I have complaint that the things never arrived and even filled up the complaint form. guess what? it's a waste of my time to go there and make a complain because no action will be taken. poslaju is better than sending normal mail. i tell you..those thieves would take every damn thing because they can't afford to buy them with their measly salary working at the post office!

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    if u registered yr mail, u can easily claim fr the post office.

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    Ok dotter, how can i make it up to you,,,, to make you smile again?tell me,,,

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    Maybe your ladybug has flew away with your name card…hahaha…Anyway, i am not surprise the postman actually opened it up and took it. Sigh!!

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    I used Normal Mail… sigh… Eugene – Come to KL and cheer me up.. :P

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    Our postal service can be a disappointment sometimes. Whatever happened to reliable postal service?

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    Thanks for the card you sent me, Merryn. But my card was opened too… there was one black huge fingerprint on it when i received it. Made me so pissed! Dono who opened it!

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    i heard of such cases before, and i dun really trust our mr postman here :(

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    That's so dissapointing. Sometimes, it is just our LUCK when using such services. Merryn, smile again. ^_^

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    Merryn… let's go horseback riding. It's a good stress killer. :-D

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    Quick! Complain to Pos Malaysia. Btw, it's Pos Malaysia, not Post Malaysia. You want to post the whole country to where? LOL!

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    It happened to me many times before. I suspect it's the work of Pos Malaysia staffs. So now whenever I mail anything that look like there's a gift inside, I will use registered post. Then if things get lost or the mail did not reach the recepient, I can always make a complaint and Pos Malaysia will investigate.

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    very dishonest and crappy… i guess it's just a small bunch of them. Never mind, make another one and send to her :)

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    that's no good…very dishonest posman.

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    u cant trust them ler…kena few times that my letters are open or kena glued back…damn man…

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    Oh dear, what a nightmare?You really should send a complain.I used that ONCE when hubby used to send boxes of gifts all the time.I told him he is sending TEMPTATIONS for our postmen.It may not be the postman. Our post went through a lot of people before it reaches us.Just so sad.hugs,shakira

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    Foong – OMG! Shy nya.. tell me lah earlier.. ok ok.. must go edit.. lol..

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    Ok now.. I'm really pissed.. Cleffairy's CNY card (that I sent) was also opened by somebody…. Why is this happening????!!!

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    i can cheer you up!I have a suggest to you.You pack a shit (pig shit or dog shit or whatever you like)Make it look like a gift post.Then postman will open it and will enjoy the SHIT as well!

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    Don't you know our pos Malaysia is famous sometimes for stealing its clients stuff? :/

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    hi hi..biasala sis…ini pos malaysia mmg tarak guna….suka curik barang orang2

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