Chinese New Year Menu: Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant @ One World Hotel

As we usher the new year 2012, let’s usher the year of the Dragon together. This year, our very first Lou Sang is at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant @ One World Hotel.  My little photographer photographing Yee Sang for the second year. I think he fared better this year compared to last year. Last year he used my iPhone. This year he uses a camera :D Yee Sang or Prosperity Toss also known as lo hei (in Cantonese) […]


Chinese New Year decor at 1 Utama

I was in One Utama today. Oh well, I am there like basically every other day so… Anyway, I saw their Chinese New Year decor about to complete. If a month ago they have the “Splashing over the big blue” for Christmas… Christmas at 1 Utama a month ago. I don’t really fancy the BIG BLUE theme then.. Chinese New Year at 1 Utama a month later in January 2012. They recycled the splashing Christmas […]


DIY Chinese New Year decor : Angry Bird Ang Bao Wheel of Fortune

It’s crazy how close Chinese New Year is from Christmas. I still haven’t taken the ornaments down from our Christmas tree yet here we are making Red Packet decorations already for CNY! Today we’ll be making Ang Bao Wheel Of Fortune Red Packet Wheel of Fortune We’ll need ten Ang Bao wrappers if we are using the long type. If you are using the square packets then you’ll need to double the amount. Fold the […]


Of broken resolution and a flooded kitchen

1 January 2012 had been awesome. We met up with Darling’s friends and went for Steamboat at Ho Ho Steamboat, Kota Damansara. One of Darling’s friend suffered a burn on his wrist after my hot spoon accidentally touched his hand while he was trying to scoop out some noodles and his reflex caused the soup to splash all over his wrist :( He remembered reading something about treating burns using egg white so we did […]


DIY Chinese New Year decorations : Chinese Fan

It’s that time of the year again to be making Chinese New Year decorations :D Today we are going to make a Chinese Fan. We’ll need a wrapping paper, some gold thread and some Ang Bao wrappers. Fold the paper accordion style. Click here to find out more about accordion fold. Fold it in half and glue together. Cut two triangles. Tie a gold thread at the bottom of the fan. Cut the bottom of […]


Lock My Flush

Public toilet ain’t exactly the best place I like to be in unless it is really necessary. And when the time comes that I seriously needed to go to one, I’ll do my best to minimize the things that I touch along the way knowing how WET and FILTHY public washrooms are in Malaysia! When people say that washrooms can be the most dangerous room in a house or any other places, I totally agree […]


Old Cucumber Soup Recipe

One of my new year resolution is to have home-cooked food more often. Throughout the entire year we only dined at home like once every week and that is so unhealthy. So to kick start the coming new year, I’m going to learn how to cook and the first thing to do is learn how to boil kick-ass nutritious yet delicious soup! :D Today we have the refreshing Old Cucumber Soup to start our day […]


MY Birthday

This Christmas was a GREAT one as I was with my family! We made our way back to my hometown in Malacca on Saturday only to be caught in a horrible jam that took us almost 5 hours to arrive our destination that usually takes only about 2 hours on ordinary days! I arrived just in time to see this: My sis and her two daughters already BBQ-ing.. NICE! That only means that FOOD is […]


The fon dropped and it broke!

Ethan is having a one week break from school and is now with me 24/7. Gone are the mornings when I have 2 whole hours all by myself to update my blog and blog hop. Now, the first thing I do is prepare breakfast, then do laundry, then cook lunch, then wash dishes, then house chores that can go on and on and never end and when I finally have the time, I’ll play with […]


Shopping for Christmas : Trudy and Teddy

I remember fondly 7 months ago when we were first introduced to Trudy and Teddy apparel. I fell in love with their European style instantly! When they organised their first tea party in June, we were privileged to be amongst their invited guests. We were given a budget of RM300 to select the apparels for our kid to parade in their fashion parade during the tea party. It was a whole lot of fun scouting through their lovely […]


Why Ostriches Bury Their Heads in Sand?

LoL! I was playing Hide n Seek with Ethan today when it was HIS turn to HIDE. After saying, “Ready or not, here I come!” I went around the house only to see THIS! Hahahahaha! It’s exactly like the fiction ‘Why Ostriches Bury Their Heads in Sand’! Just because he can’t see me, he thinks I can’t see him too? Muahahahhahaha… too cute this boy!


