Sending hope to a little boy

Ethan came home from school last week telling us that he donated RM2 of his school pocket money for a student who is suffering from Leukemia and is currently in the hospital. That student is also in Primary 3 but from a different class. Ethan does not know him personally.

I am surprised and also glad to know that Ethan willingly donated his pocket money for a good cause. We always give him RM5 pocket money on days I don’t prepare food for him. He knew he will need RM3 for food later hence he donated RM2.

Many other students chipped in, giving the best they could even if it is only a few cents. Knowing that these students’ contribution won’t be enough, we parents started to donate too.

Besides donating, Ethan and I folded origami paper cranes for the boy too when we received pictures of him via whatsapp. It broke our hearts to see this bald little boy in the hospital when he is supposed to be in school with his friends :(

There is an ancient belief that a thousand origami cranes will grant you good luck such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. 

So I taught Ethan to fold these paper origami cranes. 
origami crane for hope

And he tirelessly folded them the entire day.

origami crane

Ayden wanted to help too so the big brother let him keep the cranes into the bottle container after he folded them. But it took so long for Ethan to fold them and he was unable to fill up the bottle.

I helped him fill it up after he went to bed at night. 

We did not manage to fold a thousand cranes but we sincerely hope that Ethan’s schoolmate will recover from his illness soon. Ethan presented this bottle of origami cranes together with a personal note to the boy’s class teacher the next day.

Stay strong and get well soon, little boy. 

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    Ethan is a kind boy. I wonder whether his school mate is looking for a match for bone marrow donor or not.


    Merryn Reply:

    I’m not too sure about the bone marrow donor part.


  • //

    So sweet of Ethan, he’s such a loving and caring boy. We sure need a lot more people like that. Nice of Ayden to help too – he’ll learn to be like that too. Sure is a meaningful gesture, giving the paper cranes. Hope the boy will be fine.

    Wahhhhh!!! RM5 per day? I remember how I used to get 20 sen a day right up through secondary school – it was so hard to get by and I was quite miserable. That is why I always make sure my girl has enough, no need to worry and get all stressed out unnecessarily about money…even now, though already working. Old habits die hard.


    Merryn Reply:

    I remember getting around what you get too when I was younger but I survived because that is merely pocket money. My mother will always prepare bread for us to eat in school so I don’t really need to spend that money I got.

    RM5 these days is nothing. It easily costs at least RM3 to get a decent meal from the canteen. Everything is costly these days. Sigh..


  • //

    Oh. What a touching story.

    Well done Ethan. You are a very kind boy.

    I do hope the boy gets well soon. My prayer goes to him and his family.


    Merryn Reply:

    We just hope that the boy will get through this tough stage of his life. Nothing much we can do so just a little gesture to lighten his spirit.


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    So sweet of Ethan to donate his pocket money. I am sure the boy will be delighted to receive the origami crane. May God speed his recovery.


    Merryn Reply:

    I’m so glad he did without even asking our permission as he always ask us before spending his money on things other than buying canteen food. Thank goodness this time he can think for himself and do the right thing. Many of his classmates donated too.


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    interesting. i guess i have forgotten how to do the cranes already. great effort.


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    Godspeed, Ethan’s schoolmate…


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