DIY : O Christmas Tree ornament

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging; Not only green when summer’s here, But also when ’tis cold and drear. O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging! O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou can’st give me; O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou can’st give me; How often has the Christmas tree Afforded me the greatest glee! O Christmas Tree! O Christmas […]


Marketing Gimmick

Was in Jusco after dinner the other day with Ethan when he saw this: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that boys LOVE rockets! So when Ethan saw that Honey Stars now comes in new ROCKET shape, he pestered me to get that for him. Apa boleh buat, since he loves cereals I see no harm in getting him this as I usually get him the normal Honey Stars anyway. But when I […]


DIY : Christmas Wreath

This Christmas, let’s not splurge on Christmas decor but DIY them instead. I was at The Speakeasy Restaurant & Bar and saw this beautiful Christmas Wreath. Fortunately the owner Soraya is so kind to share with me how she made the wreath. Let’s take a look at how she transforms several Romance Novel into a beautiful wreath. Romance Novels Cut leaves, 100s and 100s and 100s of leaves. Scrunch them up. Make them really crumpled. […]


I Wanna Marry You

Was talking to Ethan last night before we slept. Told him that one day he’ll grow up, find a job of his own. Get a wife and have cute little babies with her. He looked at me with the most horrified look on his face and said, “Will I still be staying with U?” I said, “Most probably not as you’ll want to be with your wife then.. “ He said, “Then I don’t wanna […]


The Speakeasy Restaurant & Bar : Christmas Eve Set Dinner 2011

“The Restaurant that you didn’t know about…. Until NOW” That was what they wrote on their FB Page and I totally agree to it! I was privileged to be invited to the preview of Speakeasy’s Christmas Eve Set Dinner on Saturday and honestly speaking, I wasn’t quite aware of them UNTIL I stepped into the premise. Tucked in the ground floor of Ming Annexe Building, it is truly a hidden gem for I really like […]


Christmas at KLCC

Christmas at KLCC as usual is simple year after year. Nothing overly impressive, nothing outstanding. Just simple and nice. Ethan at KLCC Boxes of gifts as decoration Large Christmas tree and a rotating Santa Claus That’s all for Christmas at KLCC 2011. Check out my posts on the Christmas decorations over at: 1) Pavilion KL 2) Sunway Pyramid 3) One Utama 4) Mid Valley Megamall 5) The Curve and IPC (Ikano Power Centre) 6) The Gardens Mall 7) Tropicana City Mall 8 […]


Christmas decor DIY : Soft Glow Lamp

We were privileged to be invited to dine at The Speakeasy Restaurant and Bar yesterday. The food is awesome and will definitely blog about it soon but for now, I would like to share with you what caught my eyes the moment we were seated. I was at awe with their decor. It is all hand-made and I am telling you, this is really awesome! I finally found someone who loves craft as much as […]


GUESS Bag Hanger

I was at GUESS Holiday 2011 Collection some time ago when they gave me this: GUESS Purse Hanger You know how ladies love to place their handbags behind them (sandwiched between their back and the chair) when they are having dinner? That is not quite safe. I can now hang my bag next to me and I did just that during the recent NAPBAS dinner :D I just take it out from my bag and […]


Exora Prime

Front View

Exora Prime will be launch tomorrow. I went to have a look at it today. Jom tengok some pictures.. Exora Prime – Front View Exora Prime – Rear View Centre console Reverse Camera Bright meter fascia Middle row – 2 separate seats Front headlamp Smoked rear combi light Charged Fuel Efficiency (CFE) Engine * Exora Prime has 2 DVD monitor at the back of both front seat head rest while the Exora Bold has only […]


One World Hotel Christmas Light Up Ceremony

We were in One World Hotel last week for their Christmas Light Up Ceremony and also the launch of Grant-A-Wish for the children of House of Joy. The gifts for the children Some staffs of One World Hotel who are also sponsors to the kids awaiting the arrival of the children, aged 5 to 16 years old. The kids were treated to a special performance by a choir, presenting Christmas songs such as Jingle Bells […]


Aiming for an iPhone4s!


It’s almost a wordless post this is. Was in 1U when Ethan suddenly hopped inside that ‘hole’ and requested me to photograph him! I took out my iPhone 4 and started snapping… :) :P Peace! :D That’s the use of my iPhone4, for moments like this! I heard iPhone4s has better camera! I SO MUST GO GET IT! -.-


Angry Bird #bodohpunyabuku

We did not go anywhere after Ethan’s class today. It was raining on and off the entire day that I got so lazy to go out. We stayed home and did sand art instead. Sand art can be rather messy so I got him to take off his shirt and pants. He still has his underwear ON okay? :P My neck went stiff *not forgetting the sore butt* after sitting there with him the entire hour […]


Christmas at Berjaya Times Square KL

Gingerbread man

Today is a state holiday for the folks in Selangor. Darling needed to go to KL to meet a client so Ethan and I took this opportunity to tag along. Almost regretted though as it took us almost 2 hours to arrive KL due to the massive jam! I can balik kampung dy oh with that given time! But it’s okay, since Darling desperately needed to meet his client, we persevered and made it to […]


Christmas at Citta Mall

I can’t believe it that we actually went to Citta Mall today. This is only my second time here. But I am impressed with the outdoor Christmas decorations. Darling and Ethan at Citta Mall The outdoor Christmas decoration provides lots of photo opportunity BUT let it be warned that they are scattered around in the parking lot so PLEASE BE CAREFUL when taking pictures. Watch out for oncoming cars! Giant Santa and sleigh in the […]


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